Turkey one of the highest penetration of social media country. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram social network of highly intensive use of the head in Turkey attracts Facebook as well as throughout the world. There are dozens of social networks in this ecosystem that want to get a share of the market. What is the most accurate social network for your brand? Or should you be in all social networks? First of all, we need to define social networks according to usage areas.

Facebookis already positioned as our central social network. Facebook accounts are now open with the birth of babies. However, we observe that the usage rate of Facebook is gradually decreasing in the Z axis. This decline is on the BB and X axis, and on the contrary, it is increasingly watching the trend. Now we can say that Facebook is using more elderly people. When we examine the distribution of people using Facebook by income levels, we can not see sharp differences. The first social network for every level of user is Facebook.

twitter, the users are mostly made up of Y and the first priority of the users is to have fun and the second priority is to reach the hart. Users who use Twitter generally tend to follow their phenomena, celebrities, and friends with the same view. As users are on Facebook, not all high school, middle school friends follow, but they follow only those who think like themselves. Twitter is one of the few social networks that tend to follow brands. Because there are a number of aims of the users to ensure that the number of followers is greater than the number of followers. In order to reach this aim, they do not follow any brands other than their favorite brands and try to keep the number of people they follow.

Instagramusers generally tend to follow counter-genius accounts, and there is a mass that follows more brands than Twitter. This audience attaches more importance to the visual nature of Instagram. While the most important criterion on Twitter is real time, Instagram is taking the place of the time criterion to address it.

pinterest a medium for women as it is all around the world. It is more like a woman's fashion, home decoration, garden decoration, make-up points, and so on. In addition to being a visual-focused medium, Pinterest also offers an easy-to-find opportunity for webmasters and seo specialists. You will get Pinterest backlinks in dofollow. On this side you can use Pinterest as an effective tool on the seo side.

tumblr it is a medium that appeals to the Z genre, the main focus of the fun and the contents can be viral very easily. Tumblr is one of the rare media that can interact directly with young people, except for being a medium used by agency employees to find creative ideas, just like Pinterest.

I think I've introduced social networks to do a good job of sampling. Let's get back to your real account. What social networks should a brand be? First of all we need to refute the idea that a brand should be in every social network. The time when a brand enters a new social network is lost time. Time means budget. One of the most important metrics for an advertiser is time, the other is budget. The fact that a health institution is on Twitter is only for users' health on Twitter verbatim it can be effective if it can be found in recommendations, which is almost impossible. Otherwise, we are a very good patient (and they can not say it according to health laws), and now you have to eat apples to protect your health.

Go through a different example. We have a pharmaceutical company selling probiotic products. This medicine makes it easier for those who miss the night. Could you provide a communication on your Facebook page? Who likes your content? Do not you tell the person you like to see if you're under it? However, if you maintain such a brand communication from your blog (Tumblr, WordPress) you will get much more effective turns.

Let's say you have a hosting company in your hand. Can you manage an intensive Instagram? If you think that your communication strategy will really be viral, there will be content to interact with, there will be almost nothing to share in Instagram. What we share on Facebook will not take your Instagram account forward if you share it in Instagram. Instagram's content strategy must be tailored specifically to the spirit of Instagram. Since the hosting company is not a product based on visuals to show, 2,3 server rooms will not be able to go beyond sharing the photos. If you think that I can design the images belonging to the discount campaigns in photoshop and reach tens of thousands of followers, it is another. If you can, let me know J

As a result, there is no rule that every brand should be included in every social network. You only need to be on the right networks where you will make the right communication. If you can not adapt your business to Twitter, you do not need to be on Twitter. Even if you are on Twitter, you do not have to be on Twitter. Most likely your Twitter competitors' accounts are also dead. You do not really need to invest in a new account that will be dead.

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