CreatorDen is an influencer marketing platform founded in 2016 and funded by TRPE Ventures. It is a structure where brands come and open campaigns, receive offers from influencers, and follow all the influencer processes. This platform was one of the firsts in the industry and was the industry leader when we started. For those who want to get to know CreatorDen;

What kind of method did we follow?
We used the kanban model, which is usually used in software projects, for marketing processes. Weekly sprints were used to create work lists and to identify what to do / do, test processes started. By publishing the hypotheses that work after the measurements and closing the others, we have made the process of transformation optimization continuous.

In the process, my teaching life has multiplied by 10 times when I graduated from education, which allows me to look at the positive eye again. Aylin Kavaklı The process we took along with.

First step

CreatorDen'ya growth hacking methodology to evaluate the detailed report and started work. We received a few queries from Analytics, and after a mini-questionnaire we realized that there were a few major problems. At first, when everyone involved in the influencer marketing sector was trying to get involved, there were suspicions that really serious success could not be achieved. On behalf of these suspicious sites trust items We redesigned it with. Our advantage is that we have realized very large projects with very large brands and success caught It was that we were. We randomly assigned a few of these projects to the main page, brand and influencer pages.

By then we analyzed the AdWords campaigns that were structured. With 150 new words and new additions we have created a new fiction. In Facebook and Instagram advertisements, we created a new fiction for brand new brand registration. Our positioning strategy should have looked a bit cooler and more professional, representing our brand influencers.

There were 923 different Facebook and Instagram champions that we put into A / B tests and fell to funny figures like 2TL.

In the first month we launched new campaigns and new design, we saw a conversion rate increase of 459%. Facebook and Instagram campaigns received 4.5million views in 7 months, while 4% of clicks were converted. This is an extraordinary rate! However, when we analyzed the messages that came through the live chat that we were talking about with the visitor, we faced a problem. The cool girls on the main page could not give us the exact message.

We have also simplified the work we have done, taking into account the KISS principle, and made it clear what we did, even if there were no texts.

This change brought the conversion rates from 5% to 4%. But the conversions did not come from just the visible pages, of course. We target key words with high search volume 15 different landing page. In the meantime, we published 60 new blog posts. For the beautiful pen Dilek ErdensoyThank you. What is the end of this artefact we have made in organically?

Organic traffic increased 5.5 times. The increase in organic traffic actually means an increase in conversions. Because 20% of new brand registration comes from organic traffic. Of course, the results of the SEO studies that we have achieved are influential marketing, influencer marketing, instagram sponsor advertising, and so on.

We saw the great benefit of EV SSL and site speed optimization in the increase of the domain authority. On the main page we did a 2MB less work instead of a 12MB load. On the other hand, building the server side and browser side caching system also contributed greatly. Especially when we are not landing for a moment SiteGroundThe greatness of this was also an important factor at this point.

On the other hand, one of our targets was to increase the number of qualified influencers in the system. However, we did not want to spend serious budgets to attract the influencers. Especially when we come to the ads we want to come over the work we have done over the WOM effect. A very simple but very effective method is very useful. Markets often make social media campaigns to increase the number of followers. We said we should look different.

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Thanks to the wall campaign, our followers have informed us of the influencers they follow. As a result of our application of a little more than two tactics, the number of registered influencers in our system doubled, while the total number of our influencers registered in the system increased from 76 million to 148 million!

As a result of the increase in our access to social media, we had to touch all the influencers in our system one by one. We meet each and every one of us, and we are taking our videos, which will start broadcasting very soon in our office.

Apart from our Influencers, we see them as business partners and organize activities together. Influencer Talks were particularly popular among influencers, especially from these events. Finally, the Influencer Talks, which we organized the 9th, have attracted about 4000 participants and more than 100 influencers to date. Influencers are not interested in CreatorDen and this is the emotional link that established the mobile application. It's not really easy to offer a mobile app that uses thousands of influencers a day and is over 50% retention.

After all this process, the fact that Ciron has increased 10 times has brought a new problem with being a great source of pride. This is one of the biggest challanges that market leaders usually have. defend our growth momentum in Turkey is quite difficult due to the volume of the market. We also took over our EU platform to get some ocean air. The experiences we have experienced globally with brands such as P & G are quite enjoyable, but we are still in the EU, but this case study seems to be ongoing.