Determining competitors in marketing communication is one of the most important steps to shape your strategy. Do we really follow the right path when determining competitors? What are the approaches to determining competitors?

Let's set Nutella's competitors according to the approach of marketing experts. From the approach I obviously found the most absurd; Nutella has no competitor. Because Nutella's flavor is different from the others and Nutella can not eat another brand that eats. This is a very ambitious trend for the present day when brand loyalty is much discussed. This approach is mostly used by syndrome-caught marketers who call my "blind boss syndrome". They are so focused on their own brands that they begin to perceive their positioning so perfectly that they do not understand the person in the street. If you are going to do business with someone from this group who can not understand the society like the sultans who do not come out of the palace, your work is really hard.

According to the second approach, Nutella's competitors are Polycotrem (Glass jar) and Torque Banada according to their price and packaging. The marketing professionals in this approach think that people are going to classify chocolate bars in jars or plastic boxes and prices according to their prices. For this reason, they do not see Sarelle, which costs slightly higher, and Chokella, which is cheaper and sold in plastic boxes, as competitors. I guess people think they can get a box of Sarelle and a box of Nutella for their house. In this group, there is an idea that while the father of the house is healthier, taking Sarelle in the foreground, he takes the mother's mother Nutella. However, in many grocery stores, it is only one brand of chocolate.

In the third approach, Chokella, Nutella, Sarelle, Çokokrem and Banada are seen as rivals. However, this approach is also problematic. people think they will get a chocolate with ill. It is a way of thinking that completely eliminates substitute products or similar products. "My son look at the hazelnut paste, we get the chocolate next time," said the mother does not have them.

In the fourth approach, Fiskobirlik hazelnut paste, Calve ground hazel paste, Jaywis walnut paste, Fıstıkella peanut paste, Balparmak Ballimix are participating in Chokella, Nutella, Sarelle, Çokokrem and Banada as new competitors. All of them are usually consumed at breakfast or spoon for snack meals. They are all sold in the breakfast category. This approach is more consistent than the others and there is something they forgot. In the marketplace, people do not go as clear as we think categorization. Well, a mom says, "My son, look, we got ice cream, we'll get the chocolate next time." This sentence applies to those who eat these products by spooning. For those who consume breakfast, they say, "My son, I bought cream cheese, rub him on the dough, forget the chocolate." So in fact the competition is not limited to chocolate and crushes that can only be driven.

In the fifth approach, the categories enter each other. Box Algida ice cream, Koska walnut halva and Balparmak honey are among the competitors. Both breakfast products and sweet products are eaten with spoon. This is the most consistent approach among these approaches. Because everybody thinks that Coca-Cola's only rival is Pepsi. No way! Coca-Cola's competitor is Ice Tea, Niğde Gazozu, Kızılay Maden Water, Sütaş Ayran, even turnip, lemonade and even watermelon! Because they all cool. For this reason, Coca-Cola has been exporting products such as Fuse tea, Sprite, Fanta, Cappy, Damla, Doğadan, Burn to serve the entire market it addresses.

I have to think small, Antalya Antalya's competitor is Antalya Marmara'm? No. The competitors of these hotels are the other ones in Greece or Spain as we have seen in this last holiday. Many of the businesses that have turned into vicious circle, and that have been competing with each other and actually harming themselves, suffer from this problem. Antalya Hilton and Antalya The thing that the Marmara has to do is attract more tourists to Antalya, not their own. When more tourists come to Antalya, these hotels will have their own hotels. With a share of 2 to 3% of the opponent playing, the sector always grows by 30-40% and the brands that grow their own cake always win.

Initiatives focused on growing the market rather than on competition are always growing faster, positioning industry leader . In a competitive environment focused on finishing each other, profitability is decreasing day by day, just as we have seen in the e-commerce sector. The e-commerce industry's players are so focused on selling each other cheaply that they have forgotten to try to grow the market. However, e-commerce penetration in Turkey have the potential to grow much more. The first brands that portray this potential will emerge as leaders in this crisis environment.

It was a decrease in the availability of opportunities to sites that finished their opportunity sites, not a single brand. We are going through a period when brands need to work together more than competition. This rule may not be valid for the automobile sector, for it may not be necessary to enlarge the market because of the views such as "I can not be a man without a car" and "I will not give a girl without a car". (In the case of electric vehicles, however, the opposite is true.) However, it is often better to focus on growing the market in many sectors than focusing on the competition.

When determining the ratios, it is necessary to determine the needs of the people and go out on the road. If people need to communicate with each other, they can do it through Whatsapp and finish the SMS culture. In fact, it will become unnecessary to give minute minutes as SMS is unnecessary in mobile tariffs within a few years after the spread of voice and video calls. So Turkcell and Whatsapp are actually competitors. That's why Turkcell continued the beep application on the market. In the telecommunication sector, it may seem like there are only Turk Telekom, Vodafone and Turkcell, but things change when business competitors come.

Since the institutions such as PTT have been managed for a long time with the marketing concept of the 50's, they are left in the mind of "we send the letters which are the heart of communication, we will always be the sector leader". The PTT could not get himself up for a few years with the letter completion. Even now, it is not able to keep up with the communication sector. As tablets and smartphones finish netbooks, the biggest threat to your business is not your competitor, but your market is shrinking.