In recent times a new term has entered our life, Flawsome Brands. This is one of the most recent trend definitions, and I think it was one of the most important branding instruments for a brand. What is this Flawsome? How to be?

Human Brands Human Marks are now in our lives. Flawsome Brands, a subdivision of Human Brands, acknowledges the fact that brands are not perfect, as brands are supposed to have feelings like humans and should have approaches in the face of events.

A brand with a Flawsome Brand is just like a human being. It is not perfect. People are already expecting it from brands. When you see that everything in a commercial you see is quadruple, are you not afraid of your eyes? The first thing that comes to mind in your mind is that while the perfect features of the product you buy will line up in succession, you will hear how expensive an item is,what is the fault they did not tell me?" is not it working?

Mirror neuronsAccording to the working principle, it is more possible than we like things that resemble ourselves. We, as people, like brands that can make mistakes just like people do. Markers with defects and defosses. Of course, the brand is a lot of defossi good, I do not want to take it. The brands that accept this mistake are in the eyes of the people who like it. One of the first rules of crisis management is accepting an error. Otherwise people are more superior.

Let's go with a recent example. Burger King, Arby's, Popeyes brand as the representative of Turkey TAB big events happened in hiring a candidate's interview in Food pulled out. TAB has not made any statements despite the fact that the hours passed. Because the old type of brand management says to stay silent in such situations, and ultimately people will calm down and forget. However, it is not known how effective the initiated boycott is, but in the eyes of people TAB Food is no longer a company that can be willing to work. Another reason why they probably did not make a statement is that they did not fall into the newspaper and news sites. News sites continue to prove every time they are very money-savvy in this area. Marks do not see such incidents growing too much by the thought that they will stop advertising me. But there is something that brands have forgotten, communication ageWe nd.

United Breaks Guitars is the first example that comes to mind when it comes to crisis management in digital age. After the video, the company suffered tens of millions of dollars in damage, and the first passers of the victim did not appear on the news channel. Until people share this video. In the case of TAB food, if the people make up their voices, the company will make a statement. Because it seems that TAB Food is not a Flawsome Brand. The typical old head is now in the view of an uncompromising family business. I hope they embarrass me by posting a nice message of apology in the coming hours.

The first rule of sanctification and immunity is lack of communication. In ancient China, you had to leave the emperor to get special permission to speak to the throne hundreds of meters. Between each of the thousands of protectors, you lean on each new meter, you can not look at your face. On this view the emperor showed to the people that he had the power of the god. Because it has a divine gentle inaccessible. Thousands of years ago, this tactic was working, and now it's a bit difficult. Now communication is very strong, substitution products are much more. Now they are earning accessible brands, reachable people.

I never forget, because of a project I had to email a few names. Although the world's largest 10 companies have been answered from one CMO at the same company always mail in one day I threw the ball deputy director of the Turkey office with a staff of 20 people were unanswered mail. Guy Kawasaki and Seth Godin answered the same mail in 10 minutes. We are in a world where accessible people gain more and more ahead, companies are not so different.

Research shows that most people will not be affected as much as 70% of the brands on the earth are lifted tomorrow (Source: Havas Media, November 2011).

In the new world, the reputation, loyalty and credibility of all companies now depend on cotton yarn. Like the original of the brand, I do not have the luxury of producing, selling with the produce I produce so I am not supposed to be with anyone. Now, brands need to make themselves prominent just like a human being.

We are in the age of transparency. When we look at a product from Hepsiburada and see that it is positive in the 150 comments it received, do we not say "come on out there"? Do not you think that when you see brands that have only one bad comment about Şikayetvar or Ekşisözlük, "this brand has been depressed with money / printed content with money"? With each passing day, the number of such thinkers is increasing. The important thing is not that you have a complaint, but you can resolve the complaints. Each brand's unquestionable complaints will be long-running complaints. Negative things about each brand will be written. That's what's natural. The bosses who spend hundreds of thousands of pounds to get rid of the complaint about it do not understand it! Those complaints are very valuable to you. These complaints show that you are a brand that can make mistakes, that is, a human brand. The important thing is not to remove it, but to solve it. Even if you can not solve it, the main issue is that the positive content is twice as many as the negative. Each of these complaints is an opportunity for you. It is an opportunity for you to make up for the mistake and make the customer a loyal customer. There is no investment in your mark as much as a complainant to reclaim the customer.

The markers that can make mistakes and make lessons from this mistake and make up for the mistake are the most valuable ones. People go after these brands, defend them. Is not it much easier to be a lawyer of a brand that accepts when you make a mistake?

The FLAWSOME trending example is probably the best example of how Domino's Pizza was launched in 2009 by its employees following a negative video on YouTube Domino's Pizza Turnaround (Recovery / Return) campaign. In 2011, the brand proved its continued transparency by reflecting customer feedback (good and evil) throughout its July 2011 giant digital advertising charts that it hired in New York Times Square.

One of my favorite examples belongs to the Red Cross. When an employee accidentally threw his tweet into the Red Cross's account, I wiped the Red Cross tweet and pretended that nothing had happened. He made a mistake and accepted his mistake. "I just squeezed the last tweety tweet. Please do not doubt that the Red Cross is sober "

We have seen hundreds of similar examples. "My cousin has written, my account is hacked, I do not have such an account" explanations that remove us from the mark enough, irritating approaches.

Let people make negative comments about you. You can even lead people to write negative thoughts about you, and you can get great insights. Everyone will see the negative comments that people write about you in the end. Perform crisis management and complaint management with people who truly believe in Flawsome. In the world of communication there is now no place for those who look at the brand with their old head.