Many Facebook users are reacting to the constant renewal of Facebook. Whichever new features appear in it, there are certainly ways to turn it into the old one. I will introduce you a few plugins for this;

Return Home Page

Shares that stand out on the Facebook Home page are now shown as priority, and this is sometimes annoying. Google Chrome users, if you want to bring out the latest shares, separate Ticker and Facebook Chat, and turn ticker on and off here they can install the add-on.

Remove Facebook Questions

With this Google Chrome plugin, you can completely remove Questions, that is, questions section on Facebook. To install the plugin in Google Chrome here Click.

Facebook Questions If You Are Using Firefox here you can remove it from the add-on.

Remove Facebook Ticker

With this Firefox add-on, you can remove Ticker which appears on the right side of the Facebook Home page. To install the plugin here Click.

Revert Facebook Photos

Facebook has begun to display your photos a little differently a few months ago. Now that your photos are displayed in a pop-up window, you can also delete the theater text at the end of the link for Google Chrome users here they can install the add-on.

Firefox user here you can restore your Faccebook photos with the add-on.

Restore Facebook Chat

The new Facebook Chat shows all your online friends but they grouped your old chat buddies to give us a better view. Google Chrome users to restore both chat and remove Ticker here You can install the add-on.

For Firefox users here I suggest adding. It will look great even if it does not exactly work as well as the Chrome plugin.

There has not yet been an application that can make Facebook Timeline obsolete. We will hear it first when you get out.

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