Almost all of us use Facebook, Twitter or Google+. Thousands of different things are shared each day, and we miss most of them. At this point I Waja Activated. It gets all the social media sites we need and prepares them. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Delicious, or any other site you're adding.

In search results you make on Google, Bing, Yahoo, Amazon, Youtube, Twitter and even Wikipedia, you can see your friends' circles first. Even if your friends have not shared anything about the subject you are looking for, your friends suggest you share with friends. On Youtube, you can see videos shared by your friends on the right side.

Google and other search engines offer you only the most original and highest hit sites I Waja you will see in front those things your friends have shared about your call.

I Waja all you need to do is use it, I Wajaand log in to your Facebook or Twitter account and connect to your accounts in the Sources section. also I Waja 25 friends I Wajais a member of T-shirt te give gift to 🙂

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