Social media SEO, that is, S-SEO is getting more important every day. You also have to optimize your pages based on these trends. As people spend more time on social networks, they spend less time on search engines. They are starting to search through social networks. Not only in local businesses, but in big brands, they are now competing for top rankings in social network search. You still have a chance to make a difference to your opponents who have not comprehended the seriousness of S-SEO yet. The Facebook review feature can be an important trump to increase this chances.

The Facebook review feature was activated in the month we passed. We now see review scores on many Facebook pages. How does the review function work, how is it established, how is it removed?

Facebook is preparing to introduce a new formula for the Graph Search algorithm with the Review feature that is enabled for all pages. Graph Search, which will be used more frequently on Facebook in the coming periods, allows you to search restaurants in your circle. However, it is known that in the search results the restaurants are also ranked according to the puch that they have received besides being close to your location. In order for your business to appear higher in Facebook search results, you need to activate the review feature and score higher and higher points than your competitors.

How Facebook Review Is Becoming Active

Your address information on your page information must be complete and complete so you can activate Facebook review. You must manually set your location on the Bing Map after you enter your full address if your location is incorrectly marked.


After you enter your address, you will see that the review feature is activated on your timeline.

Increasing Facebook Review Scores

The fact that Facebook review offers objective results can create problems for some brands. Because the users can not change the stars, you can not delete the comments they made. It is only possible to complain about comments. However, being able to delete negative comments about your business does not require you to use this feature. Users can make more positive comments about your business.

It's up to you to give 5 stars for your page and make positive comments. You can create a new campaign editor to make your page more enjoyable and to increase your positive comments / stars. When you prepare a fiction such as "Let your page be 5 stars and share your comments about our page, 3 surprise gifts from 3 people", users will start to share your page with positive comments about your page. Of course, do not forget to explain in detail what you need to do after creating this fiction.

Removing Facebook Review Feature

Every Facebook page may not want to boldly use this feature in this way. What you need to do to remove is actually very simple. You should delete the address line from the About section of your Facebook page. After the deletion, you should come back to the address section and remove the operator from the map. (Remove This Place) The review section will no longer appear on your page.


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