As much as possible every vacation period I am trying to escape out of town like everyone else. I am worried about tours now, seeing more places, learning makes people happy. But in every city I visit in my hometown, I am surprised at the beauty of my country and I am amazed at how bad our marketers are.

I was in the Cappadocia region on this Ramadan holiday. I visited that fairy chimneys, one of the first places that come to mind when he called Turkey. I still can not get through the odds. I do not understand how these tourists are coming and how they are coming. There is no such thing as tourist enemies, so ignorant marketing activities. Indeed, this form must be attached medals to the tourists coming to Turkey because of their personality researchers.

I am afraid to use the term "destination marketing" because I am not sure that the tourism people in the country know the meaning of this. We have the slightest indication that Turkey is any marketing strategy for the destination even if you can not find, I can not see. Unfortunately, investment and cooperation in the digital industry is very distressing, especially in agencies where tourism activities are left to the vision of agencies. Institutions such as TÜRSAB are still trying to do marketing with tactics that remain in the 90s. There is no institution that will keep the integration of tourism digital.

Prepared by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and Instagrammer Mustafa Seven's agency @comeseeturkey I have an account. I was very surprised when I first saw it, but I was very happy that such a project was prepared, but now when I look at the account again, I see the name of the agency and it rotted in that example.

In the digital transformation, it is a different problem that only social media comes to mind. Destination marketing needs to be realized in accordance with the requirements of the times. For example, the recently popular drones. Turkey's why not a website that collected from different regions of the shots made with drones? Tourists are rooftop sites where stakeholders like tour companies, airlines, hotels can direct. Are the videos taken with the administration of the Ministry not very interested? Think about flying over the Mardin Houses or seeing the reflection of the trees on the lake in Artvin / Karagöl from above. Which tourists who like to travel can resist this? There are 150 balloons in Cappadocia that are active. People only pay $ 300 per person to see the region from the air. The person who sees this service with video will absolutely admire and want to live.

Another issue is virtual reality. Can we not show places like Topkapı Palace, Hagia Sophia better than 360 degree photographs working with flash player while it is so popular? Is not someone excited about seeing the fact that he sees the Spooner's Hand? Establishing VR stands at overseas installed stands or at airline sales points does not cause very high costs. I'll see you now, I'll go beyond distributing brochures!

It's very important in animations. There are finds in this country that date back to 10000 BC. Animations are one of the easiest ways to show them to people. For example, after following the model, I have been living in Istanbul for years, and I have started to look differently. Tourists leave this as a visual visit to the complex will be moved to Istanbul!

As sure to watch the video, I see for the first time the presence of a growing number of Forums (plundered and crushed during the crusade), born in Istanbul. Tourists who see this historic texture will not stop for a minute. But all the tourists I talked about in the regions are talking about only current politics. There are few tourists who come to Turkey with a fake country, and they do not do anything more than to say that things are very bad. Whereas, if we were a brand country, would the tourist ever look at current politics? Another excuse is terrorism. Despite being in frustration for months in France, the number of tourists increasing. Even our own people are afraid to go out on the GAP tour. What is this scary thing that is not entirely the guilt of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism? I had a great shock when I went to Van. It is a city hundred thousand times safer than Istanbul, but we could not even tell our people. Tourism is only growing with the construction of airports and hotels. These structures also need to be filled. In particular, a WOMM study should be conducted on the eastern and southeastern regions. Everyone should see their photos as they travel, eat, and travel. In fact, people in photographs should be people with short skirts and mini skirts. When we passed from Cappadocia to Kayseri, I witnessed the people in the caretakers taking out the shorts and putting on their pants. How do you come from Japan when the perception of our own people is in this direction? I thought that Konya was recognized worldwide by Mevlevi. When I went to Konya, I thought that I would see many foreign tourists and people returning everywhere. I never saw one. All I saw were the aunt kissing Mevlana Turbes. Why do not we have to ask Europe why few tourists come to Konya?

One of the easiest methods for WOMM (Word of Mouth Marketing) is Influencer Marketing.

They Instagramm, they need a ride to Turkey of Youtube and Blogger. This is unfortunately not the case with the efforts of some of the municipalities. Whether municipalities, agencies, hotels, or airlines, or the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, come together, lead, and allocate significant budgets, they need to visit the influencers. I am sure that anyone who sees the view of Van / Akdamar Island in Instagram will add Akdamar to the list of 100 things to do before dying.

Van - Akdamar

A shipment sent by Haydar Özkömürcü (@ hozkomurcu))

There are still hundreds of non-responsive hotels, hundreds of corporate websites operating in the field of tourism, still working in flash. Small tour sites etc. We need to explain that now; The scanner that the Japanese used to want you to come through does not even open your web site! The job does not end with just a few photos on the Booking or Tripadvisor. The only thing for tourists is that if they do, tourists will prefer Paris, New York or Dubai, of course.

We should also use our series, which are mostly followed by the Arab world. I saw the effect of the Asmalı Konak sequence personally in Nevşehir / Mustafapaşa. People only come to that tiny town many years later to see that mansion. In the MENA region, the Turkish sequences are very popular. At the same time, the Balkans, the Caucasus and Germany have also seen a lot of Turkish sequences. The Ministry of Culture and Tourism should definitely find incentives in the touristic areas. Why do some of the Valley of the Wolves, which is followed with interest by the Arabs, pass in Uzungöl? Why does Evcen get ballooning in Cappadocia? Beren Saat has fans even in Peru. Why do you have to pass a stage in Kariye Museum in one part? Al-Sultan, the Magnificent Century, in the ranking order in Uruguay, which many of us can not show on the map. 2. Why not use this opportunity better?

Why did we still discover that Pantene Arabia discovered our celebrities?

Another tourism resource, congress tourism, is only in the country of construction. Very large congress centers have recently been built but how many international congresses can we count on in our country? We are also disgraced as we do, and we remind you that we have canceled Wikipedia's founder Jimmy Wales's speech. We need to organize more events internationally in niche areas like eTohum summit or Webrazzi Summit. At this point, however, the state needs to find incentives. For example, while I was organizing the Marketing Meetup, I thought we should open the event abroad. The pre-emptive bill has reached hundreds of thousands of liras when it says accommodation, tours, food or something. Why do the number of activities that private institutions that are instantly translated into a few languages ​​increase? At the moment these kinds of events have only the power to organize government institutions. Why do you come to Crystal Apple with BAE marketing guys?

Tourists in the age we came before coming we need to catch it. After tourists come to the country, neither the hotel nor the destination is looking for. There are now few esprising offices in the airports or in the tourist areas. A collaboration in tourism is a must. After returning to the tourists' countries, the bad comments he writes must also be directed. How we use Sociology, they use different platforms in their own countries. It is necessary to do language-specific work for the country. In a destination that hosts Japanese tourists, it is not enough to study only the English speaking staff. Japanese, japanese website must be able to respond to comments. The job does not end with just responding to booking comments.

It is also very important to evaluate opportunities. How much could we assess the inner turmoil in Egypt, the country that comes to mind when it comes to mummy? How many people have come to see the mummies in ancient Anatolia, at least as far as the mummies in Egypt? How many tourists could we attract to Haci Bektash from Najaf or Karbala, where the Shiites showed an intense interest in the confusion in Iraq?

We have to start marketing the destination now. In the first crisis with Russia, there are no foreign tourists in the Antalya coast, so it is also the crime of tourism. A single flare does not focus, really marketing needs to start.