Video sharing on mobile is a rising trend. How can we download these shared videos for future use?



You may need to download the shared videos in Instagram again. If we are following the videos through a hashtag,

Step 1: We are entering We search the hashtag from the search section on the right and copy the name of the user who shares the video.
Step 2: We enter the username We enter the video we share and copy the link.

Step 3: We enter and paste the link in
Step 4: We click on Instadown. Your videogame will be in .mp4 format. At the same time BB link'de we can get.


Likewise, you can download Keek videos from


We need to reach our Vine video URL first so that we can download Vine videos. If you shared Twitter or Facebook while sharing video, you can easily reach the URL. Then just go to and enter your video link.