Compression is a method we often use when sending large files or sending large files. The number of compression programs found on almost every computer is not small at all. Which one of these is better? Which one should we use?

Here are the top 3 archiving programs


Turkish language support and a program is very preferred because it is free. Apart from archive formats, it also can open .iso files such as .iso and offer 256-bit encryption support. It also has the ability to repair damaged archives.


PeaZip is a free compression program that can archive and extract more than 150 formats. PeaZip, which has received many awards, seems to be used more in the future.


Developed with open source code, 7Zip is first and foremost due to its simplicity and robustness, its ability to open archives in almost any format, and speed. Especially "multivolume" support and quality is evident. It is also known for opening .iso files more smoothly than their counterparts.