Drip Marketing is not yet a widely used term in the industry. So sometimes you need to tell a long story. I have heard from many marketing professionals who have set up tons of e-mail marketing budgets. "E-mail marketing is over." They are talking about the data that 2%

No, e-mail marketing is not finished. You're doing it wrong. 

Drip Marketing

E-mail is the most important tool you can touch individually. You can touch the person in social media or not in a banner like ad. How Does? Let me introduce Drip Marketing. It is a marketing tribal drip marketing where you can provide a new sale on every drop like drop of a lake. To put it briefly, it means that all your mailing activities are connected to automation.

First of all we have to enrich our data and accumulate it in one pool. What could be our data? I say;

  • Name
  • Surname
  • E-mail
  • TC Identification number
  • Facebook ID
  • Twitter ID
  • LinkedIn ID
  • Facebook Friend List
  • Facebook Interests
  • GPS Location Information
  • Telephonic Applications
  • Device Used
  • Browser Used
  • Sepette Dropped Products
  • Featured Products
  • Products to Buy
  • Identified Tweets with Keyword
  • The LinkedIn Work Organization and Sector
  • Number of children
  • Date of birth
  • Gender
  • Relationship status
  • Mobile number
  • Open address

We can expand the list. But I do not want to bite too much. What are we going to do to collect that much data? How do we collect that much data? I feel like I hear two questions in the form of. We will make sense of this data and link it to e-mail automation. There are a few solutions available to get the data. The most important of these is the mobile application. You can prepare a Facebook application, or you can map it to the data of the mobile application, which is accessible to social applications via LinkedIn application. And when you connect the data on your web site containing the data from the store and the membership system, you are getting a huge amount of data. The only thing that happens to you is making halva.

While collecting data is a long-term and hard work, once you have recovered, you can increase your sales seriously in conjunction with automation. Why? Because now you can make private mailing. When you say special mailing to the person, remember that the mails that started as Sayın Haydar Ozkömürcü should not come. I'm talking about mailingin a very personal personality. Now let's go through a few scenarios that we have achieved.

GPS Data

With GPS data you can perform a mailing with a special discount when you arrive at a location where your customer's store is located. At the same time, you can easily select the appropriate locations when you go to the outdoor by taking the diagram of the locations your customers have visited during the day.

Products to Buy

The purchased products are more fun. It is quite pointless to send a shirt mailing to the user who takes a blue shirt. I think the price of your blue shirt is $ 49.90. We need to send a mailing with 5 light colored trousers to that particular user. The price of 3 pants for 5 pants is between 45 and 50 pounds, one pants for 30 pounds and the other pants for 90 pounds. We have offered a variety of customer prices by doing up-sell and down-selling in our mailing. We sent a pair of trousers to suit the customer's shirt, so we made a mailing to the customer's needs. Let's think of a dental hospital. We have a patient who needs to be sanitized every 6 months. You do not need to send implant tooth mailing to this patient. Holding this customer in hand is more important than selling new things. After 5.5 months, you should only send him a cleaning mailing slip with a special discount rate.


Gender is more important than you think. When you combine sex and relationship, there is almost no limit to what you can do. When the user finishes the relationship, you need to send another mail content when you start a new relationship or when you get married.

If you are asking how to automate all of this, you need to talk about a few tolls and a special solution at this point. Working with a mailing agency that will work with your own CRM data to integrate or Sendloop or MailChimp You can perform your actions using If you are using a solution that provides extensive API support such as Hubspot on the CRM side, your job is easier. Your help immediately the policemen It is running. With Zapier, you can connect the whole world to automation.

If you start a period of not-so-special voices in your datas, you will suddenly start to increase your reading rates and you will notice that the click-through rates are beginning to fly.