Before I begin; No, at the end of this article, that is why you should not choose us.

SEO is a topic that is not a definite form, and it is a subject that people can easily be deceived, because everyone moves according to their own experience. Anyone who has come out on the road by saying that I will make a digital attempt is a slap in these SEOs. What should we look out for when choosing the right agency, what questions should we ask?

First of all you should think twice if your SEO agency has hidden formulas. Really quality If you are working with an SEO agency all your work will be transparent. Before you start working with an agency, you should also examine the agency's contract. You can understand how professional the agency is, or how much you think about the client. Of course "contract? What is it? "You have noticed that I have left the saying" agency ".

The first question you need to ask the agency is "what will your strategy be". If the strategists claim that they will only carry you to the first place in the world, avoid immediately!

The SEO agency has made a preliminary analysis about your site before you bid it. You can ask questions about this analysis;

  • How many pages need technical optimization?
  • How many different pages will you optimize each month?
  • How many men / days per month will you spend for us?
  • How many new landing pages will you prepare per month?
  • How many internal and external links will you prepare for the article per month?
  • How soon will you send your monthly reports and what will be the coverage?

Of course the most important job for an SEO agency content.

  • Will you edit our existing content or create new content?
  • Will you prepare new landing papers included in my contract?

Of course, linking is also important.

  • backlinks how you will get?
  • The answer to this question is completely predictable, but it should still be asked. How many new backlinks should we expect in a month?
  • Do you have a data pool of addresses where backlinks can be provided?

The most important question is: Can I meet again? Or are the interns who will give you the work?

  • Do you already work with our competitors?
  • Have you worked with our guys before?
  • If you have not worked, do you have a network related to our sector?
  • Can we see the articles you wrote about our sector in advance?

To follow the project,

  • How long will we hold a meeting?
  • Which project tracking software will you use? (Trello, Asana, Basecamp etc.)


  • How long can we wait for an increase in work outcome? Of course only guess.
  • Do you have case studs?


  • Which tools do you use for reporting?
  • Will your reporting only export data from toold? Are you going to interpret?

Some of the questions will not have clear answers, and the issue is already commenting on how the agency responded to your questions.

What are your questions about your agency?

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