Every profession has its strengths. However, it is important to remember that the Digital Marketing sector is at the forefront of both 24/7 and continuous creative industries. We have brought together films and sequences that will give you new insights and inspiration.

Jerry Maguire - A New Beginning | Imdb Rating: 7.3

Tom Cruise's classic movie, "Give me the money!" It is because of the slogan you wrote and it shows how much it is unnecessary for the 7/24 job to be resumed, especially one of the biggest problems of the advertisers.

The Square Square - A New Beginning | Imdb Rating: 8.2

A lot of people in Egypt # Jan25 allowing you to meet the Twitter revolution in Turkey on the subject of the movie, the screen reflects the viewpoint of 6 different insurgent. The place where Citizen Journalism is coming is a film that shows how powerful social media can be.

The Internship - Young Apprentices | Imdb Rating: 6.3

The film is about two friends who are unemployed because their sales are totally zero, and they meet with the digital world and get a chance to go on internship at Google. It's a bit of an absurd comedy from comedy, but it depicts the life in Google well.

Chef - Chef | Imdb Rating: 7.3

The chef, who is also a movie in comedy, starts with a chef responding to tweets about his meals with unpleasant tweets. After a while, he has to leave his job because of the angry customers. The story of our cook who set up his own business and put his life in order is quite inspiring, but gives us a lot of tips on how to use Twitter.

Birdman - The Unexpected Erdemi of Cahilliğin | Imdb Points: 8.1

The dramatic story of our heroine, who plays a cartoon hero named Birdman in the white screen, begins with a man who has hit the bottom of his films with 20 years past. Our hero who is trying to put the family back together sees that the forgottenness is struck in the face by the fact that even a Facebook fan page does not exist.

Silicon Valley | Imdb Rating: 8.4

Do you like The Big Bang Theory a lot? Is Sheldon a real geek for you? Try this series, which also features the famous Silicon Valley. Jobs, who wrote about the 80's, is also making many references to Wozniak.

Her - Love | Imdb Rating: 8.0

Filmin, which is subject to an asocial article that falls in love with the operating system of the phone itself, also plays the operating system itself. 🙂 In fact, the relationship between the operating system itself and the departing party that begins with a more bizarre operating system is itself. It's a film that is really thought-provoking and deep.

Black Mirror | Imdb Rating: 8.8

The expected release of the 3rd season and until now the 6 episodes broadcast series must be followed absolutely, this is the most favorite production of listenin. The series, which shows how scarcely the emerging technology can lead to what it is and where humanity is heading, has the reality that it can truly cool you away from technological developments.


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