Our life is trying to persuade others. Sometimes clients, sometimes patrons, sometimes family members. Persuasion maybe the reason for the need to communicate. Hz. Eve's Hz. There is a history going so far as to convince Adam to ban the banpeed apple. How can we maximize our persuasive ability? I must say from the beginning, if you are looking for a guide that will show you how to persuade everybody, you can apply for fairy tales.

Our neighbor's child has entered new puberty. Parents are separate, fully depressed puberty. He listened to the music in such a way as to shake the columns of his house without distinction of night, day, noon, iftar time, midnight. When the cops arrived, they did not open the door, and because the door did not open, the cops would go without any action. (By the way, I still can not understand this situation.) We looked and received a nice player headphones that would not be like this. The child was no longer listening to the music with his headphones, and the apartment had a comfortable breath. At least we were thankful to hear each other while we were talking to my lady. But there was another unexpected effect of this gift. Normally, this child who does not look at anyone's face opens the door of the apartment when we come with the bags, it helps to carry it up. In fact, we did a favor to ensure that we could not listen to music loudly, and we won a friend as a reciprocity principle.

Every cultural thing in the world is a reciprocity principle. Do yourself a favor. Because you owe it to you to do good. Even religious cultures stand by the concept of praise. The most striking example of the reciprocity principle, which is often used on the sales and marketing side of the business, lies in an investigation. The percentage of people who receive a piece of chocolate at the entrance to the research is 42%. One of the people who use this principle most in sales is the artisans. It does not come from you for a while unless you buy dozens of products from the rails and buy one from the man who introduces you individually. "The man is trying to explain the extent of the increase of such products, the man should not give up his leisure" saying that we run a kind of reciprocity principle.

You need to take some risk when applying the reciprocity principle against your customers. Because "free" people are everywhere. People who will not feel obligated, who will come to ignore the constructions should not break your hope. In particular, free gifts (gifts that really work), free analysis of customers, donations on behalf of potential buyers without being able to buy more are working incredibly well.

But the gift you will give unexpected Must be. In a survey on the tips of waiters, when the waiter offered one chocolate at the end of the meal, the tip rate increased by 3.3%, while the rate increased by 14.1% when two chocolates were served. The important factor here is that the factor is unexpected. It would be even better if you could give your gift a personal meaning to animate the reciprocity principle.

It is one of the classical scenes in the inquiry rooms in American movies, to serve the questionable suspects. The story that surprises me is this: Abu Cendel, al-Qaeda's former headscarf, was arrested for days on end. On the day they changed the diabetic cookies they were feeding to the diabetic Abu Cendel, they were affected He explained everything. 

One of the most important steps in bwin's optimization is to similarity You capture. Maybe you may not come up with ethics, but things can go much faster when you're talking in the same way you're talking, when you're sitting in a similar way, or when you openly complain about cultural issues.

Unless we discriminate between compliment and spoilage or clash, we have found one of the easiest ways to influence people. In the process of strengthening the mutual communication which is one of the foundations of the bounty, it is the shortest way to call for the sense of self. Because for us, we come first of all. Bitter but that. When we hear that you are talking about ourselves, we stop everything, we listen. For this reason, compliments that are a beautiful godship and solid foundation are very important. You can quickly break down the glaciers and increase the intensity of your love for you.

If there is a bond between you and the person you will persuade, your chances of buying will increase. But there is no need to bullshit to catch this bond. In Besiktas, a café was interested in the name, I went inside, the whole throat looks from the terrace, the super scenery. The owner came, he said; "If you know the responsibility, I will eat you food. What is the last letter of the alphabet? "As you have guessed, I said Z, no answer E said. (alphabetto) This is the first humorous laugh, but when I was exposed to more than ten different types of humor that did not break, I called the hole to escape. Need to remove water from work 🙂

We are laughing at this stage of Şener Şen, but the method used by Şener Şen is quite effective. Social proof can make us pretty crazy decisions if others are using the same product or if others agree. It's like the Farm Bank is in the bump. When people see that someone else is investing, they are safe and crediting and depositing their money.

Booking is a great social proof. There are calls for convincing all over the site. In one place "the last room of this fiyata" in the other place creates a sense of urgency "rooms can be consumed" in the other side of this very popular texts. He's trying to persuade you by providing you with evidence in every direction and he's succeeding!

One of the most common authority feel. If you prove that you are an authority in your field, everyone listens to you. I have never forgotten that in the meeting with a customer my client came to me and said, "I saw a few people, I checked whether they have certificates in the field of digital marketing, but you will not look at something like that, you are already giving your education." He entered the 5th floor with the customer

Another example is the persuasion method scarcity I explain the situation. Hasan Başusta is a very valuable name in digital marketing. I do not know if you knowingly do, but I have a tactic that I love so much. "I do not get too many customers, there are only three or four customers at a time," he says. This, in fact, is the effect of being low on someone who is affected by it. If I want to work with the Master, he says that I should get in between the 4 clients.

In the optimization of the bell, we also have the ability to bring the relationships we have with humans to a different dimension unity sensation At the beginning of our tactics we can apply especially in B2C is regionalism. If you are running a small cafe, you can earn their heart by telling them that you are the same fellow, you are that foster child. If your brand is a national brand, you can win the heart of people who respect both Konya and wheat by owning Konya, the homeland of wheat just as Torku did.

Finally, we need to talk about nobility. The concept of nursing is very, very strong in Eastern culture, especially where our country is also located. Sometimes I can not even believe it. In the ongoing war with Iran in the era of the Prophet (saas), Muslims follow a tactic that amazes me. Everyone collects on the battlefield with their own tribe so that they do not escape from the battlefield. So it was that people in their tribe did not escape from the battlefield, so people started to escape. People who are tired of tens of thousands of people in the army and even their warriors. People are more helpful to their countrymen, less inclined to deceive them. A sense of nobility establishes mutual trust. For this reason, it comes at the forefront of the trump cards that can be used against the customer.

Convincing you is a process in itself. Just a word that you've spoken in your clan can make your entire investment go away. You need to be convinced thousands of times to master in the field of persuasion. The only way to specialize in all the tactics is to gain experience.

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