The Cambridge Analytica event, the acquisition of data for 50 million people in the US, and the segmentation of this data to show separate ads for each segment. At the very beginning I will say at first. Here is the real digital marketing! There is nothing to do with this being unethical. What do you think the people who use Big Data in marketing are doing?

I have been in marketing activities for collecting social data for brands and collecting data for years. All the major brands in the world are taking advantage of the power of DATA to be able to approach potential customers and customers more intelligently. How is he doing that?

The mobile apps you've installed on your phone are fun things to do during 2010-2015 Facebook apps or even fun mini-tests that you can solve after you've signed in. All this is done only to get the data of the person. Join my application to get a chance to win a fancy gift, solve the questions asked, get the greatest gift to get the user data in style applications / competitions. The only problem with Cambridge Analytica is that the data of the friends of those who use the application have to be obtained, which was a situation allowed by Facebook at that time. In fact, none of the things that Cambridge Analytica has done is contrary to the rules of Facebook. On the other hand, it is not an illegal situation, because all users are included in the application by accepting these conditions.

Sometimes I think we miss the most basic points. Are you really seeing digital marketing as an alternative banner to billboard ads only? Do you think this is all your joke? What makes digital marketing different from other marketing activities is that it is fully customizable. It is worthwhile to be able to show ads for very small groups even if it is not a single person. Five fingers are five, not one friends. Neither of the consumers can be the same, so you have to prepare ads with separate messages for each consumer.

I had waited a couple of days before writing this article, but I did not hear anybody telling me how things would come out sincerely. Perhaps it is because of the incidents that nobody knows what digital marketing is actually, even if I think of neighborhood pressure or loss of work. Immediately after the events of the trip, a proposal to send a party came to mind, I opened it immediately and wrote what I wrote. (Do not worry, the job has taken a nap) We offered exactly what Cambridge Analytica did. Divide the community into segments but divide the segments according to their ethnic, religious, political, and not the SES groups, and collect different data about these segments to show different ads through different pages / accounts. Because that's what it's supposed to be. Whether you are a political party or a brand, digital marketing is the way to go and this is the way to go.

I picked an app from the Play Store. Akbank Direkt. As with all the applications that your mind might have, this application is also asking for tons of permission, and they have an object of appeal. Let's first look at what he asked for permission.

This app has access to:
Device and application history
Allows the app to view one or more of the following: information about the activity on the device, which applications are running, browsing history, and bookmarks
Use one or more of the following: accounts on the device, profile data
Uses calendar information
Uses contact information
Uses device location
It uses one or more of the following: SMS, MMS. Payments can be made for these.
It uses one or more of the following: phone, call log. Payments can be made for these.
Photos / Media Contents / Files
Uses one or more of the following: files such as picture, video, or audio files on the device, external storage
Uses the device's cameras
Uses device microphones
Wireless connection information
Allows the app to view information about Wi-Fi network usage, such as whether Wi-Fi is enabled and the names of connected Wi-Fi devices
Device ID and call information
Allows the app to learn the phone number and device ID, whether it is an active call, and the number of the other party connected at the call
access to check-in features
change battery statistics
Read Home settings and shortcuts
Writing Home settings and shortcuts
Read Home screen settings and shortcuts
Writing Home screen settings and shortcuts
Receive data from the Internet

For example, you receive SMS permission, which allows you to automatically enter the verification code that comes with your mobile phone. The camera is getting permission, with this option QR codes can be read. These also mean that you can take all of your data and process it for marketing purposes. A malicious employee can do that, you do not have to be afraid that you can do it, we always have a legal security. However, the billboard ads may come out at locations where the brand can reach you by matching your GPS data. This is one of the first examples that come to mind. However, by taking exif information of your photographs, you can take a snapshot of where your photos are taken, a map of the places you are going, and what kind of places you eat and what income group you are in. (Of course banking will not need to do this, 🙂)

This and other data processing activities are quite common. The person who will vote for the party against the vote of Cambridge Analytica means "to no avail." What is the difference between these campaigns that are spreading in every election, "Seal of the X Party, Y of the Party"? I'd love to believe that the writing of similar studies carried out by the political parties in Turkey. Unfortunately, in our politics, that head really does not exist. They still think that they have taken care of the rally squares with the # hashtagler hammer.

Let me tell you the real threat of Big Data. Leave the magazines like Cambridge Analytica. Look at another company. Palantir. 

Those who read Tolkien immediately shone their eyes. Yes, the name of the company comes from the stone called Palantir, which allows the talks of the minds to be talked to, regardless of the distance in the Lord of the Rings, touching the globes. What this company does is fantastic, just like in LOTR. The founders are working on data analytics, which is Paypal-based (I like to hear what you mean pay). The institutions it serves are government agencies of the United States. Agencies such as FBI, CIA, NSA, NYPD. $ 20 billion What this company has in store is data and software that can handle it. Palantir is a company that provides intelligence about ensuring US national security. For this, it matches and processes the data of related institutions. The thing that is reflected to us is that, in order to predict the crime, Palantin processes social media and criminal records, finds out who is to commit a crime or is guilty. Crime Risk Forecasting

It is also known that the activities of the Palantir are reflected in the murders, drug trafficking, but the American Army is actively using Palantir in Iraq and Afghanistan. The CIA, one of the greatest supporters, is also wondering what Palantir's share is in the popular uprisings organized through social media. Do you know why it wonders? Founder Peter Thiel is one of Facebook's biggest investors. He's also a big Trump supporter.

I d like to say that Cambridge Analytica is just a cambaza look game. Everyone is looking at the cambazaas and the pickpockets are assembled in the audience's pockets. With the arrival of Palantir on the agenda, he went to the stage. The real danger is not that the permissions you give to two or three applications do not show advertisements against you, but what companies like Google, Facebook, Apple, etc., that you have installed all your life do to your data.

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