Research shows that SEO works are centered on Backlink Tree studies. Without a healthy backlink tree, your chances of rising in a competitive word are almost zero. But backlink purchasing is also a difficult job. The first question that often comes to mind from SEO experts is where do you get backlinks? is happening.

There are a couple of classic tactics you can get as a result of a quick search on Google. I will not talk about blog tactics like comments or guest authorship, which are now very cliched and obviously do not work with recent algorithm changes. At the same time as BlogRoll or low-quality site-filled Dictionary, you just enter the proposal will be a loss will be.

  • Benefit from Google Plus

Although Google Plus has lost its popularity, there is a great area for SEO specialists. Story part of About. This field is a field that can provide us with a dofollow link. Using your anchor text you can get links to both the page and the Profile.

Benefit from Google Plus


  • Believe in Your Power of References

References are indispensable for landing pages. The visitor's confidence can be reached with the easiest references. Then turn it on. List all the organizations you work with, see if they have reviewed all of their websites and included references. (Work with the institutions that even offer them.) Then contact them and ask them to add you. This method is actually one of the most healthy backlink acquisition methods.


  • Use Quora

Quora Q & A is the largest media in the field. There are so many people following this campaign. Take advantage of Quora's strength. Help people in Quora. Your mark may open membership in Quora and may provide answers to each and every question on the relevant issues. The links you will use in your answers will allow you to get a link to a quality site like Quora.


  • Monitor Your Keyword

Use Semrush's Brand Monitoring feature to keep track of where your key words go. As long as you do not have a competitor using your keychain, you have an opportunity. Communicate with all the sites that use your keystroke and gently request your link attachments.

Monitor Your Keyword


  • Colorize Your Press Releases

Press releases are an opportunity not to be missed for you to hit the table. The problem is that they publish your newsletter, but they will not promote it on the main page. The first thing we need to do is pay attention to our newsletter as a viral newsletter. The other thing we need to do is to include links to the newsletter. Even if they do not move to the main page, at least they can get a backlink. Generally, 10% of the news sites you send will publish your content in a linked form.


  • Slideshare Is Bigger Than You Foresee

The reports you publish in Slideshare can reach hundreds of thousands of times. Every new person you visit will viralize your content a little more and get backlink from your viral content, even more valuable. Remember, you must convert the file to .pdf before uploading the file to Slideshare. Do not forget to add links into your report or presentation.


  • Infografiks Still Very Popular


Although designing infogistics seems a bit difficult, it is a content that is irreplaceable for the community that follows you. Infographics are becoming more viral and easier to publish by other blogs and news sources. Again, since infographics are published, there is a higher rate of backlinking, since they contain data. Even if you do not have design knowledge to design an infographic, there are systems to design at very reasonable prices.


  • Publish Research

I have taken the best quality backlinks I have taken so far through a research. mini about the situation in the social media of TV channels in Turkey, they had prepared a report to the press service. The news agencies have gone through the research and news has been reported in over 2000 news sites. It took only one day to prepare the report. Prepare mini-reports about your industry. Avoid giving too much technical information in these reports because if you want your content to be published by more organizations, it should be on a level that everyone can understand. Add a few visuals to your report and mention a few comments at the end of the report. Quality content publishers will close your content in the air.


  • Wikipedia should be your best friend

Taking a backlink from Wikipedia might be the first thing to come to mind when it comes to spam. No, we hate spam. All of your content that contains definitions, information, data, can be used as a source in Wikipedia. You can get high quality backlinks by searching for topics related to your domain and adding related topics and showing references. A little tip: try to be a Wikipedia Editor if you can, if you can not, try to meet a few editors.


  • Edit Competition

Choose one of the most controversial, most controversial topics in your industry and organize a blog contest on that topic. Write about your topic on Blogger's blogs and earn a prize from you, the owner of the most acclaimed post as a result of popular vote. If you can make a good announcement, you will receive no backlinks account.


  • Publish Small Tools

Publish small tools near your main job. the Semrush berush and SeoQuake I like their work very much in this direction. They also have the opportunity to introduce themselves while making it easier for employees in the industry to work freely. Similar tools will provide both a constant visitor volume that will benefit your recognition, as well as allow you to get backlinks from places you have never guessed.

What should you avoid?

There is a lot of nonsense tactics circulating on the internet because of SEO tactics. Some of these need to be emphasized.

  • Never go into a lot of unrelated sites and do not spam.
  • Do not write a bot that spam comments and make comments on thousands of sites.
  • Distribute free WordPress theme and do not get backlinks from all of them.
  • Do not buy backlinks, buy native content if you are going to buy anything.
  • WordPress, Tumblr, etc. Do not open the blogs and give yourself a link.
  • Do not put your link in the ridiculous visitor books just with the .gov extension.

* This article was first published by Haydar Özkömürcü on the Semrush blog. 

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