Adobe-Illustrator-CS-3-iconIt is a graphical editing program with a vector based work system developed by Adobe. Web site interface, corporate identity studies, the contents of printed publications can all be prepared.
Adobe InDesign-to-CS-3-iconIndesign is a graphic design program produced by Adobe for layout purposes. With indesign, newspapers, magazines, books, ebooks, multi-page designs, web interfaces, interactive pdf files with video content, animated flash files can be prepared.
Apps-adobe-lightroom-Metro-iconHigh-dimensional photos can be edited with less time spent on computers and lenses and quickly converted into first-class photos. It is perfect for processing a large number of photographs.
AutoCAD WS-iconIt is a computer aided design (CAD) program. Like other programs used to draw technical drawings, it is vector based. So CAD program; dimensional, and 3-dimensional geometric objects independent of resolution. This is one of the first vector drawing programs in the area.
BoxShotBox Shot 3D is a three-dimensional e-book, book cover and DVD box design program. With Box Shot you can prepare mock-ups in different styles and on the open.
Corel-MotionIt is a vector program that you can create three dimensional texts and images that you can create an unlimited number of effects. At the same time, the effects you have created can work with Corel's video processing programs.
sketcupSketch Up, one of the easiest to use among three-dimensional drawing programs, is used for sketching work in the early stages of architectural drawings.
IcoFXIt is a simple and simple program used to modify the icons of files in Windows based operating systems and to open .ico files.
magıx3dmak isIt is a design program which is a very fast process that can make all kinds of texts and shapes high quality in three dimensions. Especially used for button and logo design.
QuarkXPressNewspapers, magazine brochures, etc. is an old program used for layout processing in printed works. Although it is not very suitable for interactive platforms, it is still the most used program in the printing field.

Photo Editing

picasaGoogle Picasa is a fairly simple photo viewing and editing tool. With Picasa, integrated with Google Plus, you can organize hundreds of photos, create albums and collages in bulk.
ACDWith ACD See, which allows you to change many photos at the same time, you can play with lights and colors on your photos. It is a life-saving program especially when you are struggling with .raw extension files.
photoShopWith Adobe Photoshop, perhaps the most famous program, you can make changes as you wish on visuals. There is an unlimited number of sources on the internet to learn the program. If you have not started using it, I can say that you are late.
ACD CanvasThe format, color, light, etc. of your images. it can change many features. Whether you want to make a picture of yourself, play on a picture, turn right-left, add a new piece of picture on it.
AnyPicNowadays, it is almost everyone's problem to play the images in the web environment. With Any Pic Photo Watermark, you can add watermarks with the same dimensions and features to hundreds of photos.
ArtRageWith ArtRage Studio you can make different drawings from oil paintings to pastel paintings with dozens of brush options. The program is pretty simple, your limit is your imagination.
BodyPaintThis program enables you to easily color your architectural drawings that you have prepared, and it is a tool for professional work with a large number of brushes and format support.
Corel-Draw X4-iconCorel DRAW, the biggest competitor of Adobe Photoshop, a vector-based design program, confronts me when I deal with bigger pixels. Billboard etc. is the most preferred program in designs.
GIMPGIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) is open source and free of charge as a competitor to Photoshop. Although many areas are inadequate, they are especially preferred by Linux users.
armsWe can get professional panoramas by combining different frames taken with the help of one of my favorite programs, the Kolor Autopano Giga, into a single photo.
Untitled-16.tiff .eps It is now a little nostalgic for the industrial design that allows you to work on formats like .ai and .pdf.
magixxtr GameMagix Xtreme Photo Designer package does not support .raw files. It will compete with Photoshop after solving integration problems.


ABBYY FineReader-the-iconThe Fine Reader processor, which can scan scanned documents or convert images to .docx or .pdf format by scanning and reading them, is a lot of work for large files, but it is a must for those who are very busy with paperwork.
acrobatIt is one of the basic programs that should be in every computer that can convert nearly all of the written and visual files into .pdf format and read .pdf documents.
digital-editionsYou can read .pdf and .epub format files with this small program, which is published via Adobe AIR service to read electronic books on desktop and create digital library.
caliberWith Caliber, it is possible to create eBooks in minutes in all electronic book formats. Only Turkish character support can sometimes cause trouble. I hope that in future versions that problem will also be resolved.
storyThe Adobe Everyday app, which is still in development and is available through the Adobe AIR gallery, is working with the Adobe Cloud. Shuan is a suggestion for diaries.
FoxitAs an alternative to Adobe Acrobat, Foxit Phantom can create batch .pdf files. You can read .pdf files. The good thing about Acrobat is that it has fewer synchronization problems with your computer.
highlogicThere are tens of thousands of fonts on the internet, but do you want a custom font, or do you want to complete missing characters in an existing font? With High-Logic Font Creator you can design new fonts.
ACCESSAccess, the simplest and most widely used database program, is a Microsoft application that requires a little more macro information than most others that you probably never heard of.
projectMicrosoft Office Project, a project management software, is responsible for planning project managers, assigning resources to tasks, and so on. is a kind of ERP software that provides operations.
publisherInvitations, magazines, documents etc. for beginners or amateurs. is an office program that is quite practical to prepare content and has dozens of themes.
VisionIt is a Microsoft Office program that allows vector drawings to be made and mixed diagrams can be prepared. Especially used in the design of pedigree or diagrams.
adobecaptivat toCaptivate is an advanced animator program that allows you to create presentations such as PowerPoint to create animated and interactive presentations.


bsplayerThere is a subtitle searcher integrated into the feature that makes BS Player, which can play many video formats, stand out from the competition. We can call it medium for image and sound quality.
coreldvdIt is a video player that requires a high processor and offers a high quality image produced to play high quality videos and original DVDs.
DFxA plug-in DFX that makes the standard sounds of players like Winamp, Windows Media Player, VLC Player, and QuickTime ten times better quality. You should definitely try 3D Surround.  
DivXIt offers more for those who only want to watch movies with the subtitles finder and the video editors that came with it, which also allows you to buy not only video but also at the same time.
EXEThe EXA, a Turkish-made radio, is a bit difficult to find, but it offers you a hundred different radio channels on the internet with a customizable interface that makes it very clear to your competitors.
GriexAlmost everyone now hides hundreds of filmini archives. But as the number of these films increases, it becomes more difficult to organize. For GrieeX archivists who provide information and help you archive all your movies in your archive.
digitaldjDigital DJ is a remix program that you can change while playing on songs. I can recommend Digital DJ, which can work in sync with Apple products, especially if it's boring from your music library.
the totalVideo player's chant, Blu-Ray, 3D, noise canceler etc. what you are looking for is in this program. I especially admire your interface. The only problem is that you need a lot of RAM.
VirtualDJThe most popular program on the market for mixing your MP3 files. Newer versions also feature video mixing. For those who deal with Karaoke and DJ, listen must come first.
VLCIt is individual for movies with very little sound. The rival is not present at 400% increase in voice. Another plus feature is that it's pretty fast. Turkish subtitle support is better than all other players.

Download & Upload

uTorrentAccording to other client software you can upload and download a common file with uTorrent which is the least used system resources. It's a big plus especially if it does not work with Java.
FileZillaWorking on some FTP interfaces is a complete process. Filezilla is an open source FTP Upload manager. It is indispensable for all webmasters.
jdownloaderWith JDownloader, a download manager for Java, you can easily sequence all your download links, get rid of captcha, and make your downloads stand out.
CaptchaWith CBH Captcha Solver, which works in conjunction with JDownloader, captcha in rapid downloads is solved by other users in case of pre-existing credits.
FrostwireIt is an open source P2P application built on LimeWire codes. A large number of files are stored on the system. It can be considered as an alternative to eMule or LimeWire.
IDMEvery video streamed on the internet is saved in the cache file of the browser, but downloading it via the IDM interface is faster and cleaner. It is a program that I can recommend except that it comes to you constantly with new updates.
OrbitWith Orbit Downloader, which can be used as an alternative to Internet Download Manager, we can record every link computer. Although it is not much different from IDM, it can be preferred in terms of fee.
VuzeFormerly known as Azureus, Vuze is a Java based file sharing program. The interface options of this torrent client, which has richer extensions than uTorrent, are much more varied.
DropboxServist is the fastest and most free storage space among Cloud services. Dropbox must be installed on your desktop so that your cloud files can work in sync with your files on your computer.

Archive & Burn

7zipThis archiving program, which opens files with a .7z extension by default, is a program that uses a much better compression system than most other archiving programs to reduce the file size the most.
Burning StudioCD / DVD and Blu-Ray burning tools are the simplest to use. This program allows you to back up your existing files and folders and is for beginners individual.
IZarcIZArc, which supports all archiving files, comes to the forefront with easy to use and free. With IZArc you also have the possibility to repair corrupt archive files.
RAR RepairCorrupt archive files are a common mistake. The RAR Repair Tool is very simple to use and it is very successful.
ULTRAISOIt is very simple to create image files with UltraISO which can copy and edit files with .iso extension in Windows operating system.
WinRARWinRAR is the most commonly used file archiving program, with .rar extension files supported by default, all of the other archiving extensions are supported.

Video & Audio Editing

afterEffectsExactly the video editing program would be wrong. It is a professional program used to add the latest effects after other video editing programs.
the adobeauditioAudition, Adobe's audio editing software, is a paid program that allows you to edit audio files using the Cool Edit infrastructure.
adobepremier toIt is a professional video editing program. Premiere, one of the indispensable programs for feature-length videos, integrates with other Adobe applications.
SpeedGradeYour videos are part of Adobe CS6 series to apply more fine-tuning after Adobe Premiere and After Effects. This program is for professionals using NVIDIA's IRIDAS infrastructure.
Mocha-After-EffectsAdobe After Effects, an add-on to Adobe After Effects, is a package with special effects in Mocha. With Mocha you can apply hundreds of different effects to your video.
SoundboothIt is professional software that can be used to create new sounds for web designers and video editors, and can add different sound effects.
Cinema4DCinema 4D, a 3D modeling and animation program, is an extremely professional program. You can even create an animation movie from scratch with this program.
Corel-Video-StudioCorel Video Studio is a video editing and DVD creation program, one of the ideal programs for beginners. It is used to make short videos.
EDIUSThis program, which is mostly made up of newsletters, has to be at a fairly high level of processor and RAM in the computer where the program is installed, as well as for mid-level users.
MAGIX Movie EditorWith the all in one package program MAGIX Movie Editor you can make effects, templates, audio dubbing. This program is very simple to use and supports many file types.
Sony ACIDIt is an audio editing tool with the power to edit existing music that you can create flash animations for web sites, where you can create mixes with audio files.
Sony Vegas Movie StudioSony Vegas Movie Studio is a fairly simple, multi-layered, logic-driven video editing program that is a shame in all video editing programs.


Adobe ContributeIt is a program originally produced by MacroMedia and sold to Adobe so that the current website can make content changes without breaking the style, design and code.
Adobe DreamweaverIt is a web design program that is considered to be the best in its field, and it is used to organize code such as html, css, asp, php, xml which provides live and view of code together.
FireworksFireworks, formerly the rival of Photoshop, is a web design program that now works like a bridge between Dreamweaver and Photoshop.
Adobe FlashThe foundation of Adobe Flash, which is an indispensable part of the grapher, is a vector graphics software based on mathematical operations. It is the program that the files opened with Flash Player are prepared.
Adobe KulerIt is one of the indispensable programs for all graphic artists who provide compatible color palettes integrated with Adobe Photoshop and Indesign to their users.
Adobe PreludeAdobe Prelude is Adobe software that can integrate with Premiere, including features such as saving footage, adding information and comments, and making crops.
Aptana StudioThe open-source Aptana Studio is one of Adobe Dreamweaver's competitors. This program, which is usually used to edit ajax codes, is a bit slower than its counterparts.
Microsoft Visual StudioMicrosoft Visual Studio is a closed-source program that allows you to write macros to Microsoft's eyeglasses where the .NET software language can be edited.
Notepad ++Notepad ++, which supports all kinds of code formats, is one of the programs that almost every programmer uses, which is open source and does not overwhelm your computer.
Xara DesignerWith Xara Web Designer, one of the easiest web design programs MAGIX has ever bought, you can design websites without knowing any coding language.
ultra editIt has the most advanced features among the text editors. It supports all languages ​​like Notepad ++. It is especially preferred because of the file comparison feature.


Active @It is a very easy to use program that can recover all files you have deleted unless a new file is written on it.
Ashampoo Internet AcceleratorThe Ashampoo Internet Accelerator, which makes your current Internet connection speed faster by optimizing it, is quite simple to use.
Ashampoo WinOptimizerWith Ashampoo WinOptimizer, you can combine your removable disks with unnecessary files.
CCleaner BusinessIt is one of the best programs in the field to improve the performance of your computer by removing unnecessary files from your computer and resolving the mistakes in the registry entries.
Game BoosterIt is a program that deactivates other applications that allow your computer to allocate more RAM for processing when performing full screen operations (watching movies, playing games).
Glary UtilitiesIt is the best among performance enhancers, with registry entries, unused files, disk defragmentation and more numerous features.
MAGIX PC CheckIt is a program that detects problems on your computer, which driver software needs to be updated and optimize options.
Revo UninstallerYou can perform a force uninstall process with Revo Uninstaller, which is a stand-alone program for stubborn programs that can not be deleted at all. You can delete files from the programs you've loaded with the keyword browser until you have no more traces.
Smart DefragWith Smart Defrag, which has much faster and more options than the disk defragmenter software that comes with the default Windows settings, you can perform periodic maintenance of your computer.
Speed ​​Up My PCIt is a program that scans all problems that slow down your computer and reminds you to solve these problems with certain periods and keeps your performance at the highest level.
Driver GeniusYour computer is a program that installs driver CD's, which keep track of the updates of your driver and update it if necessary. Definitely for professional users.

Web Program

ADC DesktopWith ADC Desktop, one of the Adobe software, you can communicate with other software developers and run projects with them. Adobe AIR applications usually come up with this method.
Chromium Chromium, Google's open source testing program, builds the infrastructure for Google Chrome. Can be used as an alternative to Google Chrome.
Comodo DragonComodo Dragon, developed by Comodo, a security company that uses the Chromium infrastructure, is a must-have scanner for everyone.
the mentionMention, a monitoring software, is a program that reports to you what content has been produced on the web and what has been said on social media.
BlueStacksIt is a program that is in development stage, although it is a bit slow, allowing you to use the Android operating system on your computer. With this program you can also run all the programs on your computer.
Real Hide IPIt is a simple program that is based on undetected, allowing you to show your IP as if you were in a different country when you are surfing the internet, albeit not completely.
TeamViewerWith TeamViewer, which is used as a remote support program especially for those who can not solve the problem on their computer, you can provide a different user to access and manage your computer.
Translate ClientWith the Google Translate infrastructure and open source code, you can translate all the files on your computer in different languages, translate pages in your open browser.
Wireless Network WatcherOne of the most feared situations is that someone else uses your Wi-Fi network. With the Wireless Network Watcher, all devices on your network are detected and notified to you.
TweetDeckYou can use multiple accounts with Tweetdeck, the multiple Twitter account manager that Twitter has purchased and currently only available for Twitter.
MaxthonAlthough it is using Internet Explorer infrastructure, it is as fast as Google Chrome, and it works in the most compatible way with HTML5, allowing you to download the same videos you watch.


Eset Smart SecurityWith ESET Smart Security, which includes not only an antivirus but Firewall and continuous monitoring software, you will be safe as long as you do not deal with enormous threats.
Ashampoo HDD ControlYou can calculate when your computer will actually be garbage, thanks to this program that reports you the status of your HDD or internal hard drive. Especially in hot weather, the program needs to be consulted for you.


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