Foursquare is now a giant mobile-weighted platform with 40 million users, 30 million recommendations, 1.3 million brand pages and 3.5 billion check-ins *. In order to use Foursquare more efficiently, there are a few applications that we need to know. These applications will multiply your Foursquare experience.

Check-in Reminder

We often forget to check in when we go to a place most of the day. Fourmind is In this situation, my help is growing up. A free and simple iPhone app Fourmind is if you do not check-in a new space at a time you specify. Haydi reports that he should check in.

Foursquare Infographic

Foursquare released a tool for your in-motion infographic preparation from all your Foursquare activities. Time Machine. With this tool, you can automatically collect a lot of data in an infographic, and you can examine all your movements live.

foursquare_time_mach to

As an alternative Where Do You Go The application also collects your data from Google and Foursquare and gives you more detailed information, even with a bit worse graphics.

Being Mayor Everywhere

Technically, you can not be a marshall everywhere, because Foursquare counts only 250 check-ins per month for mourning. You've already done it in vain. However, if you use your existing 250 check-in entitlements correctly, you may have a lot of money. When I Will Be Mayor You can get information about the race with the application of the space with the application. How many check-ins you have done on that platform and how much more you have to do is the answer in this application.

ubermay is is a different option. With the support of Android and iOS apps, you can perform automatic check-ins from your phone at preset locations. You just need to keep your Wi-Fi on all the time. This means that Foursquare's chances of understanding what you're doing fake check-in are pretty much diminished.

Check-In by photographing

Pic-In from mobile life front Vimeo.

Pic-In When you go to a new place with the application you take a picture of that place and check in. When you go to the venue again, if you take a similar photo, the check-in is done automatically by the application. Of course, if there are people who take pictures of that place outside of you, the application remembers your first check-in.

Meeting Your Friends in a Common Way

The best part of Foursquare is that your friends are instantly showing their places. But when you want to meet your friend, you often have trouble with where you will meet when you are in different spots. Mimbl to it solves this problem. They arrange the common points and road routes that two friends who check-in can meet and present them to you.

See all the specials in your area

One of Foursquare's goals is to catch special deals and discover new places using discounts or promotional items. Check In Deals You can see all the opportunities in your circle one by one.

* The statistics are as of April 2013.