We all want to have a high number of followers on social networks. What are the ways to gain followers in the social media?

When we first entered Twitter, our first tweet was almost something like "what's the purpose here". But actually the goal is to win followers, that is to announce your voice to as many people as possible. Of course, it is also possible to hear the voices of others. E people are dependent on whether you are different or not. People will not follow you unless you have a different opinion from other people.
You do not have to miss the taste of being different. Some say never criticize the government, do not defend it, and nobody follows you at all, but forgive them. Be yourself. Write down everything you think. But be careful that you have a certain lane. You can write tweets on very unrelated topics, but get a certain number of these irrelevant topics.

  • After you have specified the topics, go to the Bio section and tell yourself a little bit. But it does not really matter what you're reading or what you're busy doing. The important thing is to write something about the topics you will tweet. The person reading that part should feel how your tweets can be.
  • Then start adding your favorite tweets as favorites. It's a job that will happen over time. Not a non-favorite person is not a real twitter user in many people's eyes. Once it's done, start creating lists for people you have interests in, but who write a lot of tweets, or who you do not want to follow, but follow your current list.
  • Try to stay away from twisted words. Of course if you did not write your word. You can talk with your followers via @mention, but do not miss out on the taste. People see what you are talking to, but sometimes you have to write a normal tweet, or people will stop following you. Remember, twitter is not for chatting.
  • Never steal the tweet someone wrote. Absolutely use Retweet. People will stop following you when they realize you stole it.
  • Absolutely #hashtag on your tweets. Have a nice show coming to you. Ask questions once in a while and get good answers. People are happy that they follow you.
  • When you start following someone new, please send a nice welcome message. And try to help in situations you can do when you see that your followers are a problem.
  • Twitter is not the place to find husbands and wives as Puccaa said. (🙂) So, do not hang on to the opposite sexes.
  • Those who swear on Twitter are not welcome. Try to write as level as possible.
  • 90% of the sites claiming to be followers send spam messages. So try not to be a member. But be a member of twitturk and register your name. Exiting the search results will actually give you followers.
  • You should not get tired of tweeting. Do not write what you're doing unless it's very interesting. Nobody cares about when you eat your meal, when you go out, but if you eat venison in your yard out.
  • Try writing articles about current topics. If possible, you can also write in different languages. There are some who will see and appreciate what you have written and will Retweet.
  • Be sure to follow those who unfollow you. It will affect what you write, knowing which people have followed you as well as who follows you. There are lots of sites to see unfollows. I am using http://who.unfollowed.me/.

There are 3 types of users on Twitter.

  • The follower and following numbers of the first are almost the same. These users follow their followers and not those who do not. To reach such users, you only need to follow them. The following number of users are very few followers too many. Stay away from these users. They are spam users. Or they do not even notice if you start following him. They follow 100 people, but 1000 follow them. If you really believe honey is dripping from your mouth, you can be like them. But the easiest way to get the easiest follower is the first type of users.
  • Do not hesitate to tweet with Unknowns. Usually they will not even read it anyway. But if they respond to you in the future, you will win at least 5 new followers if they write RT.
  • Do not include false information in your Twitter. Of course if you did not open a user account with a lot of extreme. Remember, people are following you.
  • It will not make much sense to share what everyone knows. You should write new and different things. It could be a new website or new news. Remember that the most RT ed tweets are Last Minute improvements.
  • Try to use it until the end of 140 characters when you tweet a tweet that can be ripped. Because people will want to add comments to your tweet. You should leave a space in them.
  • Be sure to use Twitpic and similar sites. Cartoons are funny pictures, interesting pictures, whatever your pictures are. Your picture and video sharing will definitely come back as follower.
  • Try to log in as much as you can every day. And it's your last suggestion to me. If you want to tweet professionally TweetDeck use. If you are using Google Chrome I would recommend Chromed Bird plugin.

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