All Social Media Sites and Current Members

Everyone has a Social Medyo in their language.

In the words of Social Media, we are now a typical cast. "Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter."

Are the Social Media sites limited by these two? No way. I will try to introduce you to 75 different social media sites in different categories, which I personally like most, from about 500 different social media sites for you.

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How to Increase Followers in Social Networks

Social Media is one of the first to come to mind when it comes to managing an institutional or personal account. There are dozens of different paid or free apps to increase the number of people interested in you. However, the followers obtained with these practices usually do not reach the desired effect because they are outside of your target group.

Companies that are active in Social Media usually come up with big companies in mind when people think. However, small businesses and personal accounts that make up 95% of the content. Many small businesses only sell products / services to a particular neighborhood. A cafe that does business in Avcılar district of Istanbul will be very difficult to be followed by someone living in Erzurum on Twitter. On top of that he will be throwing away a penny of money if he is giving money to various applications to get that follower. This is why it is important for each business to gain organic followers. Continue reading

Infographic for Linkedin for 200 Million

The last month Linkedin reached 200 million members. Linkedin prepared a special infographic to announce this success more effectively.

According to infographic information, Linkedin member numbers are distributed according to countries;

  • US: 174M 
  • India: 18M
  • Canada: 17M
  • UK: 11M
  • Brazil: 11M
  • Australia: 3M

At the same time, Professor Linkedin, who holds the number of views on the profile, announces that his profile will be displayed 526,000 times in 2012. During 2012, 5.7 billion searches were conducted via Linkedin. So Linkedin became a very active site.

Here is infographic;