Personal Branding in Social Media

Part 1

Social Media influenced every aspect of life as well as its career. Human Resource Specialists have now been able to publish business announcements via Social Media and receive applications over the same platforms. Not only the big companies, but the medium-sized companies, were looking for that person on Google before hiring someone. What do we have to do and what should we not do? We will examine them through Social Branding in Social Media.

LinkedIn: Linkedin is a giant professional business network with a membership of 200 million. Thousands of people from different sectors are gathered on this network. When you first enter it, it may come to you like a little ghost town that is not used much. But Linkedin is not an area where life is like in Facebook, like Facebook. Linkedin has life in groups.

After you become a member of Linkedin, the first thing you need to look out for is your photo. Upload a serious photo. However, seriousness is not strictly intended. Just be in a picnic with your friends, drawn in the grass. Continue reading

Infographic for Linkedin for 200 Million

The last month Linkedin reached 200 million members. Linkedin prepared a special infographic to announce this success more effectively.

According to infographic information, Linkedin member numbers are distributed according to countries;

  • US: 174M 
  • India: 18M
  • Canada: 17M
  • UK: 11M
  • Brazil: 11M
  • Australia: 3M

At the same time, Professor Linkedin, who holds the number of views on the profile, announces that his profile will be displayed 526,000 times in 2012. During 2012, 5.7 billion searches were conducted via Linkedin. So Linkedin became a very active site.

Here is infographic;


Meet New Linkedin Profiles

According to the statement posted on the official Linkedin Blog, Linkedin Profiles are completely changing.

Linkedin had long struggled to settle in the first place among the social media circles, but the site had difficulty reaching the desired goal due to the low number of users spent on the site. With the new Linkedin profiles you can get a lot of different statistics of your own.

To register with the new Linkedin Profiles from here you can send a request. Continue reading