How does an agency bid on a budget?

I recently collected the most frequently asked questions from new entrants. There was a big difference. I was surprised to see that this was so intense and that there were hardly any resources on the internet. Question:

What budget does an agency or freelancer give? 

I asked the freelancers and agencies around me the same question, what were they budgeting for? Most of the answers I received shocked me. What I need at the end of the month depends on the brand, the amount that the other person will accept or even will not accept it o I got interesting answers from each other.

Then I asked the same question to companies. What do you evaluate the offers received by you. The answers I got from that side are the festivities to the houses. Whichever is the cheapest, the most promising for the least, the more employees he has onu

In short, there are only a few agencies work conducted in Turkey in the framework of a consistent formula. So what is this consistent formula? The explanation will be a bit long, but I must say from the beginning, if you don't budget through this or similar formula, you're either making too much exorbitant prices or seriously damaging.

Let's go by sampling. We have a company with 5 employees.

Employees and net salaries:

  1. Employee - 7500TL
  2. Employee - 5000TL
  3. Employee - 2020TL
  4. Employee - 2020TL
  5. Employee - 2500TL

Now let's see how many hours these employees have per month. They have to work 45 hours a week. So 45x4x5 = 900 hours. We have to pay our salaries and manage our expenses within the 900 hours we have with our employees, every month.

After this point, the methods are divided into two. Different man / hour wages can also be calculated per employee, and the average of all. I'll go for the average of all for convenience.

The salary a company pays to an employee is gross, not net. Let our employees be single and childless in our sample. Now let's calculate the gross salaries of the employees;

  1. Employees - 12.326TL
  2. Employees - 8217TL
  3. Employees - 3320TL
  4. Employees - 3320TL
  5. Employees - 3500TL

In fact you can multiply your net salary by 1.65 as a short way. Within this 1.65 ratio;

  • Minimum subsistence allowance
  • Unemployment worker
  • Monthly income tax
  • SSI
  • Stamp duty

There are a few more variables here, but you can solve that with your financial advisor. There can be tons of variable depending on the incentives you receive, discounts or the amount of salaries.

30.638TL The amount you need to pay each month in a fixed amount to pay the salary of 5 employees. So if we calculate the salary of an employee, let's divide the sum by five: 6136TL You know, my employee has more stereotypes than I've paid him, right? Expenses are just starting, if you earn 28 thousand TL per month you will not see the next month. Lets continue.

Suppose the office is located on a tiny plaza floor in Maslak / Levent, Istanbul.

Rent: 4000TL
Dues: 750TL
Withholding: 1000TL

These people will eat from restaurants around Maslak / Levent, I do not think they can sit in that area with salaries. There will be a road expense. Don't use a taxi.

Path: 200TLx5
Food: 450TLx5

They also need fixtures in their offices. Furniture depreciation lives 5 years, 4 years on computers, 3 years on mobile phones.

Office table: 400TLx5
Office chair: 200TLx5
Air Conditioner: 2000TL
Small kitchenware: 1000TL
Coffee machine and kettle: 600TL

Mobile Phone: 4000TLx2
Computer: 5000TLx5

No painting on the walls, no clock. A naked office. Additional monitors, mice, etc. Not take.

Monthly consumption of tea, coffee, cookies and stationery: 600TL

Electricity, water, gas, internet and telephone: 1500TL

Accounting: 4000TL

Salary + Rent + Meal + Road + Asset + Consumption + Invoice + Accounting

30,683TL + 5750TL + 3250TL + (6600TL / 5/12 + 8000TL / 3/12 + 25000TL / 4/12) + 600TL + 1500TL + 4000TL

46.636TL In fact, our agency could not earn 45 thousand TL each month according to this planning is still at a loss. But it's not over. We have not yet come to taxation and profitability. This is actually a fixed expense when the business doesn't win anything. Things get even better when you start making money. Considering that this company works with a 20% profitability rate;

(46.636TL x 1.20) x 1.25 = 69.954TL. That second 1,25, let me introduce, income tax. In fact, this agency is not calculated costs, all of which are already sold at the dollar rate without using additional tools 69.954TL + VAT sales situation can not capture a bad situation. So, how to do budgeting? Let's go back to our first calculation. We have 900 hours in working hours. In other words, these employees should earn 78TL in 1 hour. Of course, as I said, we kept junior and senior in order to simplify this calculation.

Now, how to make a simple proposal? For example, you are preparing a social media management proposal. How many hours will this team spend on a month?

  • Content design and texts - 8 hours
  • Publishing and Moderation - 3 hours
  • Reporting - 4 hours
  • Meeting - 5 hours (including time spent on the road)
  • Project management - 4 hours (Phone calls, mailings)

Actually, we have 24 hours. 24 hours is 1865TL + VAT.

So far the calculation is completely insensitive, a calculation in the engineer minds. When we switch to the Turkish type of working system, we witness that the 24-hour work cannot be completed in 72 hours. At this point, the answer to the question of how to distinguish between profit-making companies and loss-making companies is struck with all our sincerity. If the employees complete the 24-hour work in 29 hours, we will lose it. So, according to this calculation, if all this work is done correctly, what does this agency gain? Monthly total turnover is 70 thousand TL. With 20% profitability, it puts 14 thousand TL in its pocket.

For those of you who know this calculation method, this is quite a sketchy and accurate calculation method, but it is quite confusing for first-time hearers. This is the general explanation for the complaints like “Why doesn't our agency send us to Crystal Apple ya? Those who are interested in the input and output of the business are aware that the remaining 14 thousand TL will not actually remain. Or that all 900 hours cannot be filled. Or that it can't be filled even if it's filled. That is why 20% profitability rate is far from realism in such scenarios. This happens because 5 employees manage the social media accounts of 37 different brands.

Especially in the advertising sector, the biggest and most effective resource of the business is human resources. If the turnover rate is high in human resources, this cost calculation turns into a total chaos.

What should he do to get rid of this chaos? 

Intelligent time management

At first glance, a working time of 900 hours doesn't sound like much. Each of these 900 hours needs to be evaluated correctly. To follow this, it is absolutely necessary to use a project management tool and to analyze how hours employees evaluate. The case here is not to measure how many minutes you have to go to the toilet or count cigarette breaks! It is about analyzing the right job for the right person, measuring who has a lack of knowledge or talent and being able to close these gaps. The tools I can offer to follow this well; Basecamp Restaurant Reviews, Jira

Smart customer relationship management

At a time when the word "digital transformation" flies in the air, we still entrust the relationship with the customer to the MTs, and when they quit, everyone is running like a chopped chicken at the agency. You should definitely use a tool to vary according to the number of customers. At the same time, the tools you need to use may vary depending on the differences in your sales strategy. However, you should use a CRM tool where you can analyze and analyze which employees are meeting with whom and when, what projects are in which process, where your proposals are at which stage, why they are accepted or not. If you have an accounting program, you can use local solutions such as Teamgram that can work integrated with it, and you can turn to tools like Zoho CRM if your needs in integrations are more global. If you have a high number of customers and offers, using Hubspot or Salesforce seems to be a must now.

Employer Branding

The employer brand is not a trend, but a permanent one that we will discuss for the next decades. As you can see in the cost account, the highest cost is the cost of the employees. The loss of these employees, especially trained employees, is a huge loss for a company. Because one of the values we do not take into account is the process of learning the job of the new employee. If our 5th employee is a new employee, processes such as orienting to the company and learning the job can take up to 6 months. That's 132 hours. In fact, we may even have to deduct 132 hours from that employee. The loss of an invested employee at the end of the 6th month means a loss of more than 20 thousand TL.

Meanwhile, I will announce a surprise about Employer Branding very soon. Subscribe to my e-mail newsletter to follow closely 🙂

Sales and Marketing Process

Perhaps one of the biggest items that are not added to the costs here is the marketing activities for the agency to promote itself and the money or commission rates that it should spend for the sale. As you can tell someone gave advice to three different agencies in this area following the peace of mind that a high majority of agencies in Turkey in pursuit of just saving the day. Very few are worried about how I can catch new customers and develop a more effective sales or marketing strategy. Only their references and agencies that have not been able to go beyond coiled and there are tons of agencies that will sink when the donuts run out. I attribute this fact to the lack of work, rather than to pass it by a simple sentence such as the tailor cannot sew his own tear. Agencies do not show the importance their customers attach to the branding process for themselves. Whether it's R & D, employer branding, or the agency's marketing activities, it is always left behind. At the end of the month when the trouble is seen, when the tail is stuck suddenly attacked. Therefore, marketing activities do not show continuity and growth does not show continuity.

Special Days for Social Media Content [Wide List]

In particular, we have prepared one of the most frequently needed lists of social media experts. A list that you will want to check for any brand that you may have to think about or who will come to the drug as a drug for those who have difficulty finding content. list of special days celebrated in Turkey. List of creating official holidays, official days, popular in Turkey, can use the special occasions of the importance given names and interesting days I've compiled a fairly niche audience. I'm sure you'il discover a dozen days you can use your own brand. Some days not celebrated in Turkey have added to the list of brands, especially export-oriented, 11:11 days as we tried to use as Patriot Day, as used in the original. In the second part of the list, I also added salvation days for brands that want to produce more local or local content. There will be changes over time in the adjusted days according to the Hijri calendar.

First week of JanuaryTuberculosis Training Week
January 2Motivation and Inspiration Day
January 2M Happy Mew Year iler Day for Cats
January 2Open Buffet Day
January 2Science Fiction Day
January 2Barış Mançonun Birthdays
January 3Sleep Festival Day
January 3Pipette Day
January 4Spaghetti Day
January 4World Relief Font Day
January 4World Hypnotism Day
January 5Cream Day
January 6Apple Tree Day
January 5Bird's Day
January 7-13Tuberculosis Education And Propaganda Week
January 7-14White Cane Blind Week
8.On byShow And Tell Day
2nd week of JanuaryEnergy Saving Week
January 10Journalists Day
January 10Administrators Day
January 11Learning Day in Morse Alphabet
January 12Pharmacists' Day
January 13Day of Realizing Your Dreams
January 14International Kite Day
January 14Home Day
January 14Pet Dress Up Day
January 15Hat Day
January 16World Hygiene Day
January 17Inventor's Children's Day
January 17Cable Car Day
January 18World Religious Belief Day
January 19Popcorn Day
January 20Cheese Lovers Day
January 21International Sweatpants
January 21World Hugging Day
January 22Life Celebration Day
January 23Handwriting Day
January 23Pie Day
January 24Peanut Butter Day
25 - 31 JanuaryLeprosy Week
January 26World Customs Day
January 26Spouses' Day
January 27Chocolate Cake Day
January 27International Day of Fun
January 27Chocolate Cake Day
January 27World Geography Day
January 28Data Security Day
January 29Puzzle Day
January 29Free Thoughts Day
January 31Street Children's Day
1-7 FebruaryWorld Interfaith Harmonization Week
February 1Red Wearing Day
February 1Chewing Gum
February 2Crepe Day
February 2World Wetlands Day
February 4Facebook's Birthday
February 4World Cancer Day
5th of FebruaryMeteorologist Day
5th of FebruaryNutella Day
February 6World Frozen Yogurt Day
February 6Zero Tolerance Day of Female Circumcision
February 7Rose Day
February 8Opera Day
February 9Secure Internet Day
February 9Chocolate Day
February 9Pizza Day
February 9Reading Day in Bath
February 9World Smoking Cessation Day
February 10Umbrella Day
February 11White Shirt Day
February 11Old Women's Day
February 11Make a Friend
February 11Take Out Your Guitar
February 12World Marriage Day
February 12Darwin Day
February 13Computer Cleaning Day
February 13Use a Different Name Day
February 13World Radio Day
14th FebruaryInternational Book Donation Day
14th FebruaryAnimal Theft Awareness Day
14th FebruaryWorld Forgiveness Day
14th FebruaryValentine's Day
February 15World Singles Day
February 16Innovation Day
February 16Almond Day
February 17World Human Spirit Day
February 18Wine Drinking Day
February 18Pluto Day
February 18Battery Day
February 19Foundation of National Education Foundation
20 FebruaryPet Day
February 21International Mother Language Day
February 22World Yoga Day
February 22World Thinking Day
February 23Tennis Playing Day
February 24World Bartender Day
February 24Steve Jobs Birthday
Last Week of FebruaryTax Week
February 26Storytelling Day
February 27Strawberry Day
February 27World Pink Day
February 27Bullying Stop Day
February 27Polar Bear Day
February 28Digital Learning Day
February 28Rare Diseases Day
February 28Civil Defense Day
March 1Horses Protection Day
March 1World Compliment Day
March 1Accountants Day
March 2Old Things Day (Antique)
First week of MarchEntrepreneurship Week
March 3Graham Bell's Birthday
4 MarchGrammar Day
March 6Dentist's Day
March 7Corn Flakes Day
1 - 7 MarchEarthquake Week
First week of MarchGreen Crescent Week
March 15 - 21Consumer Protection Week
March 8International Women's Day
March 8Non Smoking Day
March 9Recovery Day
March 9Barbie Day
March 10Day of Excellence
March 10Blueberries Day
8 - 14 MarchScience and Technology Week
March 11Day of Dormancy
March 12The Acceptance of the Independence March and Mehmet Akif ERSOY's Remembrance Day
March 13Jewelry Day
March 14Butterfly Day
March 14Potato Chips Day
March 14Medical Day
March 14Pi Day
March 15Brutus Day
March 15World Sleep Day
March 15World Consumers Day
March 16Info Day
March 16Panda Day
March 16Anniversary of the Establishment of Teacher Schools
March 18Interesting Moments
March 18victory of Canakkale
March 18World Equal Wage Day
March 18Martyrs' Day
March 19Chocolate Caramel Day
March 20Happiness Day
March 20World Sparrow Day
March 18victory of Canakkale
18 - 24 MarchSeniors Week
21 March Week which includes Nevruz dayTurkish World and Communities Week
March 21World Poetry Day
March 21World Down Syndrome Day
March 21International Day of Struggle against Racial Discrimination
21 - 26 MarchForest Week
March 22world Water Day
March 23World Meteorological Day
March 24World Tuberculosis Day
March 25JRR Tolkien Reading Day
March 25World Tale Narration Day
March 25Waffle Day
March 26World Epilepsy Awareness Day
March 27World Theater Day
May 28International Hamburger Day
March 29Van Gogh's Birthday
March 30Pencil Day
Last Monday of MarchLibraries Week
1 AprilJoke day
1 AprilEntertainment Day
1 AprilDo-it-Your-Day
April 2Children's Book Day
April 2World Autism Awareness Day
April 3thWorld Tweed Day
April 3thWorld Party Day
April 4Carrot Day
April 4Drug Abuse or Abuse Endurance Training Day (DARE Day)
April 4Vitamin C Day
1- April 7Cancer War Week
April 4NATO Day
5 AprilLawyers' Day
6th of AprilKilled Journalists Day
6th of AprilInternational Pillow War Day
7 Aprilworld Health Day
8 AprilWorld Roma Day
7 - 13 AprilHealth & Social Security Week
8 - 14 AprilHealth Week
April 10Brotherhood Day
April 10The Day of the Police Initiative
11 AprilWorld Parkinson's Disease Day
11 AprilPet Day
11 AprilLibrary Workers Day
11 AprilYuri Gagarin's Birthday
14 AprilSky Day
14 AprilDolphin Day
14 AprilMartyrs Week
April 15Mimar Sinan's Birthday
16 AprilFili Recover Day
16 AprilFoursquare Day
April 17Ford Mustang Day
April 17World Hemophilia Day
April 17Experience Week
April 17Bla Bla Bla Day
April 17Productivity Week
18 AprilWorld Heritage Day
18 AprilCorner Writers Day
18 AprilAmateur Radio Day
April 19Garlic Day
April 19Bicycle Day
April 19Banana Day
April 19Poetry And Creative Thinking Day
April 19Travel Day
April 20Fifty Day
April 20Daylight
April 20Chinese Language Day
15 - 22 AprilTourism Week
20 - 26 April *Mohammed's Birth
April 22Earth Day
21- 28 AprilMidwives Week
23rd AprilSpeech Day Like Shakespeare
23rd AprilEnglish Language Day
23rd AprilNational Sovereignty and Children's Day
Week of April 23World Book Day and Libraries Week
April 25World Malaria Day
April 25DNA Day
April 25Anzac Day
April 25Turkey Statistics Day
April 26World Lettering and Card Day (World Stationery Day)
April 26World Intellectual Property Day
April 26International Guide to Dogs Day
April 26Program Making Day
April 26Pilots Day
April 27Tell a Story
April 27Morse Alphabet Day
28 AprilBiological Clock Day
April 29Astronomy Day
April 29World Veterinary Day
April 29World Wish Day
April 29World Ballet And Dance Day
30 AprilHonesty Day
30 AprilWorld Jazz Day
April 28 - May 4Brotherhood Week
First Week of MayInformation Week
First Week of MayTraffic and First Aid Week
Second of May. WeekFoundations Week
1 MayGolf Day
1 MayWorld Love Day
1 MayLabor day
May 2Baby's Day
1 - 7 MayRoad Safety and Traffic Week
May 3The World Press Freedom Day
May 3Meditation Day in the Garden
May 3World Asthma Day
May 4Firefighters Day
May 4Renewal Day
May 4International Space Day
May 4Star Wars Day (# May4beWithYou)
5th of MayCartoonists Day
4 - 10 MayOccupational Health and Safety Week
May 6Hıdrellez
May 6International Day of Non-Diet
May 7World Lemonade Day
On the 2nd Sunday in MayMothers Day
May 8Free Trade Day
May 8Receptionists Day
May 8Day of Socks
May 9European Day
May 9Statistics Day
6 - 12 MayBlood Week
10 MayWorld Ocean Day
10 MayCouncil of State and Administrative Judicial Week
10 - 16 MayDisabled Week
12 - 18 MayNurses Week
May 11Train Day
May 11Windmills Day
May 11World Migratory Birds Day
May 11Opera Day
May 13Turkish Language Day
May 14World Pharmaceutical Day
May 14World Farmers Day
May 15Chocolate Chip Cookies Day
May 15Earth Climate Day
May 15Memorial Day of Air Martyrs
May 15International Family Day
May 16Drawing Day
Week Subject of May 15Family week
May 17World Hypertension Day
May 17World Telecommunications Day
May 17Pizza Party Day
May 18International Virtual Assistant Day
May 18Museum Day
May 18Endangered Species Day
18 - 24 MayMuseums Week
May 19thSwimming Learning Day
May 19thWorld Notebook Day
May 19thAtatürk Commemoration and Youth and Sports Day
20 MayClinical Research Day
15 - 21 MayYouth Week
21 MayImportant Information Sharing Day
21 MayAnti-Terrorism Day
21 MayWorld Milk Day
May 22Sherlock Holmes Day
May 22Gothic Day
May 22Biodiversity Day
May 23Turtle Day
May 24Crown Day
25 MayEthics Day
25 MayInternational Missing Children's Day
25 MayAfrican Day
May 28Hamburger Day
May 29Biscuit Day
May 29The Conquest of Istanbul
May 31World No Smoking Day
May 31Macaron Day
May 31Web Designers Day
May 31World Neighborhood Day
May 31World Hostesses Day
June 1Drawing Day
June 1World Milk Day
June 2Cancer Cancer Day
June 3Chocolate macarons day
June 3Early Leaving Day
First Week of JuneThe Hunger Struggle Week
June 4Tailors Day
June 5Running Day
June 5World Enviroment Day
June 6Russian Language Day
June 6D-Day (Normandy Decal)
June 7VCR Day
June 7Chocolate Cake Day
June 7Donat Day
June 8Best Friends Day
June 8World Oceans Day
June 9Donald Duck Day
10 JuneBallpoint Pen Day
10 JuneIced Tea Day
10 JuneNikola Tesla's Birthday
June 12Superman's Day
June 12Red Rose Day
June 12World Day Against Child Labor
June 13Sewing Machine Day
June 14World Volunteer Blood Donors Day
15 JuneMagna Carta Day
15 JuneJuggling Day
15 JuneLobster Day
15 JuneWorld Aged Violence and Abuse Awareness Day
15 JuneNature Photography Day
15 JuneInternational Wind Day
2nd Week of JuneEnvironmental Protection Week
June 16Fresh Vegetables Day
June 17Turkey Day
June 17World Desertification and Drought Day
June 18Fishing Day
June 18Sushi Day
June 18Autistic Awareness Day
June 19Cherry Tart Day
3. MarketFather's Day
20 JuneWorld Productivity Day
20 JuneWorld Refugee Day
June 21Skateboard Day
June 21World Humanist Day
June 21World Hydrographic Day
June 21Selfie And Selfie Day
June 21World Music Day
June 22Chocolate Inserts Day
June 26Chocolate Pudding Day
June 26International Day Against Drug Use and Smuggling
June 29Camera Day
June 30Social Media Day
June 30Pensioners Day
July 1Canada Day
July 1Day of Doctors
July 1Day Visiting Parks
July 1Cabotage and Sea Feast
July 2Don't forget
July 2UFO Day
4th of JulyBBQ Day
July 5Bikini Day
July 6International Kissing Day
July 6Fried Chicken Day
7 JulyChocolate Day
7 JulySaying the Day
7 JulyPasta Day
July 8Math Day
July 10Bees Day
July 11World Population Day
July 12Simplicity Day
July 13International Rock Day
July 13French Fries Day
July 14Kebab Day
July 14Noise Day
July 1515 July Day of Democracy and National Unity
July 17World Emoji Day
July 18Mandela Day
July 19Ice Cream Day
July 20Chess Day
July 21Day of Pastor Cubur
July 22Hammock Day
July 23Hot Dog Day
July 24Journalists and Press Day
July 27Milk Chocolate Day
July 27Parent Day
July 29Lipstick Day
July 29Lasagna Day
July 29International Tiger Day
July 30World Friendship Day
July 31World Hazard Day
August 1Girlfriend Day
August 1Parents Respect Day
August 1International Children's Day Day
August 1World Lung Cancer Day
August 1Beer Day
August 2Coloring Book Day
August 3Watermelon Day
August 4Coast Guard Day
August 4Sisters Day
August 4Friendship Day
August 5Mustard Day
August 5Underwear Day
August 6Clean Breath Day
August 8Bowling Day
August 8Cat Day
August 9Book Lovers Day
August 12World Elephant Day
August 12International Youth Day
August 13International Left Day
August 14Social Security Day
August 15Lion Day
August 17Homeless Animals Day
August 17Kocaeli Earthquake
August 16Male Care Day
August 19Photography Day
August 19Charity Day
August 19Humanitarian Aid Day
August 19Aviation Day
August 20Radio Day
August 20World Mosquito Day
August 24International Peculiar Music Day
August 25Kiss and Day of Meetings
August 26Women's Equality Day
August 26Dog Day
August 26-30Victory Week
August 27Burger's Day
August 28Bowtie Day
30 AugustFrankenstein Day
30 Augustvictory Day
1 Septemberworld peace Day
1 SeptemberLazy Mother's Day
September 4Newspaper Day
September 5Late Day
September 6Snooze Day
September 7World Beard Day
September 7Book Purchase Day
September 7Salami Day
September 7International Turkey Vulture Day
September 8Physiotherapy Day
September 8Actors Day
September 8Star Trek Day
September 8World Literacy Day
3 - 9 SeptemberPublic Health Week
September 10World Suicide Prevention Day
September 10World Free Paratroopers Day
September 11Patriot Day (Twin Towers)
September 12Video Games Day
September 13Peanut Day
September 13Software Day
September 15Greenpeace Day
September 14World First Aid Day
16 SeptemberGymnastics Day
16 SeptemberWorld Ozone Day
September 17Anaysa Day
September 18Water Saving Day
September 19Boss Hugging Day
September 19Veterans Day
September 19International Pirate Speech Day
3rd Week of SeptemberElementary Week
September 21World Alzhemier Day
September 21Zero Emission Day
September 21International Day of Peace
September 21World Thanksgiving
September 22White Chocolate Day
September 22Vegetarian Day
September 22Hobbit Day
25 September - 1 OctoberFire Protection Week (Firefighting Week)
September 25World Food Day
September 25World Pharmacists' Day
September 25Comic Book
September 26Celery Day
September 26Turkish Language Day
September 26World Birth Control Day
September 26World Fitness Day
September 26European Language Day
Last Week of SeptemberRailways Week
September 27Navy Day
September 27Google's Anniversary
September 27Intercultural Dialogue Day
September 27World Tourism Day
September 29World Heart Day
September 29Coffee Day
September 30International Translation Day
October 1stWorld Seniors Day
October 1stInternational Coffee Day
October 1stCD Player Day
October 1stWorld Architecture Day
October 1stWorld Vegetarian Day
October 2World No Violence Day
October 2Farm Animals Day
October 3Boyfriend Day
1st week of OctoberMosque and Religious Officers Week
1st week of OctoberWorld Breastfeeding Week
First Monday of OctoberWorld Children's Day
First Monday of OctoberWorld HABITAT Day
First Monday of OctoberWorld Architecture Day
First Monday of OctoberWorld Housing Day
October 4Smile Day
October 4World Animal Protection Day
4 - 10 OctoberWorld Space Week
October 5International Teachers' Day
October 5Anniversary of Steve Jobs' Death
October 8Day of Confrontation with Fears
October 9World Post Day
October 10Bag Day
October 10World Mental Health Day
October 11Egg Day
October 11World Newspaper Distributors Day
October 12Music Day
October 8-October 12Ahilik Culture Week
October 13The Capital of Ankara
October 13English Language Day
October 13World Housing Day
October 14World Standards Day
15th of OctoberPregnancy and Low Baby Remembrance Day
15th of OctoberWorld Breast Health Day
October 16International Day of Dignity
October 16Street Cats Day
October 16Bosses Day
October 16Dictionary Day
October 16Steve Jobs Day
October 16Merchandising Day
October 16World Reading Week
October 16World Food Day
October 17World Poverty Alleviation Day
10.19.2013Bridge Day
10.18.2013World Menopause Day
3rd week of OctoberStandards Week
October 21Apple Day
October 22Caps Lock Day
October 23Van earthquake
October 23iPod Day
October 23Mole Day
October 24United Nations Day
October 26Patient Rights Day
October 29 - November 4Red Crescent Week
October 28Animation Day
October 29Internet Day
October 29Cat Day
October 29Republic Day
31 OctoberInternational Black Sea Day
31 OctoberHalloween
31 OctoberMagic Day
31 OctoberWorld Savings Day
November 1World Vegan Day
November 1Authors' Day
November 3Sandwich Day
October 29 - November 4Red Crescent Week
1 - 7 NovemberTurkish Letter Revolution Week
November 6Saxophone Day
2-8 NovemberChildren with Leukemia Week
3 -9 NovemberOrgan Donation and Transplant Week
November 7Men's Cooking Day
November 8X-Ray Day
November 8World Urbanism Day
Week starting Monday 2nd of NovemberWorld Children's Book Week
November 9World Freedom Day
10 NovemberArea Code Day
10 NovemberAnniversary of Atatürk's Death
November 11Origami Day
November 12Happy Hour Day
November 12Disaster Training Preparatory Day
November 13Courtesy Day
November 14World Quality Day
November 14World Diabetes Day
November 15Refrigerator Cleaning Day
10 - 16 NovemberAtatürk Week
November 16International Day of Tolerance
November 16Guiness World Record Day
November 16UNESCO Foundation Day
November 17World Premationality Day
November 19World Toilet Day
November 19International Men's Day
November 20World Philosophy Day
November 20World Children's Rights Day
November 22Dentists' Day
22 - 27 NovemberOral and Dental Health Week
4th of NovemberThanksgiving Day
November 24Teachers' Day
November 25International Day Against Violence Against Women
November 26World Tolerance Day
November 29Dental Rope Day
November 30Computer Security Day
1st of DecemberWorld AIDS Day
December 2Day of Ban on Slavery
2 - 9 DecemberMevlana Week
December 3World Disabled Day
December 4Brown Shoes Day
December 5Women's Rights Day
December 5Engineers' Day
December 5Ninja Day
December 5International Volunteer Day
December 6World Miners Day
December 7International Civil Aviation Day
December 8Choir Day
December 8Brownie's Day
December 9International Veterinary Day
December 9Techno Music Day
3 - 9 DecemberFoundation Week
Week that includes December 10thHuman Rights and Democracy Week
December 10World Human Rights Day
December 11Mountain Day
December 12-18Solidarity Week with the Poor
12 - 18 DecemberAttitude, Investment and Turkish Goods Week
December 13Violin Day
December 14Monkey Day
December 15World Tea Day
December 15Free Shipping Day
December 20Game Day
December 21World Cooperative Day
December 25Pumpkin Cake Day
27 DecemberAtatürk's Arrival in Ankara
December 30Bacon Day
31st of DecemberChristmas Celebration Day

Independence Days

HistoryKurtulan City / Town
January 3Icel / Mersin
January 5Adana
January 6Adana / Ceyhan
January 7Osmaniye
January 8Hatay / Erzin
January 9Hatay / Dortyol
February 12Kahramanmaras / Merkez
February 13Erzincan / Merkez
February 13Giresun / Gorele
14th FebruaryTrabzon / Vakfikebir
14th FebruaryTrabzon / Besikduzu
February 15Gümüşhane / Merkez
February 15Trabzon / Macka
February 16Bitlis / Tatvan
February 17Trabzon / Tonya
February 17Trabzon / Akcaabat
February 17Erzincan / Tercan
February 19Erzincan / Çayırlı
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Why can't we do as good marketing as pornos?

I'm sure you're surprised when you read the title. I'm sure you're thinking of a click-bait. If you don't, I'm sure you haven't read the websites of national newspapers for a long time. But the title is not a click-bait header. Let's be honest. Are you not tired of discussing the concepts that people in the world know and apply? Sometimes I come across such concepts that there is no other conclusion about Google. On the other hand, the opposite is even worse. On Instagram, every time I see the X path heading, I want to recall more followers. Isn't it coming? Isn't the salesperson's task to catch insight, to think about how I can use everything he sees in his life in the world of marketing?

Never underestimate the porn industry. This sector produces 35% of the content downloaded over the world. [I] We're talking about a $ 100 billion industry. [Ii] Although a clear figure cannot be given, we know that the majority of the contents on the internet serve this sector. There is someone who stands out from these sites that Pornhub. I first recognized them in a research they published. I was surprised that you read the title of this article. Country country people have published their search habits on their site. Pornhub is a site that receives 3 billion visits per month. The most visited is getting more traffic than the total traffic of the top 50 websites in Turkey. Of course, no industry can compete with sexuality, but why is Pornhub among millions of sites?

Pornhub did what the others did. Normally the advert of a porn site ağ as you know, you'll be surprised how to turn off the banner in your office. I've heard those who head to the monitor trying to shut the pop-up. But Pornhub G-Rated has launched an advertising campaign suitable for all children, adults, everyone in 2014. They even placed the ad with the slogan iler All you need is hand ”on billboards. This was an unprecedented event. In fact, they showed that a product of the dark marketing category could easily be advertised. As you can imagine, this was followed by word of mouth marketing. Everyone talked about this ad for days.

Pornhub did not stop at this point. He started broadcasting porn statistics. It began with the United States, and then published what the world looked for, what they were watching, what they were watching, and what the country was looking for based on country, age and gender. Finally, the primitive brain part of the human brain has the highest selectivity in the perception of sexuality. Everybody wondered, shared. Imagine, the longest stay on the site in the Philippines, this data proudly shared the whole country. For example, while we were making jokes on the movie "The Lovers of the Moon" in GORA, Pornhub started a project called Sexploration. As a news story with a spectacular PR value, thousands of news sites around the world have published the title binler First sex in space dünya.

Wearable technology, IOT and something like this in 2015, Pornhub is looking at everyone who buys technological products in Christmas gifts. They pull out a device called Wankband, a product where you can generate energy by moving your hand, and that you can charge your other devices via USB with this energy. When I first heard of the product, I had laughed like everybody else. Could this be a more wonderful word of mouth marketing tactic? The product was of course not for sale, but for viral purposes.

Imagine, you are a social media expert and you are being asked to manage the social media account of a porn site. If you come to share naked naked people on your mind, let it work. Pornhub has been really shaking all social media for a long time with the jokes and jokes that keep creative intelligence in the forefront. I'm not talking about the news website headlines that are thrown from the genre that shook the famous social media every three days. It was really able to capture very serious interaction and display rates. Taboo or not, it's not easy to get people to tweet a porn site. Although Brazilian footballer Neymar did not take a big blow during the World Cup, he is lying on the floor and crying with a photograph like this. I think an even better example; You remember that United Airlines was dragging a doctor out of the plane. Pornhub tagged the United Airlines on this incident, and he tweeted, "You are the most disgusting people in the world, a porn site that tells you that." The interaction rates of these tweets I mentioned are incredible! It isn't really easy to get any brand over 80,000.

Do you believe that I have even participated in corporate social responsibility projects? Not only did they make this donation to the falanca, but they did it dry and didn't send two press releases. One of the campaigns was called "Pornhub Gives America Wood." They planted a new tree in every 100 videos you understand. They donated 1 cent for breast cancer in every 30 videos in the relevant category.

Look, we can't even think of one thousandth of aforementioned ones for many brands, even if we think we can't accept the customer. I don't know a sector where there are so many competitors around the world. If a company has become a brand in such a challenging sector, if it can become a leader, I think there is more than just saying abil but people are very concerned about this abil. One of the things that our country is experiencing the most problems in marketing courage. Tan Nobody has ever been fired for buying IBM. Buying As with the reindeer, we are overly avoiding taking risks in marketing. Let's not fool each other. We all know that Pornhub category due to a site that will not think less prestige than other brands, because the valuation has more than even the biggest brands in Turkey.

You can never grow up in a market where you have millions of big and small opponents who do the same job. Today private hospitals with the highest turnover in Turkey, which has allocated a separate budget for their ads to be cut penalty.



Why Ekrem İmamoğlu Wins?

As I enter the subject, I write very strongly that I think that it is correct to publish this article at a time when the political debates are returning. But the subject of the article is certainly not everyday politics, but communication-oriented. On the other hand, the status of the crates that are on the agenda etc. it is certainly not the grams that I understand.

Perhaps many years Turkey has passed a huge selection processes that can even enter the textbooks on political communication. There may be no different than any other choice but to ordinary citizens in Turkey's traditional political communication and digital integrated much of this is used, digital has never been so much a campaign budget process is separated. Cambridge Analytica After the whole process I followed especially closely because it is the first election in which Turkey has ever seen.

Until now, I work closely with friends can not understand much, but they know. I pay particular attention not to work with the state and not to participate in political campaigns. Because the workers know, the work you do is a complete chaos management and the collection process is quite troublesome. I was involved in the process until there was no time or effort in that direction but there was no time to scratch my head in these elections. During the process of selecting more than one municipality, I either took active part in the process or gave consultations. I will not tell you what's going on in this process I've met with two alliances, but I will try to convey what is right and what has been done wrong in a more popular manner, as far as I can analyze the big picture.

Actually how to make fear politics I knew that a fictitious case study article that I had produced for her would get a reaction from somewhere, but I didn't expect to see Ekrem Bey before, or a month after she met with him, that she would run for IMM. Again, to be honest, I was sure that the two candidates, who would manage the candidacy processes, would do a lot of things wrong. Of course, after the nomination was announced, I started to follow all the campaigns strictly. As I learned later, Ekrem Bey and his team met with a wide range of experts one by one, noting everyone's ideas. I think I'm one of them.

The main strategy of the campaign Ekmeleddin campaignas I tried to tell myself after June 24 an integrated campaign strategy I walked. Perhaps the most important sentence of that article was that; ”After people make a decision, that decision is wrong, even if it is right to defend themselves with the motive of the decision.“ I feel they're focusing on the strategy.

What Has Changed the Game? 

Actually, the campaigns in the election process always seem to me like a chess game. Mutual tactics are driven forward. Even though Ekrem İmamoğlu was elected as mayor, it is accepted by everyone that he is not. Of course, one of the interesting points of this choice is in win Tab. Every party somehow won something. Why does Ekrem İmamoğlu win? The question needs to be clarified.

We always see the shortcomings in the election campaign in Turkey there is a lack of strategy. Trying to win the other side's heart. This is especially a method that should be applied in the regions where the votes are close to each other or in the areas behind them.

In the 1994 elections, Tayyip Erdoğan was joined by Reha Muhtar, one of the leading events. The fact that the questions asked were not asked to any other island caused a serious reaction in people and we are still experiencing the effects of these reaction votes. In this election, perhaps Ekrem İmamoğlu and Turgay Güler's program were on the agenda. The same feeling, the same situation was maintained by the AK Party CHP. He made the husbands give up and go to the ballot box. Similar programs are of course quite dangerous programs. The exit really wants to dare, I have never seen a similar program in these elections.

The other thing that changed the game is the belief in organization, order, merit and disdain. Ak Parti's strategy throughout the country was based on one man. It may be the right strategy for the general elections, but it was either ignored in the local elections that citizens chose the mayors and parties, or this way was used to cover the weakness of the organizations. Especially merit is a subject that many people complain about in recent days. I talked to many district organizations in Istanbul and talked to me during the election process. The biggest problem that I felt in general was not to specialize, and all of the communication processes were tried to be managed through heeled information. The general arrogance that has spread to all politicians is already a normal phenomenon, the employees know but I can say that I feel this in all the depths of the elections.

The emotions that are desired to be given in political communication are transmitted through various constructs and advertisements. However, these messages are usually divided into three. Individual messages are transmitted to rivals, opponents and fans. The biggest mistake of the AK Party was its inability to diversify its messages to the dissenters and opponents, and often to send false messages. Strategy is the backbone of a campaign. The Constitution is. Any daily moves outside the strategy will damage the main message. At the level of districts there are some writings whose name is strategy, but I often see that they are not followed. On the other hand, I also witnessed that the district organizations did not have any research on the society and they did not know the audience they wanted to call. The opposite strategy was developed to close this gap, but the contrast strategy is often a strategy implemented by the second ones in the market. When the first application is reversed.

Another fact that changed the game was advertisements. The abundance of advertisements and high visibility can sometimes turn into disadvantages in such large political campaigns. At this point, it is very difficult to say anything without data, but from Ekrem Bey's team ElaproI know that both themselves and the organization team have prepared thousands of different videos. But the job does not only prepare video. There's a lot going on in the illusion of quantity. What is in the content, what is told is very important. The videos that Imamoglu published usually came out of two different channels. The main difference in the videos coming from these channels was the direct one, while in the other the opposite strategy was more dominant. However, the opposition strategy is apparently the second party, CHP, although I have a way to suggest a very thin line. In particular, the tendency to tighten the ranks of people on the opposite side would be the biggest mistake that could be made. I've noticed that they've made this mistake twice.

On the other hand, I have heard very little about Binali Bey for both the grassroots and the people in general. The general impression is ”puffs, I will squeeze his cheeks, he hasn't gone any further than he is. Binali Yıldırım has always been the loving face of Ak Parti. This selection process did not break it, no need to hear the rap advertising, the Youtube channel received great sympathy. But here again we come to the point of strategy. It doesn't matter if you throw the great passes, it's important to score. Youtube channel did not show continuity. The rap ad was a one-time sweet job, just like Kilicdaroglu's animation in the last election. You should not eat his right, PUBG fiction since the beginning of the first elections have been told since I told the 10 candidates. Play PUBG, publish it from Twitch, you'll be the first, that you give a direct message to young people, but no one did. I'm sick of hearing you say, "We're children, we have a weight." All politicians must understand this in particular; especially digital communication requires more courage, is mentioned more than the work itself. By doing what everyone does, maybe you can make a full page thanks to traditional links, but nobody cares.

The door-to-door circulation does not affect the Y and Z generations, which are now starting to determine the fate of the work. Candidate intimate poses with children come to visit them. They want to see them in more digital because the life of this generation is not on the streets, but on the screen. They must carry their visits to the digital world by including emotions. It's not just traveling. You like it or you don't like it, it's the truth.

As a last word I would like to point out. As an outside eye, volunteers / salaried teams working in both alliances until the mornings created world-class jobs. I hope that in these two alliances, these works will be rewarded, and those who come sideways but do everything I say have been removed. Perhaps this is the most important result of removing from these chests. The end of the period in which the non-working person was promoted should be the employee with greater effort.

I want to end with a wish, which I believe is the common desire of everyone, rather than who manages it. Hopefully Istanbul will be waiting for the most beautiful days.

Why From You, From Me, From Us, There Will Be No Shit?

Wake up, everybody!

No, the folks are going to Mars, bouncing, bouncing robots, what we're arguing about or something. The subject is much more basic. It's about a much simpler, much deeper habit.

I'il tell you about a friend. He's a computer engineer. If my parents say so, he wins the part where he wins the vura and he finishes. It's not just my family, and Turkey in the last 30 years from the entry stage of the university, as happens to every young person, "medicine, engineering or win one of the legal department, already finished school if the ass gun after" We met with all of us understanding. Unda Get a gold bracelet on your arm unda. In fact, under this sentence you have the notion that mı if you put the lid in the state once you are comfortable eder.

Wake up! Especially young people, wake up! The world is changing, even changed. There is no ”guarantee“ profession anymore. As is the case in many countries, we now have more than 5 jobs per person. In this life-cycle, you should put aside the complaints of l whether you will be unemployed or not when you come to the robots ünde and you have to move towards the jobs you love and really want to learn.

I'il go back to my friend. In Turkey, people who I respect a great block opened before me before I mentioned in a few places. My friend, I think, is pretty much the first. You go to be an engineer, then work out a blog. Later he set up a business on the blog. Make money from this, keep her alive. Don't tell your family what you do. A job that really requires courage.

In the last few months I've witnessed many interesting things. People need to tell people the truth. Especially university students, I promise. Looking for internships, nice. But you have this sentence; ? Can I do an internship at your company? Do you get an internship? S finishes you. Why is that? ? Do you know what your company is doing, or do you know its name? ”Un No. ayı“ What do you plan to do this summer? ” I'm going to get an intern, who does not even know the name of the company he wants to start internship in my company. I'm going to teach the job by summer, go to the hometown in summer. Why would he do that, employer?

I've been in digital marketing trainings very often gives blue screen.

  • Is it really necessary to learn English?

  • Do we need to understand the design?

  • But this code, I do not know the code!

  • No months, I can't read the blog, I'm bored.

It was pasha. The number of these people is increasing every day. They think they have the right to go to the job, either because they are graduates or because they have graduated 10 years ago. You are now thinking that people in the video below have been chosen specifically or something. No, not at all.

I wouldn't be surprised if there was even a graduate of the History department among those who answered the questions in the video. What I'm talking about has nothing to do with youth, with the present and with the education system. This is the acceptance of a social ignorance that has been processed in our codes, the right to be. Or they wouldn't have laughed so much for the question they didn't know.

The definition of or success bizde is perhaps wrong. To be a successful person to finish university, the phenomenal phenomenon such as a rich mate to find money and not to say money, to be a manager in a fortunetelling or a guaranteed job is a success? Can people change the world with these success criteria? Turkey Can Change? Can they change themselves? I'm talking about the mass of the first destructive technology luddist on They will be. Three to five years later they will become members of the world's unemployed.

I gotta get back to my friend at this point. You know what? He did what he liked. And what will the millions of people who do not know what they love and who have no goals? Can success be defined in the absence of a target? The first word of the career development advisors is ü be a target Kariyer. Could it really be that the target part is to win? Or should it be the person who constantly develops himself / herself?

A person who has not been a member of a single NGO in his life, has not been able to reach above Metin Hara level, is now a successful person when he travels with his Atom Engineer diploma? Let's go to the library. When you analyze his time on the Internet, how much could a person who has spent 6 hours a day on Instagram improve himself? Of course I have to open a parenthesis at this point. There really isn't a chance for you to really have in valuable “information that you can get through social media or the Internet. Ilber Ortaylı'nın library, even in the library you can not reach the information on the internet, of course, you want to find. Again, let me bring the subject to history, if you have friends who completed the History section, please share their experiences in the comments. on YouTube King and Generals How many history graduates in the country can explain the channel?

I'm coming to the part you're wondering. What does all this have to do with my friend? Why is he coming in and out of it? I think düşünüy success kendini is closely related to self-improvement, perseverance and always trying to do better. When she took me as a guest in her class at Istanbul Aydın University, she talked about the project that she will receive for publication that day. It's not robotic technology, no artificial intelligence. Exactly what he should do. For we are unable to build a colony on Mars, but when we criticize each other, we forget a very big detail. How good are we doing our own business?

En The most loving, the task of good manÜrk MKAtatürk

I can't see a future for those who don't develop themselves in their field and other side branches. I am not satisfied with the discipline you are an expert in, because it is time to become an interdisciplinary specialization I'm going to build an ambitious sentence, a laugh is taking me. However, I still ignore the video above and hope to say it again.

I think it goes well it's time to exit the venture opened more overseas than Turkey. This is my friend Hasan Yaşar. He strives to make his job better, sets goals, and works to achieve more. Now it opens abroad. We need more initiatives such as download, we need more support with the wrongs and angles. Perhaps at the beginning of the overseas adventure, but the important thing is that; "Nothing is important except to try to sit out every day.”Steven Pressfield. Health in his hands. Download - - Free download apps and programs

Contact Hasan directly