Advertising on Facebook, the second platform with the highest share of the Internet advertising, is one of the biggest tools of the ecosystem. While giving Facebook ads seems pretty easy for Adwords ads, performance can be quite low when given ads without catching a few tips. Especially you will not want to waste your budget on Facebook ads.

Highly targeted targeting of ads that feature premium Facebook ads. Whether you are able to give exactly the type of customer you want, you can get very positive returns from the ads. If you want to be able to manage Facebook ads effectively, then the part that you really need to pay attention to is the targeting part.

How to Implement Data-Based Targeting

There are a few ways to do Facebook ad targeting. Among these, the most effective method is the ads on the lookalike. As a first step, you upload your existing customer data to Facebook. Facebook scans your e-mail addresses on your data and maps them to the data stored on Facebook and finds the Facebook addresses of your data users. Because this mass is made up of people who buy from you, it is precisely your target being locked up. In the second step, Facebook finds users with the same features as this audience. They have the same type of pages, like browsing, browsing the same places, eating in the same places, and offering you a few times wider than the data you upload. You can target this audience.

How to Target by Interests?

Another way to target Facebook ads is interest targeting. A mistake that is very often made when targeting by users' interests is targeting those who are interested in "marketing". Because when targeting is done in this way, the mass is very wide and everyone who can be closely related to marketing is targeted. Instead, you need to target the pages that people like to target. You should write the pages that interest your target in the Interests section one by one. Unfortunately there are a lot of small pages in this area. You can only target large pages. In this target you should write the names of the individual pages as detailed as possible, and aim at those pages that like those pages.

How to Target with Pixel Code?

Another targeting method is targeting via Facebook Pixel code. This targeting method for remarketing places a few lines of Facebook Pixel code on your site. These pages are filled in by your browsing Facebook user pool and you can show them ads. These users will stay in your pool for a month or so. In particular, pixel codes that you add to your pages on certain topics, rather than every page, will allow you to do more effective targeting. If you only make pixeller-shaped attachments for users browsing certain types of products, you will also be able to segment users who are browsing your site.

Ad targeting is the most important part of your ad. The more accurate you target, the lower your cost per click, and your sales will increase.

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