Do you want to use Instagram for your business? Do you think I can use Instagram effectively for your business? Read our scissors and learn how you can provide greater visibility and interactivity for your business.

What is Instagram?

Instagram is a mobile photo sharing site with 80 million members. Instagram, purchased by Facebook in April 2012, has also introduced the Explore feature for iOS applications in the past days. It is even said that Facebook is working on a project that will carry Instagram to the Web.


An image from Instagram's iOS app

One of the social media management systems, HootSuite, added its application marketplace Instagram in July. So we could see, comment and liked the Instagram stream in one of the HootSuite streams.

In short, Instagram is a social sharing site focused on photos. How can we use Instagram for our operation?

# 1: Show Your Products

Sharing a photo of your product, showing a part of your product and asking what it is, or sharing a photo of your special collection will make your business stand out in Instagram.

If your business is a service-oriented structure, you can ask your customers to share photos of products / services they receive from Instagram under a hashtag.


# 2: Describe how it is done

In the course of the product from build material to customer delivery, interesting frames will increase the interaction of your shared account in Instagram.


# 3: Show Camera Behind

It is very difficult to promote products and services. However, you can use Instagram to convert this process to content.

Sharing how your product catalogs take place is actually a matter that many people are curious about and will draw attention.


# 4: Show Your Operator What You Can Do

The imagination of the customer can be limited. Show what you can do with your product. You might have attracted people who are able to do interesting things with your products. You will be able to share the best photos and you will be able to keep the customer engaged.

For example, selling cosmetic products Sephora interesting lashes, makeup etc. from the customers. Share customer photos taken with.


# 5: Announce Prior Notice

Everyone likes to learn first. Make your instagram followers feel special. Announce a campaign from Instagram first.

It is very important to send particularly good content to Instagram. You should take care to catch the squares your followers have never seen before.


# 6: Show Your Office

Those who follow you in Social Media will think, "How about working there?" Then show them. At the same time, you can explain to the operator where they can apply in the description section.

Showing squares from your office will also have a positive effect on the customer to make you more accessible.


# 7: Show Your Followers

Are you going to a fuera or an activity? Do not miss this opportunity and take your followers well. The squares you will share from the place you go will attract the attention of your customers. You will have a chance to receive individual feedback on your near-by customers.


# 8: Promote Your Employees

It may be a great way to promote your employees to make your brand feel closer to people. Sharing the moon element from your Instagram profile will both encourage your employees and increase your business's awareness of the client.

Of course, it is important to share a photograph of your employee rather than a passport-sized photograph that might be more interesting and appreciative.


# 9: Share Celebrity Photos

Today, the magazine attracts a lot of attention. It will be of great interest to share the photographs of a celebrity that you are sponsoring or have an employee.

Sony He shared a photo of Maroon 5's fans during the event he organized for Xperia.


# 10: Share Sweet Things

In Social Media, cat, dog or baby photos are very interesting. For example, a t-shirt with a logo on the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art was dressed as a dog and shared a photograph. Especially if you come to your office with a baby, never miss this opportunity.

Do you follow the business in Instagram? Have you ever seen interesting exchanges from the businesses you've ever been following?

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