Pinterest Nasıl Kullanılır
Pinterest has become the most popular social network of the recent times. This service social media marketingHow should we use NDA in the most effective way?

# 1 Connect Pinterest with Your Other Social Networks

We can say that Pinterest is not yet self-sufficient because it is a new network. That's why you should start by finding out who will track your Facebook, Gmail and Yahoo accounts by linking them to your Pinterest account. With Pinterest's Find Friends tool, you can easily do this. After you follow your friends at Pinterest, 6 out of 10 will return to you.

# 2 Place Pinterest on Your Web Site

People want to follow a lot of people in Pinterest because they have not become very active yet. For this reason, a button that you will add to your website or blog will draw attention. Your brand or personal account is actively using Pinterest social mediaIt is also important for your image. To add the Pinterest button here you can visit.

Follow Social Media on Pinterest

# 3 Separate your Pin by Category

One of the most beautiful aspects of Pinterest is the Board feature. You can create separate partitions for each share type. The content you share from your personal account is often not one-way. If you share a separate board for each category you share, people will want to follow the boards they are interested in. So you will be directly following the people in your area of ​​interest.

Pin # 4 Regularly

As in all other social media sites, your pinning frequency is also very important in Pinterest. If you pinch too often, people become uncomfortable, and people will forget you if you pin a few times. For this reason, taking into account the Pinterest rules, we can say that on average 5 to 10 Pins per day.

# 5 Confirm Your Account

Always verified profiles get more attention. It's easier to create verified profiles in Pinterest than on Twitter and Google+. To verify your account, you need to place the HTML code that Pinterest has given you on your website. Code from here You can learn.

# 6 Build Your Own In Pinterest

Yes it is necessary to use the Repin feature in Pinterest, adding content from your blog is important for backlink, but occasionally loading on a new pin will increase your interest. Do not underestimate the power of the Upload Pin feature.

# 7 Begin Tracking Other Pinterest Users

Pinterest is a social network that can increase the number of followers with follow-follow logic like Twitter. You can start by following the followers of users, especially those with many followers. Of course, put it at a certain limit yourself. For example, you have followed twice as many followers. People will gradually start to follow you.

# 8 Use Pinterest Search

Follow-ups can be followed to increase the number of followers, but to follow people we have more common interests are the children. Search for phrases that may include your common interest in Pinterest's search box. Follow the last pinch. The returns will be much more.

# 9 Use Repin Feature

Pinning is nice, but Repine is more beautiful. The same is true in Pinterest, as people who have never used the retweet feature on Twitter have been viewed badly. Repeat the pins you like. Thus, the people you follow will realize that you are a user who is active and interacting.

# 10 Use Multiple Boards

Sharing in different categories allows you to be followed by people with different interests. The more you share in the different categories, the more followers you have. Do not focus on a single area. Create boards individually for each of your interests and pin them on a daily basis.

# 11 Stay Informed

Your interest is yours. You will increase your popularity in Pinterest as you are the first to know about new developments in your field. Once your field has been named as a leader, followers will start to come in spontaneously.

# 12 Teach something

People like to teach them something. Notice that there are tutorial contents on the Pinholes you share. Share infographics.

Label your # 13 Pin

Think of the internet as a haystack. Your needle is a needle. You should give the needle a variety of tips so that people can find it easier. You should use keyword phrases so that people using the Pinterest Search feature can access your content. Key words should be included in the description of each Pin.

# 14 Share Your Quality Photos

Pinterest is a site that appeals to the eye. The resolution of the photos you share must be the most important criterion for you. If you do not find a quality Pinterest photo while adding a pin, upload the quality content yourself.

# 15 Export Content to Pinterest

Share photos of interest on social networks like Facebook, Google+ and Twitter in Pinterest. For this Google Image SearchYou can access the main source of the photo using. A photo that has attracted interest in other social networks will also be of interest to Pinterest.

# 16 Add Pin it button to your browser

Most websites do not currently use the Pin it button, so add the Pin it button to your browser to quickly share interesting content that you find. Pin it button as Bookmark from here You can add.

#Business Accounts Needs Attention

  • Just do not share your own products. This causes the people to get bored and leave behind.
  • Do not follow follow-me-break on active users. Your reaction may be different than the reaction you expect.

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