On the internet, billions of new pieces of information are shared every second. Billions of people from different parts of the world feed on this vast ocean of information with their daily share. In the past, more brands than brands are now a click away from brands, which they are struggling to reach. Attempts were made to collect information with the instruments such as priorities, cards, forms, gift certificates, loyalty programs from the customers. In this information, name, surname, address, phone and e-mail address could not go forward. With the emergence of credit cards, information has deepened but the real progress has been made on the internet. With the emergence of the Internet and social networks, information burst and there was a lot of information awaiting branding.

But this mass of information continued to grow so rapidly that the volume increased exponentially. At the same time, the information shared was so diverse and varied that it became a problem to reach the right information the organization was looking for, and many more pleasant brands can not even tell which information is important to them.

The only way out for brands that fall into the ocean at this speed and in the chaos is to "cling to the consumer's tips". If you want to do marketing today, it is necessary to evaluate the tips left behind by the customer. Although this information ocean is a chaos, crisis environment, uncertainty in the crisis environment, companies on the other side offer great opportunities. The most important of these opportunities is that the truth is no longer a single truth. Yes, the power of the customer is indisputable and the opportunities given by the information he gives are to be assessed, but how to use it and create value is highly controversial, because it is impossible to achieve a true truth. So, in this chaos environment, it is most logical to try and solve the mistakes quickly and achieve the most efficient decision.

One of the most common errors made by brands that focus on digital today is actually the biggest reason why this chaos is getting deeper: KPI. The Key Performance Indicator was tried to be measured in many different ways in the digital world. In a sector full of reports that can not go beyond the words "Our tracker has been 100 thousand", "Our page has 1 million fans" benefit Unfortunately, there is no brand or agency that can predict if you can provide it. It is almost impossible to calculate the ROI when it comes from the industry and given the situation. It can be argued how accurate the calculated ROI is.

Basically, whatever brand is, there is one goal; to make a profit. Since this profit can not be measured with digital marketing methods, it is very difficult to measure except for e-commerce sector. If you can reach the sales with the number of collected e-mail addresses as a result of a campaign where you collect tens of thousands of e-mail addresses, the benefit is actually provided to you. Yes, your brand awareness may have increased, but what if someone who is not in your target group can add your brand to you? Is it worth the budget to get that little benefit? There may be a value of 192 like you have taken in advertising without advertising in your advertising world, but there is no value in the real world. I would like to receive your mail from the incoming mail, give your credit card and pass the order ... I have a mailing campaign I have done with 3 million different servers through different servers. I think that 192 mailers will have a chance to see your campaign with your campaign, the campaign will click on your post, join. We considered every detail from the UI design of the mailing design to the carrots at work. Do you know how many people clicked on the call to action button on the mail? 543. Because the datalars were dead, 95% of the mails did not even reach. Our KPI goes up a lot and sometimes it is not enough to collect 3 million e-mail addresses.

Yes, it is possible to increase sales with social media, to collect data and to enlarge your company with this data. But the fact that it is possible does not mean that everyone can do it either.