The marketing sector has changed a lot in the last 5 years. Perhaps the signals were changed during the first days of the internet, but many brands did not see these signals and came to see them. As the sector changes, people who do not appear "adequate" by human resource professionals are successful, and "adequate" professionals they employ are usually trained with theoretical knowledge, making it difficult in practice and leading their companies to failures and even crises.

The Human Resources departments on the brand side know more or less their own brands, the work of their brands, the production phase, but when they come to business marketing, they turn into water. For this reason, they are hiring by trying to make up their work completely in their book. When we mention the book of course, it is the HR methods of the previous HR itself. Not only the recruiters, but also the HR professionals who are in charge of the business process, believe that new digital marketing specialists can spend time on Facebook.

Many of the brands in the ads, while Turkey uses standard molds. "Graduated from relevant departments of universities". What is this about? When the CV pool is full, HRCs first filter all advertisements according to university and department criteria. If you are not a graduate of the first 5 or 10 other universities in Turkey is no longer the importance of your resume says nothing. There is no point in being experienced or inexperienced. 10 years of experience in marketing and graduation from related departments can still be in the same province.

Marketing teaching in undergraduate and postgraduate section of many of the major universities in Turkey or have had a chance as a guest instructor. In these trainings I realized that they did not know the digital footwork of the business including professors and associate professors, they actually talked about a totally different world from what they did and did. Which they themselves accept. In this way, the graduates who are graduated with theoretical knowledge are not able to understand the spirit of the digital world. If you are thinking digital, do not just come to Facebook. From digital news sites to ATM applications, I'm talking about a wide range.

As a result, brand managers do not know what advertising agencies, digital agencies or design agencies are doing, but rather become a hindrance to support. But at this point, the responsibility is not the marketing expert, but the Human Resources Specialist, who recruits it according to the size of the mark that the previous work or the previous one he has read without examining the details of its qualification. If you notice the inadequacy, but do not allow or direct them to take the necessary trainings, the responsibility is again a second responsibility.

If you are a Digital Marketer of a global brand that is the world leader in your market, "You can not go to the link by clicking on the Facebook cover photo." you may have to set up a sentence. "It's unfortunately not possible to play .gif on Facebook", "It is not possible to create an application with Facebook API integration that can work in Internet Explorer 7" You can get bored with creating phrases like. Hele hele Marketing Expert, who you set up these sentences, when you get promoted at the end of this job, you start to think about the progress of the industry in astonishment.

Why do the hard-core HR people do not get the marketing methods they need for the day, and they can not see the future? Because many HR practitioners working in big brands are working on theories learned from school rather than going to the most basic. Now they are trying to continue with classic questions such as "Where is the point of being the weakest?" That we have memorized the answer to. In the end, there is probably a dialogue like this;

+ You have chosen this friend as a candidate to manage all our digital platforms, but have not used Facebook for a lifetime?
- I asked, "What do you want?" He said, "I will drink tea." This shows that he is determined, will open Facebook and do his job well.

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