Facebook has changed its old and useless Profile view to Google+'s sleek and stylish interface. Current only Facebook Developer (Developer)s new interface. If you want to use this new interface before anytime,
http://www.chip.com.tr/konu/facebook-zaman-tuneli-ne-simdiden-erisin_29335.html You can get detailed information at. Now I want to tell you about some new interface and the Time Tunnel,

The first thing we notice is the Cover feature;

Previously tagged photos are listed on the right side of your profile page, but photos that appear to have not been well controlled due to different privacy settings of different users. Now you have a big space in the upper part. You can put the photo you want, even it has already turned into a bread door for some people. I http://www.myfbcovers.co

However, they are still the most original and the most beautiful Photoshop works you do yourself. Here you can find quite nice works, http://www.graphiics.com/best-facebook-timeline-profile-cover-designs-23-styles/

The second thing that strikes me is the time tunnel on the right, and your knowledge is shaped like a new look;

Your photos, friends, likes, places, subscriptions and all other "applications" you use can be displayed with a small preview in the middle. They just started a line from underneath, which is actually your life line. Which day, what minute, what you shared is determined by individual points. In the timeline in the right-hand section you can see a summary of what you have shared in the month or the date you clicked and what you did. Even starting from the day you were born, Facebook worked;

Personally, after seeing this place, I think about adding the first infant picture I see

I'd like to have a little footnote here. The first exit of the Time Tunnel gave a little privacy in a couple of days. You could see a summary of people who used to be friends with you, but this facebook took care of it in a short time and now it becomes harder to find out who has cleared you.

Facebook did not just change the Wall with its old name, but also spent a long time making changes to the Information section;

Each section is placed in a separate box, and each division is quite easy to reach. Again the privacy settings are embedded in the relevant sections.

The last new feature I really like is the Map section;

All the Site updates you've made to date are shown on the map simply. At the same time you will be able to make place updates on your old updates from this section as well.

Now, if you wish, I will leave you with the introduction video that Facebook has prepared.

One last reminder is that you can not use and see the time-warped features before you go to the new facebook.

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