SEO, Search Engine Optimization, is one of the most popular digital marketing methods. As the social media evolves, it changes in SEO. We are now talking about SEO. Social SEO. If the content on your site is not shared on social media, the value of your site in the eyes of search engines is getting smaller and smaller.

That's why SEO experts use bookmarking services. Bookmarking services link pools where users share their favorite content. These sites have a direct effect on your backlinks to your site in direct proportion to their PageRank values ​​and to increase your PR value. Moreover, there are free and "dofollow" links except a few (besides *).

If you want your website to be indexed faster, your Google Page Rank value needs to be higher. One of the most important factors in this is the dofollow backlink count. The most commonly used method in upgrading this number is to use bookmarking sites. Here's what you can get free backlink bookmarking sites;

Foreign Bookmarking Sites;

  1. Slashdot - PR8
  2. Digg - PR8
  3. - PR8
  4. Reddit - PR8
  5. Technorati - PR8
  6. Stumbleupon - PR8
  7. Blinklist - PR6
  8. - PR7
  9. - PR8
  10. Folkd - PR6
  11. Diigo - PR7
  12. - PR5
  13. Mister-Wong * - PR7
  14. Pearltrees - PR6
  15. Newsvine - PR7
  16. Pinboard * - PR6
  17. - PR3
  18. Squidoo - PR6
  19. Xmarks - PR6
  20. FARK - PR7
  21. Colivia - PR5
  22. Linkagogo - PR5
  23. Newsmeback - PR5
  24. - PR5
  25. A1-WebMarks - PR4
  26. ww2.ikeepbookmarks - PR4
  27. Murl - PR4
  28. Youdoze - PR4
  29. Buddymarks - PR5
  30. - PR4


If you are not an SEO Expert, it will be difficult for you to deal with a lot of websites. It is very difficult to upload each new published article to 30 different websites. To make this a little easier, socialmark is and so on. Such bookmarking automation systems are meant to be used in time. If you are serious about this automation business, give $ 50 a year OnlyWire to You can use.

Are bookmarking sites only used to increase backlink purchase and PR value? No. Of course it is also used to attract visitors to the site. However, high PR value sites are often used more often than foreign sites. If you are not foreigner on your site from foreign sites, it becomes difficult to get visitors.

Turkish Bookmarking Services;

  1. Limk - PR4
  2. Oyyla - PR2
  3. 101bilge - PR3
  4. 8bayt - PR0
  5. Aware - PR5
  6. GitYat - PR3
  7. AddGoo - PR3

Please, if you have nice bookmarking sites that you can add to them, comment out and add them to the list.

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