On Hacking with Mert Sarıca [Interview]

Do you have a CEH or similar certificate or do you have a training in this job?

I was sent to the Certified Ethical Hacker training by the university administration in 2005, the year I first started work, but unfortunately I did not see the added value of education because the information I got from the books and articles I had read so far was far more advanced than the content of education.

I read most pertinent security-related books, mostly for training purposes, to certify the information I have and to use it in my CV.

The security certificates I have are CISSP, OSCP, OPST, CREA, SSCP. I received OSCP (Offensive Security Certified Professional) certification in 2009, based on training and exam practice (you can pass the exam by hacking the target systems) instead of the CEH certificate because CEH training and certification is based on recourse. Continue reading