Playing is one of the leading trends of our day. Actually, play has been used for centuries. From education to marketing, it is possible to come across play in all areas of life. I am convinced that Foursquare is revived in your mind when it comes to acting. I'm sure you've read the gameplay tactics that Nike +, or Foursquare, or the Foodservice have done. In this article I would like to mention some of the strategies of socialization in social media.

I need to introduce you to a mob before you enter the subject. Campaigners. These people we face on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and sometimes Tumblr pursue a career campaign. This is probably a psychological disturbance. I'm going to try to tell you a little bit how deep this is. These people are at the computer at 9 in the morning and up to 12 at night. At least 30 fake Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts are available. These accounts track the contents of all brands individually. Especially they follow the forums and sites established for this job only instantly. When you publish a brand new campaign of any brand, they come to your campaign by notifying each other. If your content needs to be shared in order to win the prize, they will share it from all accounts individually. All participants are followed up momentarily and you narrow down until you reveal the outcome of the campaign. When Heliki's results are announced, they can not win. Especially in campaigns organized through social media, there are all details about the permission of the National Lottery Administration, which many people do not know. Make sure they know a lot of things even from national lottery agencies that work on this field. If they do not win, they immediately complain to the National Lottery Administration. Therefore, it is beneficial to carry out the campaign of the campaign you have organized as transparently as possible.

I have made the entry especially with the campaigners, because there is definitely a reward system in the gameplay and you need to sort out those campaigns that want to abuse this reward system.

How to Play the Social Media

The game is a great way to get people moving. I have a theory that I have told you in my lessons. With this theory it is always easier to produce content. "We should accept everybody as an idiot after we go through the computer." In terms of idiot How to Prepare Images and Texts for Social Media I mentioned a little in the summer, but I think this is going to be an article. People are not able to focus because they are exposed to a lot of messages at the computer, and they can not think of things that they think they can normally think of. For example, the plot content of Draw. Now take a minute and try to read what you wrote on the visual.


If I did not show it in my class, all the students tried to see what they wrote visually for a few minutes. Some of them went to the rear and looked at the different angles. In social media, people are focused on solving the question in the face of this challenge. However, the comments on the right side of the visuals do not attract anybody for the first 5 minutes. However, 420 different human siblings have written the same comment in the lower alta. Why are people so enthusiastic about writing 421 comments?

To prove they are not idiots. Social media is a kind of social evidence. It is our main goal to show people how smart we are and how beautiful we are in social media. It is one of the premise elements that satisfy ourselves to prove ourselves to our friends in such tiny games.

Using this incentive, we can use social media to play. People love games at all ages. Or how would the big "CEOs" at LinkedIn try to solve the different versions of the same mathematics questions for hours?

solve if you are genius

Another great example, what's the difference between 7 and 10?

There are tens of thousands of people who are trying to find the differences between the minutes and the minute. There is not a target audience that the game player can not influence. It appeals to people from every age group, every SES group. However, we should not confuse the play with classic campaigns. In social media campaigns the prize is usually social evidence. As in the example of the plot, it is a pity to be able to answer the question correctly. So you do not have to distribute dozens of iPhones by saying that I'm playing. On the other hand, if possible, do not deploy iPhone. The worst gift that can be given is if you are not a Turkcell. Each brand should give a gift that can be related to itself or related to itself. Also, if the prize to be given in the game is great, it will be for getting the prize for participation. Our goal is to teach and tell something to the user. I need to get some help from a child psychologist about giving an award. For example, a 2 year old girl can be incredibly happy when we give her a star sticker because of a right behavior. As you explore, you realize that as you grow older, this motivation continues. At this point I have to make a footnote, if your employees are playing a game and you hear the phrase "give me a raise but not a reward", then you can not determine your award correctly.

He has taught his slogan in the mini-game he has performed. If there was an iPhone at work, the results would be different. Participation would be higher, yes, but the content would not have reached its goal. Another way you can increase Challenge and participation in Playback is to specify the duration. If the plot was written in this way, the participation would be even higher if only 10% of the readers were able to read a mere 3% of the population.

One of the first examples that comes to mind when it comes to acting in social networks is the Friday Candır campaign, which Wanda Digital has made for Turkcell. You can watch Case Study video;

We're talking about a campaign that has a visibility of 7 million. As far as I remember, it lasted a few months. This campaign, which has a great game fiction, gave people a challenge. Capture challenge when phones are $ 1. The results are tremendous.

One of the basic rules of playing is the fun factor. You should definitely include entertainment in the strategy you are going to achieve. Because there is no target audience that can say no to entertainment. Remember, the game can be a supportive, not an anti-worker.

Roaming distribution is another commonly used method, even if it is influenced by Foursquare in playing. This month you can give the person who buys your product the most, or the person who gets the most interaction, a virtual badge that will honor it. There is no need for this badge to be in the form of a badge, for example, Verizon was linking to Verizon with an internete on Facebook and was doing a cover image with the profile photo of the person taking the photo on Facebook. In order to be the leader of that week, people were sending out photographs.


Leader ranking is another element that encourages users. In McDonald's we are accustomed to seeing you for months, or SHOCK markets every day, "buy a premium, please buy another product," you can compete with your cashier, as well as apply for your month / week leader. This way you can get the action you want more easily.

Remember, if we want to take an action on the social media, the most effective method we can apply is always playing. Try to incorporate play into your strategy before you dedicate all your money to Facebook ads for more interaction.

If you are interested in the role of the actor Ercan Altug Yilmaz's textbook PlaybookI would definitely recommend you to review.

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