Marketing strategies have been used by more and more people through the strengthening of communication tools. Now everybody is on social media, everybody is advertising AdWords. To be more successful than your peers, you must develop a strategy that is different from the strategies they are pursuing. Here's how to create this strategy called Growth Hacking. Growth Hacking is a whole set of strategies that sometimes allows you to save time, sometimes increasing your awareness to twice as fast as normal. We have compiled for you the applications you can use in these strategies.

We use a majority of these applications on our team and carefully selected hundreds of applications. There is not one or two vehicles that we do not include in the list, which we keep to ourselves.

Growth Hacking Tools Behavior based automatic mail sending application for users.

Buzzsumo A seo application that finds the most influential people in your sector and shows your backlinks.

Contactually Web based CRM software and communication management application.

Clicky View real-time site stats app.

VWO A / B Site testing tool.

the policemen An automation application where hundreds of APIs are found and all of them are automatically executed within the framework of the rules you specify. Press release management practice.

Strikingly A quick and simple web site creation platform for product introductions.

Optimizely The most widely used A / B test application in the world.

Famebit The platform where Youtube vloggers are collected for branding seeding solutions.

Hellob is Social networking site bar plug-in that facilitates sharing, lead deposit and sending clicks to sites.

Qualaroo Implement A / B tests by making surveys with users more user-focused.

Sprucemail Facebook Ad Optimization and Management application.

Yozio Application of organic mobile application user enhancement. The most used Survey application.

Little Bird Measuring effectiveness in digital marketing and increasing interactivity with industry leaders.

delighted Feedback collection from users.

Ironpearl Google Analytics Cohort analysis tracking tool.

Semrush A tool for tracking and analyzing competitors for Google Adwords ads.

Unboun by Optimized Landing Page preparation tool without the need of the software.

Moat Banner ad search engine.

Verify Online survey editing tool.

a Qwa Facebook Ad management tool.

Callrail Call-to-call statistics, the call center application that holds your contacts.

Improvely Google, Bing, Twitter, Facebook and so on. keep visitor statistics from ad platforms.

contactmonkey Chrome plugin that keeps statistics on mail sending and link clicks in Gmail.

Three Cents Quick survey creation application with iPhone.

refferalsnip Refferal link system installation application.

Popcorn Metrics Simply set up an event without having to deal with Google Analytics events.

Email Game It is a Chrome plug-in that sends emails and plays mail for those who do not like to read.

Wisestamp Chrome plugin that can create dynamic and interactive email signatures.

Price Intelligently An analysis tool that helps you create pricing strategies for your products.

Share Tally An app that shows how many times your URL is shared on social networks.

pdfleads Your application that converts your pdf files into HTML format and publishes them as a website.

Polite Persistence Mail scheduling and mail reminder application. A lead collection application that can work with 30 different platforms.

polarBear If you do not have two alternatives for your web site, you can add this mu-shaped embed visual test.

Scraper The Chrome plug-in that you can easily export the tables on your website to excel spreadsheets.

Appsect is A Chrome plug-in that shows the technology used in your website.

Response Source Press release management service.

muckrack The practice of finding journalists and correspondents through social media.

Pixelblock Chrome plugin that deactivates tracking codes in your incoming emails.

Boomerang E-mail timer plugin for Chrome.

SEO Tools for Excel Excel add-in that integrates with MajesticSEO and SEOlytics.

Datasift Big Data Signification application.

scrapy Open source framework service for the Pyhton language.

you spin The application that adds call-to-action button when external links are clicked.

Sortd Smart Sking for Gmail A Chrome plugin that lets you make your Gmail account your To-Do list.

Postplann is The Facebook application, which recommends content that you can share on your Facebook page and which is time-appropriate for you. Monitoring application that can be used for Digital Media and SEO, followed by a lot of action.

Appsumo Mail list enlargement plugin for WordPress.

the mention An application that allows you to monitor your brand on all digital media.

Followerwonk Optimize the people you follow on Twitter and follow more effective people.

Streak The CRM application you can run through Gmail.

Sitealerts An opponent analysis tool that finds a lot of data about your web sites and keeps track of changes.

Circular Open source and free Buffer alternative.

Just Reach Out Journalist articles communicate with search engines and journalists.

leadpages Landing page creation application with simple interface.

Thrive Leads Mail list enlargement plugin for WordPress.

What other tools can you have in our list? Share with us as a comment.

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