Tens of thousands of links are shared every day via Twitter. However, links that are shared with Twitter traffic are scarce. What should we do to improve the clicks?

  • Our tweets are in the range of 120-130 characters.
  • Do not place your links at the end or the top of your tweets.
  • Try to share more than 3 tweets a day.
  • Tweets that are shared on weekends get more clicks.
  • The tweets that are shot at noon are getting more clicks.

Apart from the statistics, the most important thing to watch out for is the tweet's curiosity. People want to click on the link. However, if this situation is overstated and the fact that it is not mentioned in the content is mentioned, it is necessary to know the limit because the bounce rate on the tweets will increase. Here is the infographic that HubSpot has published about the subject.