One of the biggest problems for social media specialists is reporting the work you have done and telling the employer. There are a lot of services to make this easier, but most are paid. Those who are free offer quite simple data.

Tweetstats on sale Damon Cortesi and teammates Simply MeasuredThey took the viewer.

What makes Peki Simply Measured so perfect? First, it's free

Simply Measured with;


on Twitter

  • Chart according to hashtags in Bio's of your followers
  • The time frame of your followers
  • People your followers follow most than you
  • Inactivity status chart of your followers
  • Followers of your followers
  • According to the total tweet numbers your followers have spoken to today

On Facebook Pages

  • Detailed activity chart of your fans
  • Interaction rates on manager shares
  • Average likes, comments and share rates across all posts
  • All photos, videos, links, status update rates
  • Most shared words
  • The type of sharing that takes the most interaction (video, photo ..)
  • Most commented users
  • Your most commented and liked shares


You can also compare your page with other pages on Facebook

  • Interaction ratios chart between pages
  • Share-to-share ratios chart
  • Sort pages by rating
  • Sort by the speakers about the pages
  • Graphs of content types shared by pages
  • Graph of interaction rates of pages according to days
  • Click-through rates on links according to page

In addition, dozens of different charts about page stats on Facebook


on YouTube

  • Total follower, number of shared videos, total number of views, number of views per video
  • Total interaction, per-video interaction, total number of votes, number of comments, number of reviews
  • Most interacting videos based on shared videos
  • Evaluation and interaction rates per 1000 views
  • Your most rated videos
  • Label analysis
  • Your most commented followers
  • Your comments by days
  • Display counts based on the length of your videos
  • Watch rates according to time after broadcasting your video
  • Interaction rates by time since you published your video
  • There are also options to compare with other Youtube channels



in Instagram'ın

  • How many of the photos you share are shared on Facebook or Twitter
  • Interaction rates of photos you share
  • Interaction charts in day-to-day Instagram
  • Analyzes of tags you use extensively in your Shares
  • Most commenters among your followers
  • Graphs of comments you get daily
  • Likes to your favorite photo filters
  • Which city your followers who interact with you live in



in Klout'

  • Charts for Klout Metrics
  • What influences you most
  • Detailed graphics of the network
  • Klout Network statistics based on Klout scores
  • Klout Network tops most people open
  • Graphs by Klout Network's timezones


On Google+ Pages

  • Interaction ratios according to page sharing
  • Average +1, comments and share rates by shares
  • Average + 1's, comments, and shares in total posts
  • Share type (article, photo, video)
  • Most commented
  • Top comments sharing

All of these services are free.


You can also export these graphics directly to PowerPoint and Excel.
If there are free options, what are the paid options? There are 35 different types in the paid version. There are dozens of different data from each. Linkedin and Pinterest reports will also be available soon for free access.


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