Do you have a CEH or similar certificate or do you have a training in this job?

Yes I own it. I also have many similar certifications. I did not receive any training specifically for this.

They always have to be curious to be a hacker. Is your curiosity enough? 

You need to be very curious. Only curiosity is not enough. At the same time, it is necessary to add the nights to the gardens, to do continuous research and to get rid of the theory and practice the acquired knowledge.

Do you define yourself as a "hacker" or a "security expert"? Or is there a different definition? 

I'm a cyber security expert. I am interested not only with the technique of a hacking incident, but also with its sociological, psychological, terrorist and economic sides.

In one instance, a "security expert" never told me to praise another hacker to another hacker. But anyway, do you have a hacker that you admire and admire? 

Hackers are generally people whose ego is too high. They do not accept better than themselves and compete without stopping to be the best. My ego is high, but I have no obligation. Richard Stallman is my idol

Hackers often use the words "lamer" and "expert". What is the true definition of lamer? 

Such discussions take place quite often. In my opinion, anyone who does something without purpose and damages a place falls into the "Lamer" class.

Now, with the improvement in the law, hacking news, credit card information etc. we were more sensitive than social media. Is it necessary for you to take other measures besides the security protocols of the service used in Social Media? 

This is actually a little difficult to achieve with one-sided security, ie, the party that handles the social media platform. For example, everyone shares something, check-in somewhere. The possibility of someone reaching this data is being ignored. My social media expert friend always says, "You do not give a fiance a number. But it gives it to Facebook without asking, without knowing who you share with. "

With the development of Mobilin, security experts were more concerned with the exploits in mobile systems. I think the effect of the operating system here is quite large. Which is the safest mobile operating system in you? 

It's actually a bit of a relative situation. But we know that there are thousands of malicious software on the Android Market and threaten users. When we look at security at the operating system level, there will not be much difference between them.

In recent times, it has often been mentioned that telephone calls can be heard. Is there a non-listening phone or an untrackable messaging app? 

This is not possible if there is a legal hearing. Crypto phones are the best solution to illegal listening. But it is not the exact solution. For example, thanks to the security shortage I had recently found in an operator, the details of the call and the details of the messenger could be reached via the operator. Even if we had used a crypto phone, our calls and messaging could be displayed because of the weaknesses on the operator side. From this point of view, there is no definite and clear solution.

DDoS attacks are the most unattractive and easiest possible attack for many sites. How can small sites counter what to do with this attack? 

Unfortunately DDOS attacks are the biggest threat tool. Large pages are able to protect themselves with good investments. Small and medium-sized pages can be protected from DDOS attacks for a fraction of the cost with a solution like CloudFlare.

Which antivirus and firewall software do you recommend on Mobilde and Desktop? 

Mobile and Desktop security Avast and Trend Micro have been very popular lately. Likewise, it can be preferred in Comodo, a Turkish security software.

Clickjacking, Fake Application etc. in social networks. what suggestions can you have for end users against attack? 

To avoid being exposed to this kind of attack, they should not click on everything and say "let me." Applications that they allow should also prevent them from being sent on their behalf by setting their privacy settings.

Could you tell us a little bit of hacker groups in Turkey? What are the active groups that everyone should follow? 

After a lot of places in Turkey in 2005-2006, the hacker group that unfortunately I can not express very active. Turkey continues to present a number of group work. Foreign hacking groups can be followed.

Turkey so far has been very large exposure to a cyber attack? 

system in Turkey is exposed to various attacks every day. Previously, groups such as Anonymous and RedHack made major attacks.

how state institutions in Turkey ready to cyber attacks? 

Cyber ​​security exercises are being done for institutions. But unfortunately, the security of the institutions is rather poor. Every day we receive hacking news is constantly added to the new. This will certainly change when we understand that your safety will not be provided by only a few million dollars worth of devices / software, and if you support the active operation of the cyber security setup.

Which country is the most prepared against the cyber attacks in the world? 

In fact, such a country does not exist. Even today America is very prepared, but the cyber is going to negotiate with the countries to prevent attacks.


Eyüp Çelik Who? 

In 1998, the hackinge curiously spun, began actively working in the hacking world in 2000. ÇELİK, a hacker with a black hat until 2008, has managed many hacking groups who make a sound in the world. Throughout the process, I have worked in areas such as System - network expertise, software - database expertise, web expertise and have not been bound to a specialty. After 2008, he decided to leave the world of hacking and turn to the security field and become a white hat hacker. The process has been completed by taking many certifications in this regard. It can also be recognized with the instructor STEEL identity, ethical hacking Turkey's leading educational institutions, Web Security and Advanced Penetration Testing are given training in the subject. Since 2012, he has been providing "Cyber ​​Security Consultancy" services to many public institutions and corporate companies as a "Cyber ​​Security Unit Manager" in a computer company. To make leisure time safety surveys, taking pictures and making people aware of safety in blogs  by writing articles.