We will review Content Management in the fourth part of this series where we reviewed the services provided by social media agencies.

Content Management

Content management, which is one of the most frightened and neglected branches of agencies working on social media, is actually a process that must be done by the client. But the big companies that can not make a separate content team usually work with agencies in this area.

Do not work outside in content management

There are a few drawbacks in implementing content management from outside the company. Some of these agents do not know how well your business is doing, regardless of how well they know social media. Although the target audience analysis is carried out, it is not expected that the agency employee knows the sector you have been in for decades better than you. Another disadvantage is that the agency can not decide what will happen to you in the event of an incident. When social media keeps on streaming with incidents, the agency will contact you and ask you to share the content about it, getting approval will disrupt this momentary sharing cycle. If you want to be successful in social media, manage your content yourself.

Content Management

Social media agencies, especially those dealing with corporate blogging, are suffering from content management issues. You can make SEO of your corporate blog or webmasterhip an agency, but remember that your blog can not manage your blog in a niche neighborhood.

There are many agencies that are doing content management. The first is the content calendar, which you need to be careful about working with these agencies. If your agency does not offer you a content schedule, you can stop working with them. A content calendar is a document that will be shared with your accounts and sent to you 15 to 30 days in advance. Be absolutely sure that your content calendar will be sent to you periodically in your contract with your agency. In addition, AgentS will ask you to confirm your submitted content calendar within the specified time.
Keyword in content management: Stability

Creativity is very important in content management. However, there is no reason that any shared content followers will fascinate. More important than creative content is stability. If the content can not be shared on a steady basis, you may need to change your work order or the agency you are working with. For Facebook, for example, stable content sharing is very important if you want to ensure that your EdgeRank, the main streaming algorithm of Facebook, is high and that your shares reach more people. You can rejoice when there is a shipment of thousands of likes, but if there are no new shares at the end of the week after that, your rising EdgeRank value will start to fall back and forth.

The content management part is the most important thing you need to read lines in your contract. However, it is worth remembering once more that content management is best done for you.

In the next part of our series we examined the services provided by social media agencies Social Media CampaignsWe will examine.

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