We will examine Blog Admin in the seventeenth part of this series where we reviewed the services provided by social media agencies.

Blog Management

Blogs that are almost the same age as the internet world have become a simple setup and easy to develop, making every demo of internet users. In the last five years, they have become more aware of the significance of the blogosphere in their brands and have started to create corporate blogs. The number of unnamed company blogs in the sectors such as tobacco, alcohol, and medicines, which is particularly bad in recent days,

WordPress, the most widely used blog management tool in the world, provides many paid / free theme support to its users. Users seem to be fairly simple in their management, they need to get professional help in managing WordPress. Especially when it comes to blog management, which represents a big company, the chance of making mistakes is very high.

Keeping a blog is not as simple as it seems, unfortunately. Having a good blog requires considerable attention and experience. In particular, employees write weekly articles on corporate blogs, articles, SEO, according to the optimization process is always the work items that need to be done.

WordPress blogs should be managed by professionals who need to update the plug-ins constantly. A single code mismatch during update can cause your site to be unavailable for days.

In your Blog Management contract with your social media agency, you must absolutely require maintenance and basic SEO settings. Every published article must pass by an experienced person. Not only spelling, length, words used, and even sentence structures are important factors for SEO. It is also necessary for your agency to make adjustments to work in an integrated manner with social networks so that the articles in your blog can reach more people.

In blog design, many developers and agencies think that a WordPress theme should be prepared from scratch, but I think that paid themes will be sufficient only for very large companies. Because a theme from scratch means development for months. There will be a lot of problems that do not come to mind in a project that takes months.

You should begin reviewing your analytics reports weekly after up to three months of submitting your Firmalar blogs to agencies and reviewing your visit to the site. In particular, the graphics showing the flow of the visitor should be carefully examined and the product being marketed should be viewed whether it is viewed by the viewer. Because your goal with your blog is not to attract visitors to your site, but to market your products.

We will examine Social Media Advertising in the next part of our series, which we reviewed the services provided by social media agencies.

By managing your blog professionally Content Marketing Consulting would you like to contribute to your SEO and Adwords investments?