The first part of the basic principles of being Geek here I shared. Thank you for your interest in the article. I'm continuing from the second part.

31. Use Peripheral Sound System

Using your DVD Player with the built-in speakers of your TV is now outdated. You should install a 5 + 1 or 7 + 1 system, depending on the size of your room. You should also use a projector instead of a TV if you have the right environment. For more information about audio systems here You suffered.

32.Learn how to change your laptop screen

LCD Laptop screens are very common. Many failures are not covered by the warranty. On top of that, you are a Geek, and you can not stand that laptop. For this reason, you should also learn how to change the screen. To change your Laptop Screen there video and that article You can review.

33. Make Your Own Laptop Cooler

Personally, I am experiencing too much of an overheating problem with my laptop. As someone who has seen on my 92 ° Cyi laptop, I have tried and tried a lot of coolers. You really need to pay 100-150 TL for your laptop to cool down. But what you need so much is that you can make your own cooler in my brother's dreams. It is actually quite simple and the function is pretty good as well. Here There is a friend's work. Here There is a similar work.

34. Boost Your Laser Pointer

If you are a Geekseniz electronics everything should be a little curious. One of them is the lasers. These lasers, played by children, can actually become quite powerful. But remember this can be quite dangerous too. To understand what I'm talking about that video You can watch.

35. Create Keyboard Shortcuts

A Geek is always different, practical. You can actually open each program, every file, or every web site with keyboard shortcuts. All you need to do is write the key you want to use in the Keys section of the shortcut file's properties section. For more information here you can visit.

36. Run Shell Script

You will really feel the need to run a Shell Script at the end of a Geek project. For those who want information on this issue first here then here I advise them to look.

37. Convert Your Old Laptop to a Digital Frame

The lifetime of an average laptop is up to 2 years. If you push too hard you can use it for 4 years, but it's really hard to use more. Should you throw a garbage out of a finished laptop? The price of a 15 "wide digital frame is about 200 TL. Maybe you can bring it for free. You certainly will not miss a Geek. How Does here ... also here Do not forget to look at it.

38. Make Your Flash Memory Metal Coated

Now everyone has a flash memory and they are almost identical. On top of that they break very quickly. Here your flash memory is covered with metal coating.

39. Transfer Your Old Cassettes to Digital Media

If you are a Geek in the '90s, then you definitely have tapes that have remained from that time. I think you should transfer them to digital media so that your tapes do not go away. I would like to offer a detailed Turkish source, but I think that our Geekler generally can not catch the age of the cassettes. For more information here you can visit.

40. Lock Your Computer With Your Flash Memory

You can encrypt your computer, but these passwords are never the kind to break. If you keep the kind of information that we can call the Top Secret on your computer, I can recommend this method to you. For more information here You can look at.

41. Make Your Own Ethernet Cable

Remember, if you are a Geek, you must understand each particle of the electron you are using. If you are calling someone else to fix a problem with your Ethernet cable, you are not a Geek. It's actually very simple if you say how to do it there is and there is You can review.

42. Use VPN

Expansion Virtual Private Network, Turkish Virtual Private Network. As access to Internet sites is banned, the number of VPN users increases. What you need to do if you do not want any limit on the internet here available.

43. Convert Your Webcam to a Security Camera

The average annual cost of a hidden camera system is around 2-3 TL. But if it is not a bank you want to protect, it will not be worth that much. Webcam you use in your daily life You can make it a hidden camera that takes and stores 7/24 images and is free. How Does go ahead. also here There is also benefit in your care.

44. Play Old Console Games

Starting with All Geekers Atari, PlayStation, Wii, Xbox etc. they played. However, especially the taste of old games is a top priority.

45. Play Instrument with your Keyboard

Geeks are not asocial as that. If the moments are at least with the computer. From here Piano, guitar, saxophone, drums and so on. you can play instruments with real voices.

46. ​​Your computer 3. Add Monitor

Did not read the wrong 2. Add a monitor 3. monitor. Because many computer users now see and use the benefits of two monitors, but 3.Monitor according to a complete Geek. About the benefits of multiple monitors that articleYou can read yi.

47. Merge Multiple Videos, Make HD

The movies, series, etc. you watch over the internet. When you download your computer part part goes down. You can easily combine these files into a single file, convert them to 1080P, 720P, HD formats. All you need is the Converter in the DivX Player Plus package. Plus version from here you can find.

48. Use the Most Advanced Encryption Program

TrueCrypt. After giving you some suggestions on keeping your data, I saved the most trustworthy to the end. It is a very powerful file protection program. The only advantage and disadvantage is if you forget the password. Breaking at this point is pretty difficult. For more information here you can visit.

49. Learn What Geek Is

Professor asks his student,

  • Novel, do you like to read outside the story?

  • Yes I like.

  • What do you read?

  • Source code, API documentation of open source projects

……………….. Technical……….. Social
title ............ Ability ......... Ability

Norma ......... no .................. yes [Normie = standard]
geek ............. yes ............... .. yes
nerd ............. yes ............... .. no [Nerd = Cow]
dork ............. no .................. no [Dork = idiot]

Some of the links I give you for programs may be lost over time, but you can easily find new ones with a new search on google. Please note that there may be some points that may constitute a criminal offense according to the Turkish Penal Code, and some methods may lead to property damage. If you do not trust yourself in these matters, do not try.

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