Even if you are no longer friends, you will get news from the people you want to follow.

Since the release of Google+, a new facebook feature has been added to the service that does not break behind. You can now follow the people you are not friends with by pressing the "Subscribe" option. (If this person opened the subscription option). If you are friends, you are automatically subscribed. Facebook has received the features of twitter and google plus on this count.

Only those shares that are open to everyone are visible to your subscriptions. Everyone's subscription option is turned off. To open your subscription, click the subscription option under the profile photon.

From here you can subscribe to my shares ...


Why did the 'Subscriber' button appear on all of my friends' profiles?
Your friends have been a subscriber since the very beginning. You will now be able to choose what types of updates you will receive from them with the Subscribe button.

Why does not all profiles have a Subscribe button?
Only people who have allowed subscriptions have a Subscribe button on their profile. If you do not see this button, you can not subscribe to it.

How do others subscribe to my updates?
When you allow subscriptions, the Subscribe button appears in your profile. Everyone starts to leave the news feed of people who have clicked on your open updates button.

If I grant the subscription, what updates can they see?
Your subscriptions can only see what you share openly. They can also choose how often and what type of updates they will receive from you.

It looks like it will be really useful especially for celebrities. What about you?

NOTE: Young people under 18 years can not benefit from subscription service.
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