I thought it would be more appropriate to write this article separately for all the parties but I thought that it would be more accurate to do a study for the CHP only because I feel like the AK Party does not need this direction at all.

When determining the language of the advertisement, it is the first step to determine a language that will respond in society. However, there is another point that is as important as the choice of language, which is the right choice of target. There is certainly a massive election of a political party and a mass of voters who can vote for it. And there are those who think you will never vote. When political parties prepare their advertising campaigns, they only keep their own odds when they are working on their ossified segments, which is what happened to the CHP's choice. The ads did not have the desired effect because they misidentified the target mass. As the first target in the advertising campaigns to be realized, the AK Party and the MHP must target the electorate and focus on voting. But how to do it?

Mirror Neurons empathy centers of mind. In the advertising campaign to be realized, it is necessary to establish a kind of campaign that will definitely activate mirror neurons. If the AK Party is calling to the base a "Cumhuriyet Teyses"If you use it does not work. The first thing to do is to identify the issues that the AK Party's base is uncomfortable with and take steps to increase the inconvenience. Because when the discomfort increases, CHP is the only alternative in the party ecosystem that has almost turned into a bipolar center.

For many years the opponent's fear of pumping his opponent is counter-attacking in many areas. As a result of dictator communication, there are large masses called "it is our dictator". The messages that the CHP should focus on are not the marriage of the AKP or the dictatorship, most goals scored There must be fields. The first of these is the violence against FETO, corruption, and women. In the language of the advertisements, a clearer fear should be given with more empathy, but as I said empathy, the AK Party must be awakened on the base. For example;

1- Muhajir Foundation

A woman with a headscarf (a part of her hair that is not visible, if possible) is standing in front of a foundation with a light bearded gentleman. Muhacir Foundation writes on the floor of the foundation. They have a 9 year old boy.
- Hey, should we send your girlfriend to this foundation? How about you learn both religions?
+ It is good, in fact, both Allah learns theology.
- You are right, our elders are immigrants with this foundation, why should we not trust that they are safe?
They go in, a gentleman with a slight beard inside gently welcomes them and says I can meet you with our bellet. The dignitary comes, grinning grimly at the child's face.
Packshot: CHP for our children.

Anyone watching the ad knows what the ad is talking about, the child's face is never shown, so the voter can put his or her child in his place more comfortably. Why do not we trust when our grandfathers are safe? Fear is placed on the heart of the electorate, allowing them to empathize. The players who play in the ad completely have to dress up and move like the AK Party. Especially in the face of female actors, there should not be any excess makeup, which is the advertisement of the CHP.

2- Nargile Cafe

Our brother, a light bearded suit, but a good belly, is a hookah café. There is a phone, zippo and car key set on top. We start to hear when we talk on the phone.

  • I heard your brother is coming up with a new test system, right?
  • Ohh super, super (grinning)
  • Your brother knows our new residences, the one that's in Belgrad Forests. I say to your sister we should give her one gift, what do you say?
  • Elhamdulililah dear, I am waiting for the details of the new test system.
    Packshot: CHP for Justice

At the same time the tributaries of the nargile halls are tired of each section, a reference is made to them and the enlightenment of the AK Party should be kept on the floor.

3- Forest

It is a sunny spring day, a squirrel climbing up on a tree, a few butterflies flying in front of the camera in the tree, and the places are filled with flowers and flowers. It accompanies a relaxing music scene. At that moment a high and disturbing sound comes from the motorized saw and the right turn of the tree where the butterflies are, the voices of the birds suddenly rise, the squirrels and the butterflies begin to escape. The camera turns in the direction of the tree, accompanied by depressing air and sad music. A huge building site appears, packshot appears with the voice of businessmen walking towards the forest.
Packshot: Breathable CHP

4- European Union

A table with EU and Turkish flag is visible with a slow shutter, and a fat and bald man is sitting on a long seat, the camera is seen from behind. In front of the big table, a young man in front of him,

  • My minion, I admire the interactions you get from social media! Do not you use any help?
  • What is needed is the help, (by hitting the Qur'an on the table), I do not need anything else, I do not need anything else, we go to the Bakara Roller!
  • Oh, sir, if you hear a sight, will you be in trouble?
  • What about Yahu? Most have not been the chief counselor, heheheh.
    Packshot: CHP for sincerity

This is a dialogue that I'm sure the viewers will become nervous cube.

So the essence of the essence, the main target audience for the CHP is the AK Party base. The MHP has no other party to vote for. The ones that are already there are only an ossified mass that does not think of any other party that voted for the MHP. For this reason, it is necessary to move towards the base of the AK Party, which is not ossified and has high-level play. On the other hand, HDP is the case. The biggest mistake the CHP will make is to play towards the HDP votes. This play will result in a total loss of two other partisans.