Especially in the last 3 years we often hear new company names like "xx digital agency" and "xx social media agency". What are these agencies doing differently from traditional advertising agencies? What makes them different? In this series, we will look at what social media agencies do and do not do.

Digital Strategy Development

Each company has a specific goal. It's like being the biggest on the market or getting into the top 10. They develop various strategies in line with these objectives, and these strategies have deadlines set for the end. For example, selling a product 50% cheaper than competitors over the next year is a sales strategy.

In the digital world, there are targets, success criteria and strategies. However, if a marketing specialist is employed to increase sales, a social media specialist or social media agency must work with the digital world to be successful. Developing a digital strategy is to put a certain level in the digital world's entire existence of the other related brand, which means "only on Facebook".

Each brand has a language. Appropriate to the potential customer, they create a brand-specific language that will love them and see them as one. In the digital world, the dynamics of this language are different from the traditional language. Press releases prepared for newspapers are generally not popular or read in the social media. The reason for this is that these texts are very long and didactic. In social media, short, clear and striking sentiments attract more attention. For this reason, a digital language is a must for brands. For this reason, news sites and even journalistic languages ​​are different from each other. You can not see the headline in the headline of a journalist: "He said that!"


Your strategy includes your roadmap. In the upcoming periods, you need to find the necessary channels, the digital areas you need to invest in this road map. For example, an agency that closely follows social media will not offer its customers a Friendfeed account. Because Facebook bought Friendfeed and stopped its development years ago. This agency will recommend Instagram or Vine, which is rising according to the trends to the customer. If the required medium is a micro blog site, Twitter will be required. Social trends are just one of the metrics to focus on. Choose from hundreds of possibilities to represent your brand in the best possible way, and prepare a road map for success, a professional social media agency or social media expert.

The biggest problem customers and social media agencies face is that they accuse agencies when they do not comply with the digital vision drawn to them and things get worse. On the agency side, not being able to get to know the client, expectations and industry well, we can not develop a proper digital strategy in that sector.

In the upcoming section, social media agencies usually perform social media for start-up companies community design We will examine the service. 

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