As Internet speeds increase, hard drives become less important, and the prospect of Cloud Storage services increases day by day. There are hundreds of free cloud storage systems available.

Which one is better, which one does it work?


5- Evernote

Evernote is a free note taking application. You can record notes online from the device you want, and you can access your notes again when you need them. However, when we say a note, we do not mean only writing. Photo, video, link, etc. you can save almost all file types. You need to open a user account and install Evernote on your devices. You can only use it through the website. The logos come from the fact that the filler does not forget anything.
4- yandex.disk

which entered the market quickly to Turkey Yandexfree online storage application. With this application you are given in your Yandex account, you can increase your storage capacity up to 20GB free of charge. To get 10 GB of storage capacity Project YYou must complete some tasks in Besides Yandex.Disk you can store files in many formats with Yandex.Disk, which also allows you to share files you have uploaded.


3- Google Drive

With 5 GB of free storage (up to 16TB in paid versions), the most usable cloud system Google Drive We can say. All the stuff we can do with Google Docs is available on Drive. So we can create office documents, upload them, share them. Apart from that, we can store our data in different formats. The different formats are in formats such as .psd .ai .dwg. I also have your Drive account there with add-ons Your özelleştirebilirsi.

2- Boxer

You'll be able to store up to 5GB of free storage with our Box, which we call the safest among cloud storage services. The nice thing about Box is that you can easily set up files that only a certain person can access. Every time you download or view it you will be notified. Marketinde also offers you dozens of different applications.


1- Dropbox

With Dropbox you can start free from 2GB and get GB free storage. There's more than 50GB of storage on offer right now. The nice thing about Dropbox is that you can instantly upload your photos to your Dropbox account and back up your phonebook.