Facebook's EdgeRank algorithm is being developed more and more every day, and it is in a position to radically change the habits in the sector. The number of fans at the top of the KPIs that have been talking about Facebook Markets for years is no longer a problem. In fact, the trend is that the less your fan count, the more opportunities you have to reach more people on Facebook.

Research on EdgeRank shows that the more you interact with a post that you share from your Facebook page, the more it can reach a maximum audience of 5%. This rate can vary by the number of people who like your page, but as little as 5% on average. So if you like 100.000 people like our page, you can see a maximum of 5000 people who will share without advertisement.

That's why it matters more to who you are in the mass you can reach. If you make a mistake and like your page with inorganic ways, this situation is completely against you. Because there are plenty of fake accounts in 5% of the kittles that you can see your page's posts. These fake accounts, which are only opened to load pages, only help to reduce the interaction that your page might receive. That's why it's time to clean up pages that have been uploaded with fake accounts. Even if it does not load again, the fake accounts have to start a cleaning operation in the same way on the same page. Especially, we have 1 million of us, most of the pages of the fake accounts first opened the account like a cleaning process that will last longer than they need to be in a situation.

So how can the fake account be cleaned up? Unfortunately, there is no tool for this. First, you need to set Facebook to English (US) and use Graph Search. First you need to perform a search in the form of a Fans of Mark name in Facebook. As a result of this search you will be able to view everybody who likes your page. In another tab you should open the Blocked Users section in the Settings section of your page and open the list of all liked users from that section. All fake accounts that you have specified in the Graph Search field should be deleted one by one from the list of favorites.

Graph Search provides us with some facilities to identify fake accounts. You can filter the likes according to the city they live in. For example, if you choose your page from Bangladesh, the majority of the results will come from fake accounts. This makes it easier to set fake accounts, even if they are not 100%.