As American elections continued, Foursquare picked out a special badge and practice.


The number of check-ins using #ivoted hashtag until now is 21,094. 51% of them are male. The most votes were used at 07:30 in the morning.


The message received when Foursquare's exclusive "I Voted 2012" badge was won;

Congrats on doing your civic duty! Here's a badge to commemorate the occasion, just in case they ran out of your polling station. Check out this video.

election-badgeWhat do I need to do to earn the badge badge?

the Foursquare mobile page After entering the Check-in section, we changed the city to a city in the USA, then check-in somewhere in the US to the Shout section #ivoted We are writing. I I got one 🙂 But remember that rosette distribution will continue until the election results are announced.