Digital marketing and social media areas have not trended down for the last few years. There are many ways you can follow to improve yourself on this field. I have explained how they can improve themselves in my lessons as an individual with more than 2,000 students. Especially I think it might be nice to give all these methods in one place. Let's start with the trainings in the sector first.

Certificate programs are divided into two areas for digital marketing. The first is a long-lasting, ultimately certified certificate issued at a university or a MONE approved institution. There is also a distinction in long-term trainings. Some trainings stay in 50-60 hours, some 200 hours. I was also part of a 600-hour training course in 2012. In these tutorials I think the clock is very critical. For someone who wants to learn the basics of digital marketing is unlikely to be able to transfer anything in a short time. As far as you can do, it will go a little bit harder than saying "yes there is such a sector, the employees are doing nice things".

There is one thing that business people are generally wrong about, what you are describing for a person who has never done anything on digital marketing before is like space science, and those who have never practiced it before once do not really understand anything. It is not possible to repeat topics in 50-60 hours because there are too many subtitles. A lot of them have to go deep. Even if you only think about SEO in the field of 40 hours after the end of the story, 50-60 hours seems not enough.

Another issue is the level of knowledge of those who will participate in the training. Bachelor's degree is required especially in some educational institutions. I think this is about the fact that the industry's soul is unknown. sector make the job really good a lot of people are not universities, even some high school graduates. There is not much interest in digital marketing with the information taught to schools. Knowing the bases of marketing, knowing 4P, knowing positioning is very necessary but these can also be given within the certification program. It would have been so wrong to not be trained because he did not know these things. I will connect the requirement of undergraduate education to the academicians in the trainings. I was in the course of many academicians in the sector. Speaking of digital marketing, no one knows anything about the industry. The information is only in theory. If you tell someone who has never advertised Facebook in your life, you will not understand anything as a student. If he claims he understands, he will not rebel when he talks with the other trainers for 15 minutes. Having a large number of academicians in the selection of education is definitely a negative factor.

Digital marketing is not a matter of theory like traditional marketing. You have to make plenty of practice. While performing these applications, you need something very important: a computer! You can trash complex trainings that do not indicate the obligation to bring a computer to the students or provide computers. Because these trainings are often referred to as seminar series. The cool impression of a person who has made a name in the industry and is probably not able to manage so much at all (apparently very bad with a professional eye) will be about telling the figures of Reach. That would be called a case study. When you ask a question that shows how you have implemented the application in this case study, you will not get an answer because those who set details did not make a name, they know the real job. Only the name of the director of the place was sold to you. Most of the directors did not change the title in his life, the guy who did not take the story in Instagram. The interesting thing is that most of them do not even have a social media account. It is necessary to mention this issue. Before I get an education, I always check the accounts of the trainer's social networks. I think that if you are training in social media, your own accounts will be managed properly. I think it's a necessary detail.

Apart from long-term certificate programs, one or two day short certificate programs that are starting to become a new trend have begun to emerge. While these programs do not officially have the authority to issue a certificate (they do not have the validity of the certificate you receive from any organization other than Google), they are issuing certificates. In these trainings you get the opportunity to enter the details of a single topic. The model seems to grow rapidly because it is both profitable and trouble free. A two-day training specifically tailored to a topic such as Google Tag Manager, which looks particularly detailed in digital marketing trainings, can open your horizons. From this point of view you can improve yourself in the subjects you are engaged in with a one to two day training focused on one vertical subject.

Another type of training I would benefit from staying away from is a few people who have declared themselves trainer and distribute certificates in their name. This type of training may be a bit horrible for those who have not been in the computer in your life, but you can not optimize the conversion of an e-commerce site.

Another issue is books. You can really improve your digital marketing by reading books. To be honest, I can not find a book written by a Turk that explains social media or digital marketing in a comprehensive way. But there are very good examples from foreign writers. I especially care about books that are oriented to a single vertical. Of course your soul is also a separate obstacle to writing a book. Because your book tells you that there are 12 different types of ads while you are telling Facebook ads, the next day the number of ads with the update comes up to 14. You need to update the book before you print. From this point of view, it should be focused on marketing-oriented books, not digital-focused ones. I would recommend marketing on undergraduate education or received no untrained people all the global perspective of the acquisition for marketing purposes in the foreign authors are written with the what passes reading his hands starting from classic in Turkey.

Books are not the first source of our business unfortunately in our industry. The only place in our industry to catch our dynamism is blogs. But if you think blogs are coming up with your mind, you are wrong. The articles you can develop yourself are not news, but how-to articles. Google will not add anything to you this year, so I do not know what we're looking for, nor will it add anything to you knowing how much investment the startup has received. It is useful to follow the blogs which explain which optimization, which developer is to be done, how to use which application. These blogs usually consist of corporate blogs. In Yurtış (There are also a few great examples in Turkey) a digital marketing tool available on its own blog. These blogs do not publish frequently, but when they publish, they actually write something worth reading. I suggest you create a list of these blogs and follow them through Feedly.

Another way to improve yourself is the videos. There are thousands of videos on how to use many applications on YouTube. Yes, most of them are not able to progress in digital marketing without knowing English and yes English. You can learn to use many digital marketing tools by following these videoras. On the other hand, Udemy also have a look at your training. Though most of them are in English, there are thousands of hours of training with great picture and sound quality.

It will be a little self-promotion, but one of the effective ways to follow up on the latest issues and improve yourself is to become a strict journal reader. Although there are a few magazines with marketing content that have satisfying content, it is necessary to read them line by line without missing them. I would like to thank Brandmap for the value it has put into the ecosystem.

Improve yourself with a free or paid events, you learn new things, completely different subject for an article in Turkey's really hard though. I think you do not have to rely on the activity and spend a lot of money. Most of the paid / free activities in the sector are very few of the chance to learn new things because the sponsors are full of speeches that they have defeated themselves. If I have to give you a little tip, it's usually the first amateur excitement quality content giving more opportunities to give. Of course, the fact that nobody is sponsoring new event sequences is another factor.

To top it all off, it will be a cliché, but "The only thing you need to learn is that you do not want to learn." Indeed, who knows the job, who has the love of learning He needs people. People in these qualities can make career steps very quickly. Though your business is very difficult in many sectors, you need more in this sector than you think!