The old twitter is now completely over. Twitter has just launched a new twitter #newtwitter. But it is not an interface that works so smoothly. Software developers are trying to make it better with add-ons. I want to offer you a package of these plugins.

For Google Chrome; 

Silver Bird:

A small program that runs on your browser's top panel. You can manage all tweets, memos, DMs from there. Also new notification and DM will be notified when it arrives. You can share images, videos, etc. instantly. You can shorten links with a single click. It uses about 36MB of RAM.

Power Twitter:

It works inside the Twitter page. You can send various virtual gifts from Twitter. [It will work for us :)] You can shorten the links, you can see previews from the shared photos. You can see the long form of the links, you can add speech phrases.

Twitter Extender:

It adds many new features to Twitter. He speaks with the Speak Now option and writes itself as a tweet. Under the timelined tweets, add Reply to all, RT (Older type RT) and DM option. It will show you the occasion with the yellow color background. You can shorten the URLs by one click. You can come to ignore all the offers with one click on any profile. Automatically translates long characters from 140 characters into links using It costs about 9MB ram.

Twitter Refresh:

All new tweets on the timeline will appear on the page immediately after the new page "3 new tweets" is displayed. It costs about 5MB ram.

Twitter Translate:

The Timeline places the Translate option under all tweets below. You can translate a different tweet into a single language of your choice. It costs about 8MB ram.

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