He did a great job with Asus Zenfone and Zenbooks for his commercial film with Batesmotelpro. Subsequently, with the submissions made and a lot of fine detail, an ambitious commercial film was prepared to make the apple fan's size angry.

At first, Justin Cash (even the guy's surname is very good) is starting to introduce his new products, the Applevari, in the BoomBook. First posting, selling everything else in Apple products. Even people who are happy to sell keys are not really able to come to us as such an example

In the second submission called Rub-it there is a nice reference to the rabbit sheaths. The message at the end of the advertising filminus is that Asus Zenfone do not need the covers. Which is virtually no jacket on the market.

Another submission is vaoow. This reference was made to Casper, in fact, the hanky-themed advertising film "What Women Understand";

Interestingly, despite their apologies, they still have not lifted it. This is an interesting detail.

A few messages from Asus's ad;
- It's like there's nothing new in Apple's new models.
- Apple goes very well with coffee. Performance? What is this?
- Shut up and take my money!
- No better? Yes: Asus.
- Everywhere will be a boombook this year.
- Apple is so expensive that you can get it in installments for as little as 300 months.
- Our phones are not broken. You do not need rabbit sheaths.
- We do not produce products that are not needed by anyone like eRazor.

Particularly "hang up and listen to me" part of Apple's brand as a brand has brought a click. Another good reference.

I like both Zenfone and Zenbook users, what do you think?