What is Geek? How to become a geek In fact, many of the things that happened on the computer side were "geek" but they are not aware of it. Because Kelimen is not a full Turkish language, we can define it as follows; Science and technology enthusiasts.

They are more social, talkable people than nerds (cows). These are, of course, a bit more psychological. What is important to us is that these people understand the computer very well.

Now, 49 different items will write the basic things that Geeks know. If you are aware of all of them, you are a Geek.

1. Learn Technical Abbreviations

  • USB - Universal Serial Bus - Universal Serial Bus
  • GPU - Graphics Processing Unit - Graphics Processor Unit
  • CPU - Central Processing Unit - Central Processing Unit
  • SATA - Serial ATA
  • HTML - Hypertext Markup Language - Rich Text Markup Language
  • HTTP - Hypertext Transfer Protocol - Hypertext Transfer Protocol
  • FTP - File Transfer Protocol - File Transfer Protocol
  • P2P - Peer-to-peer sharing - (See Fig. http://tr.wikipedia.org/wiki/p2p )

2. Keep Your RAM Clean

RAM, which means that you are simply using the cache now. If you do not have enough space in your RAM, all your programs will run slowly at too high a rate. To solve this problem Distance you can browse.

Also a shorter way to empty RAM is shudder;

  1. Right-click on an empty area of ​​the desktop and create a new shortcut.
  2. Copy / Paste this address:% windir% system32rundll32.exe advapi32.dll, ProcessIdleTasks
  3. Click ahead, name it "RAM Cleaning" and press finish. Your RAM will be cleared when you run this program.

3. Recognize Keyloggers

It is a software that is frequently encountered in common areas such as Internet Cafe, Library. Internet cafes have recently begun using Deepfreeze and similar applications to prevent users from installing keyloggers on their computers, but it is worthy of caution.

Keylogger basically records every key you press on the keyboard and it sends this information to the person who wrote the software. To protect yourself from keyloggers, you absolutely must have up-to-date antivirus software.

There are plenty of free and fairly simple keylogger programs on the market. For this reason, from 7 to 70e everyone can now keylogger. I also want to use one keylogger from here You can learn. However, we do not advise you to use your computer unless you follow your children, as it is a crime to commit to other computers.

4. Surf anonymously

Privacy on the Internet comes first. What you do on the Internet is only your concern. Although surfing at least is a bit difficult, I would recommend browsing the internet using the Google Chrome secret window. The records of the sites you enter will not be saved, your searches will not be saved, your computer is not saved.

But an even more advanced solution is to use a proxy. Basically you look like you are not connected from your own computer. To find the appropriate proxy address there is you can visit.

5. Protect Your Computer with an Absolute Password

You can protect your computer with boot-up and BIOS password. But these are not breakable passwords. From here you can access any computer BIOS password in 5 minutes with this program. Of course, it's a good idea to use it if you forget your own password.

6. MSN, AIM, ICQ and so on. Find the Opposer's IP in Programs

Most people do not care about the IP address, but the IP address gives us precise information about where we live. For this reason it must be carefully guarded. When we use Instant Messaging programs, when we make File Sharing or Video Conversation, IP addresses become available because of data transfer.

Sometimes when you have problems with your work because of your disagreements with Microsoft here The plug-in makes this work quite simple on Messenger Plus.

There are two things you need to do to protect yourself from such situations. The first is to not exchange files with people you do not recognize, the second is to use a current Firewall.

7. Password Protect Your Personal Files

Despite everything, you can not prevent people from touching your computer. But everybody has files that can be "very special" for him. There are a few different ways to keep them all.

Here the folders you want to hide are shown as if they were photographed. Otherwise, there is a much easier way to encrypt unscheduled folders. To learn here you should visit.

8. Break the WiFi Cipher

Actually, do not break it. If you are a neighbor to which you have used Wireless without permission, you can get into serious trouble. But you also need to know how to do it to protect your wireless.

Put a password that is as hard as you want your WiFi network. It can break in every way. here program, you can break any Wireless password. If you want some more detailed information there's You can take advantage of.

9. Track Your Network

If you are connected to another computer from your computer, you may need to monitor those computers. Your child, your roommate, or your employees. here you can look more closely at the computers on your network using the free program.

10. Save Your MBR

Recover your Master Boot Record after a virus or a possible error. If you are wondering what Master Boot Record is from here You can learn. About saving your MBR from here you can access more detailed information.

11. Save your lost files

Hard The files you delete from your dick are not really deleted. The tracks are always in places. To recover such files here you can use the program. For the Full version from here You can download.

Hard disk data loss is not solely erased, unfortunately. Hard Dyskinism can also cause physical harm. You may need to apply for different methods in this regard. For more information on this subject here you can visit.

12. Download Your Digital Mp3 Player's RockBox

Rockbox is a production of open source software that provides firmware for your Mp3 players. Once you've installed Rockbox, you can play videos on your iPod that does not play videos, touch, background, buttons, etc. You can change. You can upload a lot of games, you can improve the sound quality. To upload there is you should visit.

13. Clean Your Laptop Keyboard

Laptop Keyboards are used for long periods of time. It will escape. If you give your keyboard a guarantee and clean it up, it will take an average of a month. If you do not have a guarantee, you will be charged a fee. The faded keyboard makes more noise and causes your computer to overheat.

If you can not get the keyboard out of the laptop here It's useful to read about USB Sweeps. If you trust yourself, you can use your computer keyboard there you can read the text. But remember, each laptop has a different system. You can also find information about the brand you are using from the user manual.

14. Get Aware of You Saving Videos From the Internet

When I was browsing the internet, I saw hundreds of programs like "YouTube downloader". Many of those using IDM or Orbit-type programs are also using such programs to watch videos on the computer they already watch on the internet. However, your computer is already recording the videos you watch.

In Win 7 C: Users Username * AppDataLocalGoogleChromeUser DataDefaultCache You can find what you're watching with Google Chrome in your file. All you have to do is change the name of the file you want and add it to the end. You will easily find files that sort these files according to file size, which is your video class.

C: Documents & SettingsUserNameApplication DataMozillaFirefoxProfilesoi0ppzmg.defaultCache on Windows XP for Firefox

15. Uninstall Windows DRM Protection

DRM (Digital Rights Management) Music CDs, electronic books, etc. software that restricts the copying of content. It is illegal to remove this protection. But a Geek does not care much about it. Because the DRM system can become quite uncomfortable after a point.

To disable DRM in your Windows there you can use free software.

16. Hack the Game Consoles

A Geek never likes the limitations. The limits of the Game Consoles can also be exceeded by hacking them. For Wii hacking here you can browse the page.

17. Find Web Sites IP Addresses Using Command Prompt

Some school administrators or business owners, who think they are very intelligent, block many commonly used IP addresses, preventing people from entering sites like Google and Facebook. If you are a Geek, this will not stop you, of course.

It's actually quite simple to overcome. If you type "ping google.com" on the screen that says Win + R cmd, you will have pinged google. If you enter the output IP address in any browser, you will enter google.com.

18. Learn the hexadecimal number system (hexadecimal)

The number system we use in our daily life is a 10-base number system. Computers use a 2-base number system. The hexadecimal number system is a shortcut used to represent 8-bit bytes in the computer memory. For more information here and here You can look at.

19. Increase Your WiFi Range

  • Reduce the distance between the modem and your PC, if available, change location. If these are not possible or not enough,
  • Use a repeater. Detailed information for the Repeater from here You can learn.
  • Use an External Antenna for your laptop. sample there's You can see. Unfortunately I could not find much in Turkey.

20. Have Absolute Security Programs in your USB Memory

If you warn your friends about not to enter the objectionable sites they will be alerted. They will eventually ask for help from you (this could be your own computer). For all situations, keep Portable Malware Cleaner, Antivirus, CCleaner type programs in your USB memory stick.

21. Keep Your Operating System On Your USB Memory

A Geek is prepared for any situation. An operating system that can be installed in the USB Memory is always present. How to install the operating system from USB Memory there is You can review.

22. Understand what "There is No Place Like"

All computers are the number assigned to the first host on the specifically assigned network so that they have their own network. Among the IPs that can not be used on the internet.

23. Learn Leet's Alphabet

Leet, the l33t alphabet, is an alphabet often used by hackers. Instead of A, instead of 4B, they use 8C instead of C. To see the full alphabet here You can review.

24. Learn from Imaginary Language

A language created at the desk will give you great benefits in terms of privacy. Full list of such languages there's You can reach. My personal recommendation is Quenya. JRR has become a very famous language with Tolkien's Novels.

25. Recognize Constellations

Geeks have several common aspects. They like the Star Wars series, interest in FRP, or interest in Constellations. For more information on constellations here You can look at.

26. Use Digital Cameras Manually

Everyone has a camera today and everyone is a photographer. However, since a Geek difference will always be visible, it will never use the Photo Camera automatically. Manually adjusts itself every shot. Of course, it may take months to fully understand this, but still for more information Distance You can look at.

27. Mulder and Scully Who Do You Need to Know

The X-Files themselves are the two main characters in the series. Again bearing the name As There is also a song. You probably will not understand them because of the jokes about these two people in their own conversations.

28. Learn JavaScript

Everyone now knows HTML more or less. In addition to more professional languages ​​like CSS or PHP, HTML is more common in our daily lives. But a Geek is different. He has already solved HTML and is interested in JavaScript. Although it is not completely professional in Web Design, it is a job to grab it.

Basic information about JavaScript there's You can learn.

29. How to Install Mac OS X

If you are not using Mac OS X, you do not need to know how to install it. If you do not know how to install from here You can learn.

30. Pick Up Your Own Computer

A Geek does not want to get ready computers because it will suffer from poor performance. Generally the pieces collect themselves. Those who want to know more about computer collection here those who want to try the collection robot here .

 Please do not try if you do not really trust yourselves or do not know what you have learned here. Do not forget that implementing some may be a crime according to the TCK.

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