Why Ekrem İmamoğlu Wins?

As I enter the subject, I write very strongly that I think that it is correct to publish this article at a time when the political debates are returning. But the subject of the article is certainly not everyday politics, but communication-oriented. On the other hand, the status of the crates that are on the agenda etc. it is certainly not the grams that I understand.

Perhaps many years Turkey has passed a huge selection processes that can even enter the textbooks on political communication. There may be no different than any other choice but to ordinary citizens in Turkey's traditional political communication and digital integrated much of this is used, digital has never been so much a campaign budget process is separated. Cambridge Analytica After the whole process I followed especially closely because it is the first election in which Turkey has ever seen.

Until now, I work closely with friends can not understand much, but they know. I pay particular attention not to work with the state and not to participate in political campaigns. Because the workers know, the work you do is a complete chaos management and the collection process is quite troublesome. I was involved in the process until there was no time or effort in that direction but there was no time to scratch my head in these elections. During the process of selecting more than one municipality, I either took active part in the process or gave consultations. I will not tell you what's going on in this process I've met with two alliances, but I will try to convey what is right and what has been done wrong in a more popular manner, as far as I can analyze the big picture.

Actually how to make fear politics I knew that a fictitious case study article that I had produced for her would get a reaction from somewhere, but I didn't expect to see Ekrem Bey before, or a month after she met with him, that she would run for IMM. Again, to be honest, I was sure that the two candidates, who would manage the candidacy processes, would do a lot of things wrong. Of course, after the nomination was announced, I started to follow all the campaigns strictly. As I learned later, Ekrem Bey and his team met with a wide range of experts one by one, noting everyone's ideas. I think I'm one of them.

The main strategy of the campaign Ekmeleddin campaignas I tried to tell myself after June 24 an integrated campaign strategy I walked. Perhaps the most important sentence of that article was that; ”After people make a decision, that decision is wrong, even if it is right to defend themselves with the motive of the decision.“ I feel they're focusing on the strategy.

What Has Changed the Game? 

Actually, the campaigns in the election process always seem to me like a chess game. Mutual tactics are driven forward. Even though Ekrem İmamoğlu was elected as mayor, it is accepted by everyone that he is not. Of course, one of the interesting points of this choice is in win Tab. Every party somehow won something. Why does Ekrem İmamoğlu win? The question needs to be clarified.

We always see the shortcomings in the election campaign in Turkey there is a lack of strategy. Trying to win the other side's heart. This is especially a method that should be applied in the regions where the votes are close to each other or in the areas behind them.

In the 1994 elections, Tayyip Erdoğan was joined by Reha Muhtar, one of the leading events. The fact that the questions asked were not asked to any other island caused a serious reaction in people and we are still experiencing the effects of these reaction votes. In this election, perhaps Ekrem İmamoğlu and Turgay Güler's program were on the agenda. The same feeling, the same situation was maintained by the AK Party CHP. He made the husbands give up and go to the ballot box. Similar programs are of course quite dangerous programs. The exit really wants to dare, I have never seen a similar program in these elections.

The other thing that changed the game is the belief in organization, order, merit and disdain. Ak Parti's strategy throughout the country was based on one man. It may be the right strategy for the general elections, but it was either ignored in the local elections that citizens chose the mayors and parties, or this way was used to cover the weakness of the organizations. Especially merit is a subject that many people complain about in recent days. I talked to many district organizations in Istanbul and talked to me during the election process. The biggest problem that I felt in general was not to specialize, and all of the communication processes were tried to be managed through heeled information. The general arrogance that has spread to all politicians is already a normal phenomenon, the employees know but I can say that I feel this in all the depths of the elections.

The emotions that are desired to be given in political communication are transmitted through various constructs and advertisements. However, these messages are usually divided into three. Individual messages are transmitted to rivals, opponents and fans. The biggest mistake of the AK Party was its inability to diversify its messages to the dissenters and opponents, and often to send false messages. Strategy is the backbone of a campaign. The Constitution is. Any daily moves outside the strategy will damage the main message. At the level of districts there are some writings whose name is strategy, but I often see that they are not followed. On the other hand, I also witnessed that the district organizations did not have any research on the society and they did not know the audience they wanted to call. The opposite strategy was developed to close this gap, but the contrast strategy is often a strategy implemented by the second ones in the market. When the first application is reversed.

Another fact that changed the game was advertisements. The abundance of advertisements and high visibility can sometimes turn into disadvantages in such large political campaigns. At this point, it is very difficult to say anything without data, but from Ekrem Bey's team ElaproI know that both themselves and the organization team have prepared thousands of different videos. But the job does not only prepare video. There's a lot going on in the illusion of quantity. What is in the content, what is told is very important. The videos that Imamoglu published usually came out of two different channels. The main difference in the videos coming from these channels was the direct one, while in the other the opposite strategy was more dominant. However, the opposition strategy is apparently the second party, CHP, although I have a way to suggest a very thin line. In particular, the tendency to tighten the ranks of people on the opposite side would be the biggest mistake that could be made. I've noticed that they've made this mistake twice.

On the other hand, I have heard very little about Binali Bey for both the grassroots and the people in general. The general impression is ”puffs, I will squeeze his cheeks, he hasn't gone any further than he is. Binali Yıldırım has always been the loving face of Ak Parti. This selection process did not break it, no need to hear the rap advertising, the Youtube channel received great sympathy. But here again we come to the point of strategy. It doesn't matter if you throw the great passes, it's important to score. Youtube channel did not show continuity. The rap ad was a one-time sweet job, just like Kilicdaroglu's animation in the last election. You should not eat his right, PUBG fiction since the beginning of the first elections have been told since I told the 10 candidates. Play PUBG, publish it from Twitch, you'll be the first, that you give a direct message to young people, but no one did. I'm sick of hearing you say, "We're children, we have a weight." All politicians must understand this in particular; especially digital communication requires more courage, is mentioned more than the work itself. By doing what everyone does, maybe you can make a full page thanks to traditional links, but nobody cares.

The door-to-door circulation does not affect the Y and Z generations, which are now starting to determine the fate of the work. Candidate intimate poses with children come to visit them. They want to see them in more digital because the life of this generation is not on the streets, but on the screen. They must carry their visits to the digital world by including emotions. It's not just traveling. You like it or you don't like it, it's the truth.

As a last word I would like to point out. As an outside eye, volunteers / salaried teams working in both alliances until the mornings created world-class jobs. I hope that in these two alliances, these works will be rewarded, and those who come sideways but do everything I say have been removed. Perhaps this is the most important result of removing from these chests. The end of the period in which the non-working person was promoted should be the employee with greater effort.

I want to end with a wish, which I believe is the common desire of everyone, rather than who manages it. Hopefully Istanbul will be waiting for the most beautiful days.

Why From You, From Me, From Us, There Will Be No Shit?

Wake up, everybody!

No, the folks are going to Mars, bouncing, bouncing robots, what we're arguing about or something. The subject is much more basic. It's about a much simpler, much deeper habit.

I'il tell you about a friend. He's a computer engineer. If my parents say so, he wins the part where he wins the vura and he finishes. It's not just my family, and Turkey in the last 30 years from the entry stage of the university, as happens to every young person, "medicine, engineering or win one of the legal department, already finished school if the ass gun after" We met with all of us understanding. Unda Get a gold bracelet on your arm unda. In fact, under this sentence you have the notion that mı if you put the lid in the state once you are comfortable eder.

Wake up! Especially young people, wake up! The world is changing, even changed. There is no ”guarantee“ profession anymore. As is the case in many countries, we now have more than 5 jobs per person. In this life-cycle, you should put aside the complaints of l whether you will be unemployed or not when you come to the robots ünde and you have to move towards the jobs you love and really want to learn.

I'il go back to my friend. In Turkey, people who I respect a great block opened before me before I mentioned in a few places. My friend, I think, is pretty much the first. You go to be an engineer, then work out a blog. Later he set up a business on the blog. Make money from this, keep her alive. Don't tell your family what you do. A job that really requires courage.

In the last few months I've witnessed many interesting things. People need to tell people the truth. Especially university students, I promise. Looking for internships, nice. But you have this sentence; ? Can I do an internship at your company? Do you get an internship? S finishes you. Why is that? ? Do you know what your company is doing, or do you know its name? ”Un No. ayı“ What do you plan to do this summer? ” I'm going to get an intern, who does not even know the name of the company he wants to start internship in my company. I'm going to teach the job by summer, go to the hometown in summer. Why would he do that, employer?

I've been in digital marketing trainings very often gives blue screen.

  • Is it really necessary to learn English?

  • Do we need to understand the design?

  • But this code, I do not know the code!

  • No months, I can't read the blog, I'm bored.

It was pasha. The number of these people is increasing every day. They think they have the right to go to the job, either because they are graduates or because they have graduated 10 years ago. You are now thinking that people in the video below have been chosen specifically or something. No, not at all.

I wouldn't be surprised if there was even a graduate of the History department among those who answered the questions in the video. What I'm talking about has nothing to do with youth, with the present and with the education system. This is the acceptance of a social ignorance that has been processed in our codes, the right to be. Or they wouldn't have laughed so much for the question they didn't know.

The definition of or success bizde is perhaps wrong. To be a successful person to finish university, the phenomenal phenomenon such as a rich mate to find money and not to say money, to be a manager in a fortunetelling or a guaranteed job is a success? Can people change the world with these success criteria? Turkey Can Change? Can they change themselves? I'm talking about the mass of the first destructive technology luddist on They will be. Three to five years later they will become members of the world's unemployed.

I gotta get back to my friend at this point. You know what? He did what he liked. And what will the millions of people who do not know what they love and who have no goals? Can success be defined in the absence of a target? The first word of the career development advisors is ü be a target Kariyer. Could it really be that the target part is to win? Or should it be the person who constantly develops himself / herself?

A person who has not been a member of a single NGO in his life, has not been able to reach above Metin Hara level, is now a successful person when he travels with his Atom Engineer diploma? Let's go to the library. When you analyze his time on the Internet, how much could a person who has spent 6 hours a day on Instagram improve himself? Of course I have to open a parenthesis at this point. There really isn't a chance for you to really have in valuable “information that you can get through social media or the Internet. Ilber Ortaylı'nın library, even in the library you can not reach the information on the internet, of course, you want to find. Again, let me bring the subject to history, if you have friends who completed the History section, please share their experiences in the comments. on YouTube King and Generals How many history graduates in the country can explain the channel?

I'm coming to the part you're wondering. What does all this have to do with my friend? Why is he coming in and out of it? I think düşünüy success kendini is closely related to self-improvement, perseverance and always trying to do better. When she took me as a guest in her class at Istanbul Aydın University, she talked about the project that she will receive for publication that day. It's not robotic technology, no artificial intelligence. Exactly what he should do. For we are unable to build a colony on Mars, but when we criticize each other, we forget a very big detail. How good are we doing our own business?

En The most loving, the task of good manÜrk MKAtatürk

I can't see a future for those who don't develop themselves in their field and other side branches. I am not satisfied with the discipline you are an expert in, because it is time to become an interdisciplinary specialization I'm going to build an ambitious sentence, a laugh is taking me. However, I still ignore the video above and hope to say it again.

I think it goes well it's time to exit the venture opened more overseas than Turkey. This is my friend Hasan Yaşar. He strives to make his job better, sets goals, and works to achieve more. Now it opens abroad. We need more initiatives such as download, we need more support with the wrongs and angles. Perhaps at the beginning of the overseas adventure, but the important thing is that; "Nothing is important except to try to sit out every day.”Steven Pressfield. Health in his hands. Download - download.com - Free download apps and programs

Contact Hasan directly

How Much Does It Work to Improve Retention?

Retention is a metric that can be quite costly if not well structured. In order for the retention to be more appropriately assessed, it is necessary to give some examples of how retention strategies are implemented in the sector.

SMS Marketing

I am going to show you a few examples of SMS, in fact we are quite accustomed to SMSs that come from all of us.

Media Markt

Medipol Mega


What is my brother interesting about this? If you are talking to these SMSs all of us are coming to us, you are right on the problem! We all have the same messages. This is neither retention work nor "marketing". It's just that the bosses are nothing but a tiny ovarian disease. Do not look at the papers, but if I'm stopped by the SMSs on gynecology, I will not be too happy to say that.

The esprising of retention work is to hit the potential customer at full cost with low cost. Unfortunately, however, this is perceived as "we oohh get cheaper, we try to sell these people, if at all." Regretfully, I should regret that the only criminal is not the ignorant bosses who do not understand marketing. The more intelligent the brand and the marketing consultants are, the bigger the effect, the bigger the consumers are.

Marketing fun I have mentioned on the article that I wrote about the epttavm that is trying to sell me a pink footprint. The hospital that sent me a gynecologist is no different. The same 70% reduction every 3-5 days does not have any strategy for the sender. These unnecessary messages, rather than selling something to consumers, the consumer hates them to actually provide. You can tell me why you are not getting out of the SMS list, I'm going out of those, the next day another brand launches these meaningless submissions. We all know.

No marketing is done without data. The money you spend without making a measurement is now considered to be completely gone. Natro is the only brand that measures the click-through rate of SMS in these 3 SMS cases. I do not even think that other brands outside Natro set a target for sending this SMS. The main es- tablishment of the retention work is to give back to the knowing person who knows you, giving you the least possible amount of money, and making it possible to shop. Of course, if we want them to be able to shop, sending something they can buy is a better option. I pay attention, although I am not very healthy, I have only been eating pizza for the last 5 months at MealsPet, although they send me a dry bean-rice mailing. Even our biggest companies are still unable to integrate the data in their hands into marketing.

Push Notifications

Mobile push notifications seem to be the technology that will take the place of SMS or even take it. It is much easier to use this technology efficiently because there is a lot of serious data in hand. Mobile applications, the place where we have obtained this data, are also increasing in importance. We use Mixpanel in CreatorDen. We send push for different scenarios through the tool which is fully integrated with the mobile application.

A few weeks ago we started and activated new scripts in push notifications. Immediately after the action taken in the application, a 340% increase occurred. It was not a one-time interest, but continued to rise in the coming weeks. In fact, if you can work with push-based edits that really are based on the situation, people give you the right to work. There is almost no limit to developers in these movements, which increases the session rates by 139%.

Things to Watch Out for Push Notifications

1- Generally, pushes longer than 120 characters will not be displayed. It is very important that the messages are clear and understandable.

2- The posted hours are also very important. However, if you are well aware of your target lock-in, you should be able to see what time they are online (if possible, based on personality) and see if they can get the action, and you have to be pushing at that time. You may not be able to make purchases every time you are online. I learned this from meetings at Trendyol fans in Maslak plazas.

3- The more the number of pushes, the greater the blindness. You do not need to send pushes in unlikely situations where possible. Make sure that you are sending 15-20 pushes per day, in particular, it will take up to 3 days for the user to delete your application. (You have to pass 5 times a week)

4- Do not send push to irrelevant people. When I disagree, people often think that I say that someone is not interested in your products or your brand. No, I mean the push that you send, the product you want to sell, or the people who are interested in taking the action you want to take. Perhaps the fewer we go, the more sales we will be able to raise.

5- Your strategy must be based on automation. Setting up the segmentation each time and sharing one by one will make your business very difficult and will not be a sustainable method.

6- The location-dependent push notifications really work. If you want to see CTR values ​​blown off, you should absolutely try.

You can send a push for the start at the following stages;

  • Welcome
  • Our app has been updated
  • You have not used our application for a long time
  • Is your practice unskilled? (For those who experience loss of loyalty)

Are You Aware of How Your Brain Capacity Can Turn the Earth into a World? I do not think!

There's a lot we do not know about the human brain, the brain's work process, decision making. However, as we get clear of the glaze curtains, we are faced with many new opportunities. Perhaps you are going to read this article, you may come to the extreme futurist or dreamer, I want to warn you from the beginning.

There is a saying in Ekşisözlük, "things that make the horizon doubled when you learn". I have experienced exactly the same situation recently. Everything I planned for the future, my future plans, my children's future, was gone.

Konuyu first, I want to start an old news. His eyes opened but he misses his old dark world Mike May we met with the news. At the age of 3, May was severely damaged by an accident-causing cornea, but he became a master skier, could ski at speeds over 100 km, could perform many sports perfectly. When he reaches his 45th birthday, he hears a treatment opportunity and decides to be treated. The treatment is really successful, but Mike not by. In fact, there is no problem in his eyes, his eyes can be transmitted to the brain to be processed without any problems, but the brain that does not image at all for over 40 years does not mean these things. Because, from birth, the number of synapses in the human brain increases rapidly, and in adolescence some of these synapses become stronger, and some become weaker. Mike's vision-related synapses were weakened because they were never used. In fact, he had to learn how to see it again. When the band in his eyes opened the first time, he saw his wife in front of them, smiling at them, but he could not sense which of the children, which wall, which was the table. Years have passed before you can see what is so close and what is so far away. Even today, when he does not see eyes, he can not do a lot of things he can. Actually, there were two things we understood from the moment. First, our seeing organ is actually not our eyes, our brain. Secondly, everything we see, including seeing, is the skills we learned after birth.

The Man Who Saws

The "seeing" of the creatures, the dolphins have always excited me. But like a standard person, I would say, "God created them." Erik Weihenmayer's storyuntil you read ni. Erik, known as the first blind man to climb Mount Everest, sees a system attached to his tongue.

She can read what she writes on a piece of paper, though she never sees her eyes. (An example that I can show to the story of Daredevil in atmation diaries.) It transfers various electrical vibrations to the language of the images that appear in the glasses in the eyes of the Brainport device. In other words, it makes the shapes that appear in your language. But you can understand the story a bit deeper so that when the device is first fitted, it can not see anything. But after the brain has been exercising for a long time, it starts to make sense of every vibration. It's like having a newborn child listen to his parents and start talking. The brain is a truly amazing organ.

The first people did not know how to speak according to the theory of evolution. As a result of many years of practice, they have become able to communicate and understand each other. Later on the walls or on the tablets they started to make sense of the scribbled lines and found the text. The brain also learned that. Like the Braille alphabet, he learned things like sign language. Can the brain, which can make the electrical currents contain a meaning for us, can not do it to talk to all the devices?

In the sense of futurism, hologram phones come to mind with a collar. There is a famous saying "The Best Interface is No Interface", can we really get rid of all the interfaces after 30-40 years? Why do not we need to do the axel if we can read a piece of our phone before we open our eyes and open it without taking a handheld device? After all, our brains are all programmed to experience the most lazy experiences possible. Can an implant placed in our body transmit texts or even visuals with vibrations or electrical currents? He can transfer us to Erik as he can transfer it. In fact, it's a kind of cochlear implants. They turn the outside sound into electrical currents that the brain can perceive and provide a kind of inner ear for the person to hear.

What if we program to make a sound in a wave that we can perceive our climate? Can we understand what the air conditioner said when we put this sound in our brain with an electrical current like the electrical currents in the brain with a similar implant attached to our body and again as a result of exercising for a long time? It's theoretically possible. My brother, I can hear what you said to me what the airline said. The important part of the work is not to hear what the air conditioner says, but conversely, an implanted implant delivers the "open" command to the air as our brain thinks and transmits the "act" command to our colum.

Maybe we are talking about a future that will not have to use our eyes, our mouths, our ears. Think about how a technology like this can change the world, no matter how you can change our lives, our habits. Then think about what we are doing. Paper prices soared due to the rise in dollar exchange rates, publishing houses raised, can we not read books anymore? I do not see you, because you do not read or read.

It was the late example of the prime example of the maturity of the Ottoman Empire, when he was describing his backwardness. How do we react to destructive technologies such as printing presses in this period? I have to feel that I can not make it without the smell of the book. Why good? Is not the purpose of reading the book "learning something"? As e-books can offer much richer materials, you know that I will not talk about it because it is much cheaper, because it has great convenience. I understand that publishers are against e-books. It's just like those who drop their manuscripts and lift them to the press because they are threatening their business. A luddist is surely against any destructive technology. But I do not understand the readers.

Traditionally, our father would have done so. Nostalgia romantism is wrapped up like a shackle in the 21st century. We often see this in the state and in the private sector as well. What I mean absolutely is not to be out of date, not to go on with the habits of history. I am still in trouble when we are dealing with printed money, a majority of government departments do not have a bank card / credit card. We began to meet more new services such as the new turkiye.gov.t travelers. Just what is going on in Turkey comes at a great pace looked as if going digital, but in the US it was over, in 1993 began the adventure of e-government. A mere two years ago, municipalities insisted that even municipalities would not, "We will not give our representations, e-government or anything like that." (Still no resistance)

Elin's son goes to Mars and I do not want to close it with a known ending as we are discussing here. Elin's son is going to Mars yes but we do not know if he is going through the private sector. Now we have the time to keep up with the change of the world, the bureaucracy can follow from behind. We have had the time to block traditional people from having a say in the private sector. When you think of the digitalizing world, if only your mind is coming up with Whatsapp and Instagram, if you are trying to explain digitalization with the statement "you can see video with the guy from Japan, I am globalizing now, I am globalizing now".

Additional Reading;

  • The Brain - David Eagleman - Domingo
  • Irrational But Predictable - Dan Ariely - Optimist
  • Augmented - Brett King - Mediacat
  • Blink - Malcolm Gladwell - Mediacat

How Do You Increase Your Exports Using Social Media Channels? Example Country: Mozambique

We are in a world where the world's population is 7.5 billion, the internet users are 4 billion, and the active social media users are 3.2 billion. (2018, Global Digital Report We Are Social) It is easier and harder to reach customers in this world than in the past.

In the past, there was a difficult and costly process for exporting products to abroad, such as finding a distributor there, meeting with the companies there and getting to know them at the trade fairs. It is now much easier to sell products abroad as well as on B2B and B2C. Certainly there are problems with logistics and language, but these are also problems that can not be overcome anymore. Very simple texts that can be used especially for social media ads can be translated into a high quality language in English. If you are planning a small volume operation, it will save you. Of course, working with an experienced translator is always better. On the logistics side, you can greatly reduce your storage and shipping costs with the increase of fullfilment services around the world.

When I think of exporting, Europe is always showing as a target with a reason that I can not understand. In order to break this down a little bit I will be talking about exports through social media. Our target country is Mozambique. One of Africa's poorest countries, annual income per capita is $ 1,300. Does not look like desperate, does it? No it is not. 10% of the population is twice as rich as the rest of the population. Again in similar proportions, internet penetration is 9% and close to 2 million users of social media. On the other hand, social media usage increased by 42% compared to last year. Over the next 50% growth is expected. So we are talking about 2 million people who have the money to buy our products. Unlike us in Mozambique, Instagram or Twitter is hardly ever used, but almost everyone with access to the Internet has a Facebook account and is very active. On the other hand, Mozambique Fashion Week has been organized for the last 15 years.

You need to do a market research before trying to reach Mozambique through social media. One of the biggest mistakes made in social media ads is not getting the right targeting and segmentation. Especially when you give this job to an amateur, you will select all the Mozambichi and publish the advertisement. As a first job, we have to be able to see what 2 million people we have chosen to use in Mozambique. So which brands do people in Mozambique prefer?

You can also search for the most profitable brands in Mozambique, the pages Mozambique likes on Facebook. A technology store called BancABC (Bank), Toyota, Coca Cola, Mazda and MozComputers is the most popular pages in the middle and upper segment of Mozambique. So if we target those who like these pages, we will reach the right mass. Perhaps B2C exports may seem costly at first glance, but their advertising costs are pretty low. Because on Facebook advertising is like a sort of live stock market. If the number of ads targeted to the person you are targeting is too high, then the cost of those people will increase. In a country like Turkey than in Mozambique is 10 times cheaper than you can show ads. All you need to do is find someone who speaks Portuguese.

Again, perhaps the biggest social media advertising mistakes made in TV, newspaper or magazine ads, such as advertising. An advertisement in printed and visual media is prepared once and goes on the air. This rule is invalid in the digital world. You'll show 10 different ads to a target audience so you see which ad is more useful. On the other hand, you can also divide the target audience into as many segments as you can, so you can better measure what types of texts or images you like. So in Mozambique we have 10 campaigns with 10 x 10 segment ads in a campaign. In other words, you have to prepare 1000 different ad visuals and text. You should put your creative creatives on a budget for a small budget, and close off ads that do not bring sales that do not work after a maximum of a week. By analyzing the ads that are wrapped up, you begin to understand what kind of images the target kit likes and what kind of text you like. After that, you will increase the budget in good campaigns and prepare ads for new tests. On this page you can get maximum benefit by trial and error with very small budget even in a market you do not know.

We even performing digital marketing in Turkey, with thousands of different ad / B tests are done. Exports will need much more than that. On the other hand, you get precise data on hundreds of thousands of people, much more precise than the information you can get from your partner, whether the people there like it or not.

However, I want to be warned at a few points. First of all, social media marketing is not free. You absolutely have to spend an advertising bill. But of course you can do this much less than the price you pay for Mozambique TVs. On the other hand, you absolutely need a perfect website in Portuguese. Mozambican talk you through Whatsapp do not think you trust someone enough to buy a single piece of products from Turkey. The e-commerce site will add confidence to you. On the other hand, the integration of Facebook Pixel and conversion codes must be fully configured on your website in order to get the statistics I mentioned.

So far I have told you how you can make sales in Mozambique. What about branding? How can you transform into a brand known to all Mozambics like Toyota in Mozambique, like Dragon Energy Drink (South African origin), Truworths (South Africa Origin Clothing Brand)? You definitely think you will have to open a store and physically be there. There are 450 stores in Truworths, but none in Mozambique. On the other hand, 200 of those who like the Facebook page are from Mozambique. 200 thousand in Turkey, but might be small for a Facebook page inside Mozambique is quite large, there Truworths has managed to become a brand.

Instead of opening up a different Facebook page specifically for Mozambique, we can target the site with shares that only Mozambics can see by sharing country-based targets on our existing page. First of all, it is necessary to investigate Mozambique cultures and what kind of social events they are celebrating and what days they celebrate. It is necessary to list which celebrities, which phenomena they follow, what kinds of sports they are doing and what they watch. It will be a banal example, but if you celebrate the Feast of Sacrifice of those who worship the soul when you say that I am targeting Muslims in India, you will have a bit of a headache. In order to avoid such small crises and win the hearts of the Mozambics, they will have to prepare their cultural content. You can take the first steps to become a brand from yourself by targeting the days when you feel national, like our 15th of July or 30th of August.

Of course, it is not only possible to become a "brand" through social media, but you can make serious steps to increase your awareness especially on wealthy people. You can customize this model to any country in the world. All you need to pay attention is to examine the digital assets of the country. It is necessary to thoroughly investigate situations such as those where the constraints such as Iran and China are present or the alternative networks in the former Soviet countries are stronger.

On the B2B side of the business, it is not possible to reach every country via LinkedIn. Once you become a brand demanded by B2C over social media with the support of alternative channels such as digital PR, you will also start to receive requests from B2B. It is important to remember that the way B2B goes through B2C.

Resources for statistics: CIA World Factbook, We Are Social Digital Report