20 different newspapers published a joint declaration saying "The contents of the newspapers are only the newspapers". We are opposed to this, when we are allowed to broadcast news sources all over the world, seeing ourselves as the sole proprietor of the media.

95% of the media sector has been defined for the organizations that provide declarations in the corner texts that support the said declaration. This is due to the fact that traditional media bosses have not really understood the direction that the world has gone through, and that they still think that journalism is only in their own right.

This declaration, which the Conventional Media has published jointly, is nothing but a humiliation. Because news is universal. No one can go under a monopoly. Because they accept this, we see photo galleries compiled from various blogs in their own news sites.

The Turkish Traditional Media has made such a statement because it has become aware of the fact that it can not produce and produce "good quality" content in the case of Shan. Everywhere in the world, the media understands "quality" content is the first entry. However, Traditional Media uses the work it has done as a material for the political and entertainment sector and the world is always covered with a structure that has seen the latest. This declaration is one of the last unfortunately of the Traditional Media that understands that they can not resist Internet Journalism, which has dynamic and wide news sources with the news paradigm they are in.

They are so unaware of the direction that the world is going to go so that search engines are showing the "first" publisher in the first place, so that they can not see if they already have the copy-and-paste style of journalism. At the same time, these newspapers, which see the news published by Internet Journalism "instantly" at times, sometimes the next day, sometimes a week later, sometimes even months later, are trying to impose that they are the sole proprietor of "idea and news".

How would we say "social media content is social media"? Would not it be ridiculous to say, "You can not use the social media content even after you cite it?" Traditional Media Why is Twitter trying to get copyright when I do not pay royalties when publishing photographs, news from Twitter, Instagram?

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