It has been written and drawn for years on being a brand. "Human" non-rational The fact that brands are born as a being exists to make our life easier. If you think, you will get detergent from the market, there are 10 different products in front of you, no brands at all. You read and compare the ingredients in the individual ... In the end, people are starting to build loyalty and emotional bonds with the brands they buy.

These concepts are quite effective at times when priority is not entirely money. Of course, during a famine, when I go to markete and eat bread without UNO, I will not say that my children will stay without bread. Sometimes it is difficult to understand the concepts of loyalty and emotional bond, especially the X-axis. Because they were in the hands of the famine Baby Boomers. Because it is more important for the X and BB belts to offer a product on the price / benefit axis. But we are in a period of great abundance throughout the world we are in, people who grow up with the famine period sometimes can not adapt to the new turning thoughts. 

Everyone has similar stories, my father was eating at a restaurant one day when he was 6 or 7 years old in Gaziantep. He took a sip of tastant buttermilk and ate a sip of food. The scooped one with a scooped head, one with one, the one with it, the less spontaneous. Of course there is yogurt in the amount of the thing we call ayran. When I offered a glass of buttermilk to my dad at home, he said something similar to what his grandfather had told him. Because we do not put water in the bowl, yogurdu mixer and drink. This is the difference between the two generations that come after each other. My daughter and my son on my alpha line will most likely be even more different. "Well done, you drink 3 glasses of buttermilk, you're a burned child." The children of Y who grow up in abundance and grow up in time of abundance Branding will be much stronger on the alpha axis.

Even those who oppose the concept of brand loyalty say that "very few people are brand-loyal", there is something they actually forget. There is no big difference between Apple's technology and its competitors, which currently have the highest profitability in the smartphone market. So you can get the biggest company in the world with "very few people" that they mean. 

no emotional ties and brand loyalty I understand he's Markac are translated from a foreign language, read in books that explore global brands if they feel like two days branding has occurred and they burst when they tried to practice in Turkey. There are guilty concepts. The same is true for the concept of "positioning". 

The last sentence on the top tweet is really important. What does "add value" mean? Marka already has a brand of every product. An old customer said, "Yes, I have a company that is interested in branding, patenting," when I ask, "Do you have a brand counselor?" The issue is not to create a brand, but a value of the brand. This happens with the brand loyalty and the emotional bond established by the consumer. Or you can not create a "value" with promissory viral advertisements that are slapping the consumer. 

The process of emotional bonding is divided into two. This is where many of your marketers explode. Internal branding and external branding. The product itself is important in internal branding. Of course, a brand loyalty will not occur unless the person who purchases the product is dissatisfied with the product. Think about the fact that the Rolex timepiece you have received has not returned, that the authorities are not helping, etc. We did not say rational decision, and we did not say idiot. The minimum satisfaction of the consumer from the product is the first condition. 

External branding starts with employees. I have to remember Harley-Davidson's words from Lara Lee; "We do not think long" what the consumer wants ". The consumers are already us. " Real insight can be achieved when empathy you make with your consumer is done not only by the rational arguments of the consumer but also by considering the messages that should be received in the subconscious. Pantene's name change is a good example to understand the consumer. When the shampoos produced according to dry, oily and normal hair changed the types of hair into bulky, curly and flat hair, the consumer's confusion had gone away, and he had come to the position of telling him better.

When the goal is commitment increase target awareness, increase love Must be. That's why the good of the commercial is bad. If you go out and play Hitler in a shampoo commercial, talk a lot, you are never loved. (Biomen went off, it is not sold anywhere.)

The goal should be to add character and charisma, not awareness. Do not say Yahu is a character's charisma. Here, charisma, character: 

There is a charisma there if a car's engine sound is watched at 1.6M. You can not make a value by saying that your brand is just good, cheap or something. We must have a story of your mark. 

Recall the advertisement of the Emperor Anka in the last 2018 presidential election. There is a story in the middle, a brand loyalty.

It's all important, your market needs to trigger. Harley-Davidson's engine sound, Kellogs' voice, iPod's white headphones, milk and Oreo's love, celebrated May 4th as Star Wars Day (May the 4th Be With You) leaving Coca-Cola in color. 

If you do not have an emotional connection with your consumer, maybe X belt will keep you alive for a while. But I do not think the Y, Z, and Alpha generations will be so compassionate. Loyalty and emotional ties are the only concept that can make you the leader of your market. If otherwise, maybe it does not attract the strongest distribution network with Coca-Cola turquoise water market in Turkey, Nestle, such as still would not buy Erikli found loyal consumers to enter a strong brand on the market in the distribution. The job lies not only in increasing availability, but in being preferred. Of course, the difficulty of the job is that there is no clear data about the Alpha band, but it is getting harder to make the Z band faithful every day. Because every day a new brand is emerging, competition is increasing, again more ads are being advertised every minute and blindness is starting to occur. At this point the sadakin way is passing through emotional connection. 

Recommended book about the subject: 
Daniel Kahneman - Fast and Slow Thinking - Varlik Publications
Nir Eyal - Kancaya Takınınca - Elma Publishing House
Gary Vaynerchuk - Thank You Economy - Mediacat
Donald Miler - Building a StoryBrand: Clarify Your Message So Customers Will Listen - HarperCollins Leadership